Disney Dreamlight Valley – Twitch Drops Return! Plus what I’ve been up to.

Despite the positivity in my Twitch community last time, I didn’t expect to be invited again! It’s honestly still an honor, though, I’m also still hoping that we’ll get to a point where anyone streaming it can do this too! I’m guessing they’re still figuring out the best format first because, as you’ll see below, this time it’s a shorter period with two days per window to earn these items. You also only need to watch for two hours total (60 minutes per bundle) instead of three to get everything each time period, but you do need to stop by at least two different days for each of those hours. You essentially have 42 hours for Bundle 1 and 48 Hours for Bundle 2.

Please keep in mind the times listed are for the Eastern Timezone in the USA. Please check here for what the start time for Bundle 1 is in your timezone and here for what the start time for Bundle 2 is in your timezone.

I’ll be streaming over on Twitch starting at 6AM EST on Friday when the Drops start until I go to bed and then each following day from when I wake up until I run out of energy and need to sleep until the Drops are over so streams should be roughly 12-18 hours a day on average, or if I can manage to forgo sleep altogether, we’ll see. :P You should be able to see if I’m live here on the website by looking in the top right as well. You can watch other Streamers as well and everyone on the Eligible List on the official site counts alongside myself! (I’m right there, reminder that MizunoSakura is my Twitch name for anyone who doesn’t know or forgot ^^; )

I will say I do wish they let people earn everything at the same time over the four day period over setting it up for one bundle per two days @-@ I feel like it’s hard for some people to watch a stream more than once depending on their own personal schedule. I guess they’ll look at the feedback to see how to do Drops more in the future. I just hope I can help a lot of people regardless.

Moving on from the Drops stuff, I’ve been doing my usual thing of just… constantly trying to get items I really want from Scrooge. There are so many items I want and even when I get lucky, it almost feels like a joke because I will CONSTANTLY start getting that item in the shop and it just makes it feel like it’s so much more weighted to items you have over those you don’t. I feel like that is probably unlikely, but at the same time it feels too common for there not to be something off here.

Most items I don’t really have a planned use for, but I did start decorating a few areas at least. I’m also really excited about the Air Hockey Table, but I think I want to save doing an Arcade until I set up the Wreck-it Ralph room, or at least until I actually get more of the arcade furniture which has been alluding me quite a bit.

I do have some ideas for what I want to do with some items, especially after one of the recent teasers over on Twitter, but I’ll be saving some of that decorating for the stream this weekend :)

I also only realized recently the Fountain was facing sideways so I fixed that… Plus, I started adding more flowers around to lessen certain things spawning everywhere.

The Premium Shop also continued its chokehold on me with more pets as I expected. I’m still super sad about the price. Even if I thought they were actually really nice, I think the price just doesn’t average out properly.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty much at compacity for pet houses so I ended up putting some near Minnie which while cute, I am a little sad I couldn’t figure out a way to keep them closer to my character’s house with all the other pets.

I did get one other Premium Item though– the Rainbow It’s a Small World Clock which I genuinely really like. I do wish the Clocks could still move even if you turn off the music. I genuinely do love the It’s a Small World theme, but sometimes I just want to relax to the more peaceful music.

Outside of my own personal in-game adventures, we finished the rest of the Dreamlight Park Challenges! The last gift ended up being Moonstones for now, but we’ll be receiving a Teapot that looks similar to the one in the Teacup ride in the next Update which should release sometime next month.

My love of teapots while not being a fan of Alice in Wonderland has me very conflicted on if I’ll use it or not. I guess if I make a Wonderland themed room maybe if I choose to not include it in the Kitchen…

Of course, we did get one big surprise. a surprise event through Discord— the Festival of Foolishness. Playing through the Event grants you 9 codes which all grant some pretty great rewards.

I did make a guide and outlined the codes on my Tips & Tricks page for the game, but for easy access:

  • FOFCRAFTYKIT – 5 Clay, 5 Fabric, 5 Cotton
  • FOFSUCCESS – 8 Pumpkins
  • FOFLOSHARD – 5 Dream Shards, 5 Night Shards
  • FOFTROPHY – 150 Moonstones
  • FOFSURPRISEKIT – 15 Snowballs, 15 Hardwood, 15 Glass
  • FOFLOGEMS – 3 Sapphire, 3 Ruby, 3 Diamond
  • FOFGLITTER – 150 Moonstones
  • FOFCATCHDAY – 5 Kingfish, 5 Fugu, 5 Anglerfish
  • FOFSOUVENIR – 5 Iron Ingots, 5 Gold Ingots, 5 Tinkering Parts

The codes can be used until July 10th, 2023.

Speaking of my Tips & Tricks Page, do you guys think that the Potatoes should have their own Guide Page? Let me know!

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