Disney Dreamlight Valley: Finishing up Update 4

I initially considered putting this at the end of my last DDLV post, but it has gotten pretty long and I feel like that, paired with the ~115 Hours of Video Content from all the streams and videos during this initial update week even if a lot was “Relaxing Dreamlight ASMR”, it’s not really surprising it got to that point.

Update 4 was packed when it honestly didn’t really need to be to such an extent. I feel like the next update will already be pretty packed too, especially as that will finish up the Biome Storylines (and maybe the main story as a whole? Who knows). Regardless, with this post, I can finally say I feel “done” with Update 4, assuming there aren’t any other surprises. I’ll still be playing every day, if only to check Scrooge’s store and I guess to do WALL-E’s Daily Quests incase he suggests a new flower basket because I have no idea how many he can ask for even if I no longer need any eggs at this point. I feel like I should refresh on some of my materials too– they’ve been through the winger this update.

Regardless, let’s talk about things I’ve done over the last few days. For one, I moved the Fountains I made forward slightly so I could fit a bonus set of Waterfalls behind them beause I just… think that looks nicer than just sleets of blocky black.

Next up, you may already know if you follow me on Twitter, but the Premium Shop’s update this week completely eviscerated my Moonstone supply. I’m really bummed! While I do think the prices continue to be better, it still has so much room for improvement, and the recent survey implying the Bundled items are already discounted blows my mind, because it doesn’t feel that way.

I do think if you look solely at the items in the sense of the price for Moonstones to the price in the Premium shop and ONLY that, it’s not terrible. But if you consider:

  • A Premium Shop system shouldn’t feel like the only way to get things is by paying for them.
  • Customization is a huge part of these types of games.
  • What you get for the Star Path’s value vs what you get from the shop for the same price.

It just doesn’t look as good.

And I’m not saying a game shouldn’t make money, especially when the game is going to be going Free to Play once it officially releases/is out of Early Access, but they already said there would be multiple Expansions and I kind of wish it either stuck to that OR if they still needed the Premium Shop, at minimum even ignoring the prices, there’s still no excuse for the rotation and making them limited.

It’s probably the one thing that kind of worries me about the poll too because it asks in what ways have you spent money in other games and like, just because someone has spent a certain way in a game doesn’t mean they always want to– sometimes maybe the FOMO got too bad or their hand was eventually pushed, but I don’t think those feelings should be preyed on. Part of why I eventually stopped playing Pocket Camp for the most part is because of their Fortune Cookie/Loot Box system. When you have a game that highlights a Collection feature, putting a lot of those things behind a monetization system stands out in the worst way.

So, what did I end up getting? Well, for one, these Fountains.

I do wish it was flowing, though I suppose it makes sense that it doesn’t… It just feels a little ironic that this one doesn’t while the other Frozen Fountain does which looks more like it should be frozen over than this one. I think it still looks really nice here though. I put one in Frosted Heights too.

Next, unsurprisingly, of course I bought all the Pets. I love pets. I even had to place another of the Pet Houses. These will always be my kryptonite and honestly, a good 75% of the reason I quit a game is I missed out on a Pet.

I do wish I liked the designs more, however. I just… don’t really like the glowing pink overlay? I think I would’ve preferred the pink color with actual shading and just a glowing outline or something. I just wish they felt a bit more detailed.

The last one I ended up getting was the next Corona Set, which is also one of the Bundles I got last week as well. Ignoring that Tangled is one of my favorite Disney Movies and Rapunzel is one of my favorite Princesses, I adore the furniture style and colors so much. I ended up switching out the Pillars in the Bedroom and I think these go a lot nicer. Plus, some new furniture in the Side Room and Dining Room as well.

Maybe Scrooge pitied me for using all my Moonstones because the next day, I FINALLY got the Gamer Chair!

Still need the desk though.

And that brings us to today where I got the final quest from Buzz. Thankfully, no more finding Aliens and this just involved us making a place for them to hang out.

In all honesty, I don’t really like what I put together. The first idea that came to mind was like an old-school Arcade, but the problem with that is:

  • I’m still missing tons of Arcade-themed furniture.
  • I honestly don’t really LIKE the idea of an outdoors Arcade

I’m leaving it there for now, but I wish I could think of something better. Maybe eventually. I did end up getting some extra Aliens from Scrooge though to put near Buzz’s RV and at the Meadow.

I was kind of sad it wasn’t like… a set of three that would follow you around like how some of the Critters would. I suppose that would maybe be out of character, but hey, here’s Woody and Buzz walking around okay despite people being around so clearly there is some leeway here.

And that finishes up everything I really wanted to do in Update 4! I’m not expecting anything new through WALL-E’s Daily/Weekly quests, but I suppose if another surprise happens, I’ll include it here (or a new entry if it feels warranted enough).

Part of me did want to try and do more for Dreamlight Park Community Challenge, but I just don’t really have enough room to try and set up a proper park. Maybe I can try and fit something in and if so, I can also update this post with some photos and a video, but right now, I just don’t feel particularly inspired especially with the space restrictions and getting close to hitting the limit as well…

The only other thing I could do is Memory Grinding, of course, but my motivation with that is just… so low. The rates just feel too low and being plus the awful duplicate system even if you still need a bunch… I just find it too disheartening and it hits the “will burn me out” level super quickly due to that. If it gets adjusted (like watering flowers before they changed it to dried flowers only = AMAZING) and I can just go hard in a day and knock things out, fine, great! But as it stands right now, I just can’t deal with it.