Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Latest Intermediary

The next update releases tomorrow and with the teasers on the recent Nintendo Direct for April’s event as well (Especially with confirmation for Nala– she and Kiara are my favorite Lion King characters), it’s hard to not be excited for everything upcoming. That said, with updates at two-month intervals, I am concerned how long it could take to see more Disney characters added. There are tons I’m really wanting to see show up such as Rapunzel, Belle, Winnie the Pooh, Bianca and Bernard, Basil… And while I know at least two are definitely coming at some point, hopefully, who knows about the others.

I still haven’t done much in decorating, unlike I think everyone else who plays as often as I do, due to a combination of wanting to still get several items I have yet to (and preferably, everything but at this rate, who knows when that will happen) and worrying about accidentally covering up something where a story-related thing could spawn. I’ll hopefully build up to working on stuff eventually (and with it looking like we may get house customization in the upcoming update, I may at least finally move my house where I want to).

I know there will likely be more biomes in the future as well though, which then there’s the concern that a biome will show up that I like more and having to slowly move everything again if I finally set-up… Maybe I’ll have a better idea when the game is “released”, even if updates will continue. I just work better when I know everything that is available over in parts and with constant updates. It’s part of why I don’t really enjoy that kind of game schedule.

Regardless, my usual plan in the meantime has just been continuing to check Scrooge’s shop. I have everything else done so I’ve been desperately trying to get the items I’m missing. The one clothing item I’m still missing I assume just doesn’t actually exist at this point, but I’ve only managed to get about 667 furniture items so far and while it’s more than half, still missing certain items I’ve been really wanting kind of sucks. At least Holiday items stick around because I’ve sure been unlucky actually seeing any. I don’t even want to think of how much flooring and wallpaper I’m missing…

I did get a few new things I was really excited about though alongside my new favorite wallpaper. Still a few I really want (and a favorite flooring already), but I feel like this definitely brought the room styles together.

I also finally got this fountain I have been wanting for ages. I bought 16 additional ones too.

Meanwhile, reading over the patch notes, I definitely have a lot of feelings as the update looms ahead. My thoughts and theories:

  • Main story updates = Always exciting. I can’t wait.
  • We’ve seen hints on how we’ll meet Mirabel, but haven’t gotten much information yet on Olaf. I’m super curious if he’ll just show up or not. Considering the mentions of a Snowstorm, that could be the case entirely.
  • I’m SO EXCITED to finally have different house colors! Sorry to those who love the yellow house, but it’s not really for me. That said, I am very curious about the “Premium House Skins”– both in what they will entail and the pricing.
  • I didn’t expect to see the Premium Shop open up until Free to Play started so that’s probably the most surprising part for me and also what I’m most worried about. We don’t have any indication of the prices and when the increase of the daily Moonstones from 10 to 50 (which… I still wish they just went to your mailbox because I never remember to look for the chest each day), it feels like everything may be expensive? They also mention to check it often which makes me think many things could be limited (or maybe it’s just a daily/weekly rotation, who knows– either way, not fond of either as it increases FOMO). As a huge item collector, I feel like I may be pressured to want to get everything, but I also just don’t think that’s feasible. I’ll wait until I see the prices tomorrow to go more into this, but I’m at least concerned for the moment.
  • Honestly, I can’t be excited about new items in Scrooge’s Store when I’m still missing hundreds of items with constant repeats. But here’s hoping for more pink stuff.
  • VERY excited for bigger storage, but also not looking forward to having to remake so many chests. Once again, I wish we could still buy crafted items from Scrooge after making it once.
  • It’ll be nice to actually be able to put my ingredients in the Fridge. I just hope it’s a really big storage. At least the new sorting and transfer features should help.
  • VERY excited to finally be able to change the looks of doors, though, I’m not sure I actually have anything that fits the theme I’m going for yet. Sure hope one of the new items is a nice pink door. Or just a nice Princess-y door.
  • I’m genuinely excited for the Role Training Manuals because I’ve actually really wanted to switch villagers to roles that fit them more like having Goofy a fisher over miner.
  • “The g[REDACTED] ” Really hope this means we’ll finally be able to do something with the Golden Potato.

As for non-in-game stuff, but still related to to the game itself, I got a very fun surprise in the mail today as part of the Dreamlight Creator program!

You can watch me unbox it below as well or head directly over to Youtube!: