Style Savvy: Fashion Forward – Playing the Demo!

While the game doesn’t come out until later this month (about 2 weeks!), the demo came out on the eShop today. It’s kind of a rushed version of first part of the main game, but it’s a good way to introduce a lot of the aspects of the game. The only things it didn’t show were the Fashion Shows, the Model Photo shoots, and the Design studio (I actually designed my logo ages ago so it’ll be nice to finally create it ingame once the full game is out). If you’d like to see just the video, click here! Otherwise, you can read my thoughts below and see some screenshots!

The game features the most expansive character creation thus far in a Style Savvy with a lot of options to choose from and the Demo doesn’t even show all of them–it actually doesn’t show the hair style/hair color options to start or a starting clothing option. My cute Demo character:

She’ll probably have a different hairstyle and maybe color depending on them in the full game. Plus possibly a different starting outfit too.

Not to mention this has been the largest amount of things to do thus far in a Style Savvy game. with 5 different areas you can focus in (or 6 if you count the Fashion shows as a separate thing, but that’s more of a combination to show off your skills from the other things) and as mentioned, 3 of which you can experience in the demo. Essentially, your character is here on Holiday/Vacation for the Demo which is neat.

One of the coolest things with this game is that it feels very alive–the world doesn’t feel as static as the other ones. It got built up a bit more in the second game, but this game actually shows you interacting at locations and walking around:

Seriously, this is so cute:

You even personally wave good bye to everyone too:

Once I headed to my room, I picked out my first outfit:

I’m not super big on the clothing options in the demo–my favorites were only blue, but I still tried my best to put together something cute and pink.

My favorite part of the room is this teddy bear:

You sadly can’t decorate your room in this game though–only the dollhouses which while it’s a feature I like, I wish it could’ve been alongside decorating your bedroom.

I also got my hair done, though, I may give her bangs in the future:

And of course, besides just clothing, you do get to do hair and make-up:

Sadly, there is no way to save (which makes sense as it’s a very shortened version of the main game) so I’ll have to remember a lot of stuff I did from the demo :P I was hoping we could transfer data, but seeing how they did the demo, I can see why it won’t be that way. Regardless, this has me even more excited for the game. I can’t wait to play it later this month. If you haven’t gotten it yet, I recommend looking into pre-ordering it or picking it up when it comes out! I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s such a fun game and they just keep making it better. Though, please add bedroom customization back in the next game <3