Disney Dreamlight Valley – Finishing Stitch’s level 10 Quest & the Holiday Event

If you didn’t see the addition to my last post, I’d recommend checking that out for the first part of Stitch’s quest. During his Level 10 Friendship quest, which already took a day to unlock, it required an additional day to wait after finishing some of the quest… So, before anything else, I went to talk to Stitch now that it was the next day. It was time to set things up for the concert… Unfortunately, the “concert” was pretty disappointing.

After a very brief strum of melody, it quickly went to a photo opt situation and then the concert set-up went away… I suppose it was actually on lend this time so I can’t be too disappointed on that front. What really bummed me out though was the lack of seeing an actual song play. Considering we had to wait a day for the quest, the fact that it was just a quick 5 minute run-through and not really any cutscene made the wait not particularly exciting :( Stitch giving us his fixed-up Rocket was very cute though. I left it by his house.

With that done, on the way to where Stitch was, I noticed some red wrapping paper out in the plaza which made it very clear that my thoughts were correct, and a holiday event had begun! Unfortunately, the spawn rate doesn’t seem as nice as the Halloween Buckets were. It also feels more random. The wrapping paper is used to make gifts at the Crafting Station.

Each gift requires 1 of the wrapping paper plus an item based off the gift name. Shiny Gift requires a Shiny Ruby and Shiny Emerald, Delicious Gift requires Hot Cocoa and Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies, Handcrafted Gift requires a Holiday Feast Chair, and Naughty Gift requires 1 Coal. I didn’t really feel right giving out the Naughty Gift as I feel like even the Villains are making an effort to be better, but I did make one to keep regardless.

While I am sure on the 25th, characters may ask for specific gifts as their favorites like Halloween had every favorite gift be the Event Candy you could get, you can give 10 different characters a gift to finish up the Ho! Ho! Ho! task to get a Pile of Gifts.

On my way to give one last gift to a character who was currently awake, I noticed some red and green bubbles in one of the ponds in Peaceful Meadows. I’m really glad the Festive Fish have their own unique indicator.

So, I made sure to get all 5 Festive Fish as well. (You can find Festive Bass in Peaceful Meadows, Festive Squid in Glade of Truth, Festive Fugu at Dazzle Beach, Festive Angler Fish in the Forgotten Lands, and Festive Salmon in Sunlit Plateau). Unsurprisingly, Fugu took the longest as it does require it to be raining for it to show up in the first place. As far as I can tell, it seems you can only catch one a day so I’d recommend getting them with a Fishing Buddy for a chance at more per day.

Catching each Fish once completes the Even Fish are Festive! Task which will get you a Santa Hat.

I then decided to head to the Castle as I was curious if the Photo Backdrop was still there (I later realized you could make a regular furniture version now at the crafting station)– it wasn’t, but there was a nice tree set up.

I ended up adding the gifts and wrapping paper to the tree I have set up in the “Study” room. I do wish the wrapping paper could be put on a table though.

I think my only negative with the Event, besides the low spawns, is I do wish there were some things geared more towards those who celebrate other Winter holidays. Like… they could have more than just a tree in the Castle and a few more blue/white Winter items as well. I get Christmas is an easy thing to do because of how many celebrate it and the fact that, while there are people who celebrate for religious reasons, many of the people who celebrate are not religious which isn’t the case for most other holidays… But I just hope even those who don’t celebrate Christmas can have some fun with the event and hopefully can have a little more representation in the future.

Anyway, if any additions happen with the Holiday event, I’ll be sure to edit this post.

Edit: There’s presents under the tree in the Castle today! Be sure to go grab your gifts :)