Crystal Dreams

December 27, 2017

A few more items for sale [In Style Savvy :P]

So, I found the Mario Amiibo! :P Thus, a special update here and not through the videos, the new Mario shirts you can buy in the Design Center!:

And also this tote:

I’ve also noticed that all sales seem to be contained to either the Kirby tee I made ooooor the dress I made which are, coincidentally, the only two I’ve posted the Item ID for. I thought Owner ID would be better since people could look at everything, but it seems maybe that’s not the case?

Regardless, below, you can find all Item IDs for the items I have up for sale! Unexpectedly, everything is pink in some way so enjoy :P I’ll be adding this to Info Page and will continue to update it as I add more.

  • Gown – 0005361107
  • Lace Sneakers – 0004031118
  • Ribbon Bag – 0004071118
  • Flower Tee – 0005351118
  • Splatee (Splatoon) – 0005431118
  • Yoshi Tee – 0005491118
  • Peach Tee – 000553118
  • Animal Crossing Tee – 0005551118
  • Link Tee – 0005581118
  • Kirby Tee – 0005621118
  • Lace Boots – 0005671118
  • Mario Tote – 0005711118
  • Cat Bag – 0005741118
  • Mario Tee – 00062721127
  • Mario Tee (Brick) – 0006791127
  • Ribbon Tote – 0006831127

Talking a bit about Style Savvy: Styling Star!

As per usual with the Style Savvy games, it’ll usually be a more video-based playthrough than a blogging one with most things I’ll update with centered to the Info page. It’s not so much that I don’t take too many pictures as much as I just don’t always have a lot to say.

It was a long wait until noon for the game to properly distribute though. It was my first time preloading a game (as I… really do not like downloading games digitally) and I expected it to be up at midnight as usually games only come out at noon on Thursday, but nooope. Regardless, I’ve had a lot of fun each time I’ve played it.

I’m hoping the make-up place will unlock soon as I’m assuming that’s when you’ll have other eye color options. While the color unlocking was fun in Fashion Forward, I definitely prefer having them all available from the start. I really hope I can unlock more customization features soon too–I know they showed a lot of different shop and room layouts in the trailers so I’m sure something will come along eventually. Just need to unlock it.

I really adore the songs in the game and honestly, I don’t really miss the fashion shows at all and much prefer the music stuff. I had fun sometimes with the fashion shows (Plus, it was a great way to get out specific types of stock), but I found it way too repetitive and I didn’t like how it was constantly forced upon you.

Translating-wise, it’s once again the PAL region port so those same fashion terms appear and thus, I always find myself constantly double-checking everything to make sure I don’t misinterpret something. Ignoring that, I’m mostly okay with most changes–the only big things that I think still bother me otherwise are the choice of Yolanda for Tsukiko (Yes, her last name being Artemisia still has ties to the moon, but it’s not what she’s referencing and considering the whole thing is doing this for herself and not her family, it makes the whole point of going with Lady Moon even weaker with the name choice they picked for her) and Rosie’s voice. I love Rosie’s songs and don’t think they’re bad or anything, but from the beginning I felt her voice surprising from her appearance/personality and it’s the only one that feels vastly different from the Japanese voice used. I really think they should’ve used a higher pitched singer to be closer to the original.

Anyway, going onto my own playthrough, I’ve been having fun and did my best to make my character the same as the Demo:

I still really adore the room animations.

And the Cafe is also really cute:

I haven’t been too fond of any of the gift outfits from the brands this time though. Babydoll is probably my favorite, even if not really my color scheme:

Regardless, I did eventually get the salon unlocked–I’m still hoping for better ponytails, but it’s something for now at least:

And I got a couple more brands unlocked:

It’s slow, but steady progress.

Speaking of slow, but steady progress… that is my biggest issue with the game at the moment. The game works on its own timer–I haven’t measured out the specifics, but after a certain amount of time (or certain events), the day will end even if you didn’t go to sleep. I hate this. A lot. I wish they just made it so at a certain time, less to no people show up eventually turning to none after a certain amount and you had to go to sleep to start the next day.

The issue is if you spend a lot of time maybe designing things or working on stuff, you can lose out on entire days. I lost out the entirety of Sunday (which also means Alina’s progress got pushed back for me) AND was already on Monday night due to how long I spent on remaking my Emblem from the last game for my shop’s bag:

It’s not a fast process. I couldn’t go much faster than I did and yet I lost out on a lot of game progress for doing something I was really excited for.

Similarly, I get really paranoid about leaving game events for later being scared I’ll miss them so going to them and forcing the day ahead once done is super frustrating. It’s made me feel really paranoid about being quick when I play rather than taking my time and enjoying things. I’d love to check my online shop and maybe browse it a bit, but I’m worried I’ll lose out on a day again and screw up my own recorded progress and it’s genuinely not a fun way to play.

Overall, I like how it works–that while the start date is your real date, it actually moves the date forward so you won’t be stuck in the terrible issue of beating the game in the same month because the month doesn’t change. But the fact that the day will be forced over is really stressful and it sucks because not everything is super quick in the game. I like taking my time and checking each area in the game and I feel like I’m being punished for that.

I mean, I just turned it on out of curiousity anyway (Thank you to those who have already been to my Design Center shop and bought things!) and apparently it’s already turned afternoon and that’s killing me :/ Regardless, you can find everything I designed up on the Designer Center at Owner ID: 0005121107. I have most of the Amiibo stuff (We sadly don’t have a Luigi Amiibo and while we do have a normal Mario Amiibo (the Smash one I believe plus the Wedding one), we need to refind it.) so I have items for all of those up (if people want some with one of the different patterns, just let me know!). Just a small sample of things:

That said, I wish I went through the Scrapbook sooner because… I would have priced things cheaper X__x Sadly, you can’t edit prices… but I guess I’ll make the Mario Shirt pretty cheap or something.

I do wish the names you used for the Scrapbook were the auto names though :/ And you could have the option to change them in the Design thing after. Due to my aforementioned feeling the need to rush, I didn’t name any of them (Though, I will admit partially because I expected it to just take the name I gave them and wasn’t paying much attention) and I find it a bit frustrating that now all of them have the default name for a design and it sucks.

Despite the stress, I am still enjoying the game a lot though, even if I constantly run into stock, time, and money issues. I’m really not great at resource management–I just like dress-up games :P

To end this off, I’ll talk about the three main sings–Tsuk–Yolanda, Rosie, and Alina. Yolanda genuinely has some of my favorite songs and I really can’t wait to hear them in my own game. I like her a lot.

I also really like Rosie and feel I have a good amount in common with her.

I think Rosie combined with Yolanda would be practically me. I really enjoy her songs as well, but not as many resonate with me as some of Yolanda’s.

Finally, there’s Alina who I’m still getting to know. Regardless, I don’t really care for… most of her songs which makes me feel kind of bad. Despite that, she did give me my favorite line in the game thus far:

So, she’s still pretty cool too :P

I kind of wish our character could sing too. It just looks like a lot of fun.

December 23, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Gardening & new villagers

So, Pocket Camp has been rolling out the features recently, though, still no… clothing crafting feature which I’m sad about as it’s what I want the most (I haven’t gotten all the villagers to level 20 so I’m in no rush for new villagers and I’m not a huge fan of gardening). I expected it to come with Gardening since it was mentioned with it and when it didn’t, I figured maybe with the new villagers but nooope :( They’re already advertising the New Year Event so I just hope it comes soon.

Regardless, let’s go into recent stuff! I’m level 65 now and still have at least a few more levels to hit. I could probably calculate the max if I tried, but I’ll just let myself be surprised. I’ve gotten all of the original 40 villagers to at least level 15 so I’ve unlocked all their crafting things. 13 of them are at level 20 now, but most are 17-19 so I’m sure more will hit that number soon.

I also finally got my last expansion!:

It’ll be 250K to pay it off, but hopefully I’ll hit it eventually. I probably won’t actually pay it until I’m at 300K-400K though.

As for the new features, we’ll start with Gardening! Isabelle was pretty excited.

While my character may also look excited, in reality she’s wondering how much she’s going to suffer through all of this and just hopes they don’t die (Thankfully, they don’t).

The tutorial was pretty cute and I love having a Gyroid friend in the garden at least.

After lots of suffering hard work, I managed to get one of each flower in my garden:

Right now, I’m leaving them up for people to cross-pollinate with. Besides just wanting to help others out, it really does help with Friend Powder earning which is great as I suck at keeping up with Kudoing. I also really love the cute little gift you get when watering friends’ gardens:

It’s just a cute animation to be given friend powder. I kind of really want them to make it so you can gift your friends stuff.

Anyway, once I manage to get at least one of each seed onhand, I’m hoping to start working on getting enough flowers to trade in which I just… am not looking forward to at all :/ Ignoring that I’ll feel bad no longer having the flowers up for cross pollination (as I can’t just use 3 plots or this will take ages… Plus there will be events that use Gardening too), it’s just A LOT of flowers.

You’re essentially given the Potted Red Tulips right off the bat, but to get the rest of the items (16 Potted Plants, 17 Shirts, 17 Teddy Bears, 17 Minitables, 17 Fences, 17 Chairs, 17 Tees, and two Topiary), you need 175 Red Pansies, 165 Red Tulips, and 145 each of the other 15 flowers. That is A LOT of planting and a lot of harvesting and considering all colors besides Red and Yellow need to be cross-bred (which uses up a flower) to get the others? It’s just a ridiculous amount and I really hate it. It’s pretty random and it’s not fun, honestly. I would be less upset if it didn’t eat my flowers to cross-breed them, especially since it can fail, and while I get why it can’t do that, it’s just a huge monotonous grind quest and I really hate it.

At least I don’t have to water them I guess. :/

Moving onto the new villagers, besides well, being 7 new villagers, they’re all a brand new essence type–Rustic! Which also means we got some new Amenities. I really love the last Rustic one which is a Hot Air Balloon. It’s a ways off though.

Regardless, as soon as the update kicked in, I got to work. I invited over Vesta, June, and Marshal, my favorites of the new villagers:

I actually got really lucky and the other four gave on the next rotation without me inviting them. In the end, I was able to get everyone either level 7 or right about to hit 7 so I could invite them all:

And Marshal was my 50th villager!:

I’m up to 51 total now as everyone has been hosted once more.

I, of course, made the Rustic Tent pretty quickly so I wouldn’t hit any issues as I got them to 7:

And quickly upgraded it to level 3:

I also built the Hammock–it’s up to level 2 so far, but it’ll be a while before it hits level 5:

For now, I’m going to keep all 7 new Rustic villagers in my camp site for Rustic Essence Harvesting. And Bluebear is there too because I really want her level 15 gift. Hopefully I can max everyone’s levels and things before the next villager drop…

December 11, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Snooow~

So, while I’m nearly better, I still have a bit of a cold which has made getting things done not go as well as I’d like it to. Regardless, I’m still trying to at least get some things done and so I’m still slowly continuing my progress in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

For one, the Plum Coat FINALLY shows up for me:

I’ll probably be wearing it until something new comes in that I really like.

I also got the Concert Stage and Treehouse both to level 5 so now I have all current amenities maxed out:

Really wish we could place more amenities/increase our camp site’s size…

Four new villagers were added recently so I quickly got them hosted:

And it’s officially snowing in the game now:

It’s so pretty :D

As it is, the next big update is already on the way with new villagers, the gardening feature, and clothing crafting:

To be honest, I’m not too excited for Gardening yet. Besides the implications of it being a very friend-heavy system (and the friend system is just… such a pain to go through right now–really needs some Quality of Life enhancements), gardening has always been my least favorite part of most games with it. I find it a bit too boring and repetitive. Plus, being allergic to most flowers and things probably adds to it.

I’m wondering what point the garden may be, but maybe they’ll be used for the clothing making or something. Speaking of which…

I really do adore the Fluffy Dress so I hope that really will be available and I can make it pretty quickly…

I’m guessing for the new villagers, we’ll see Mitzi and Marshall at the least since Mitzi was the only cat from the datamine and was on a banner with Marshall. I’m not sure how many others we’ll see (There’s still 7 villagers left from the 11 datamined–we already got the first four), but I’m excited and also a bit sad as I still have… so many villagers to level up.

I definitely want to try and start using my request tickets and stuff more (and playing more in general), but it’s a bit frustrating as I’ve just been… super unlucky with spawns and way too often whatever I need just vanishes and going through the friend’s list to check shops is very… convoluted :( I just wish it all worked a bit smoother.

November 30, 2017

The Pocket Camp Christmas Event has begun!

So, it started right as the new day began and… I… maaaaay have rushed through it ^^; A mixture of knowing December tends to be pretty crazy and also I know I’ll want to build extras of some of these items (Definitely at least one more cake, fireplace, and tree) so I wanted to give myself plenty of time for that. Hopefully I’ll also manage to keep a Candy Cane just to have too.

I really like the items, though, the dimensions of some of them are… really odd so I found myself having a bit of an issue placing them. I still ended up with something nice though:

I also played around a bit with the Holiday clothes–the Santa Hat kills the ponytail so I think the Star Pin looks okay.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this on though.

On non-event news, the Level 5 Pool did finish!:

The Rock Stage will be level 5 next build while the Treehouse will be level 4. Natural and Cool Essences have not been showing up much for me lately–I have so many Sporty and Cute now though…

And those with Android devices got these adorable shirts and hat:

I don’t know if I’ll ever wear them, but they are pretty cute.

I also managed to pay off the 150K loan and am now slowly working towards the 200K one. Earning bells is never going to be something I’m good at, I swear x__x

And with that, I will end off with this lovely picture:

November 23, 2017

A bit of an update on things and games I’m currently playing~

So, if you frequent Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ll probably know I’ve been pretty sick. While I’m about halfway through my medicine (and hopefully feeling 100% once more), my focus is… very shake-y, at the moment, to say the least. As someone who normally multitasks a loot, it’s so… frustrating to essentially just be stuck staring at one thing and struggling to even accomplish that.

I don’t really like leaving things unfinished and right now, my unfinished pile feels kind of unbearable and there’s not much I can do about it. To make matters worse, because of the previous mentioned problem of not being able to focus, my mind is constantly thinking up ideas (whether drawings, stories, or something else entirely) that I just… do not have the time or talent to put into fruition and it’s pretty disheartening, honestly.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to write this entry since earlier this week and wanted to get it up before Pocket Camp came out because I was going to say how likely it’d be to come out the 21st/22nd because the Fortune Event ended then and it was also when the dailies ended for the current round instead of it being the usual 10–of course, I was right with that, but I never actually managed to… get that post done. On the bright side, I did manage to get all the wallpapers in the Fortune event:

As you can see, I apparently got Bitty:

I don’t really think it’s that fitting, but I don’t really like to keep retaking these quizzes. I just wish they’d stop with the “shortened” quizzes–most people would prefer to answer all the questions to get a more accurate result and so it’s frustrating when it’s essentially powered by RNG to an extent because I don’t feel it’s entirely accurate.

As for the progress in the game, it’s mostly been slow… Ignoring server issues since the huge increase of people with the game releasing, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s just not much I can do right now. I did manage to get the level 5 Merry-go-Round completed:

And currently have the level 5 Pool being built so I just have the Treehouse and Concert left to level up. I also have crafted everything I currently have unlocked at least once so the only things I have left are from getting villagers to level 15. I still have 21 villagers to go and I keep debating on if I should use my Request tickets to try and rush these or save them to rush being able to host when new villagers get added instead. Marshal is likely coming in the new batch of villagers due to being one of the options in the Fortune Event and it’s possible some of my own favorites could make their way in that batch too which would be nice as currently my only favorite villager in the game is Peanut.

As for the game itself, the trees and grass also changed shortly before the game opened for everyone and it’s quite nice:

I’m looking forward to us getting snow. I am surprised we didn’t end up having a Harvest Festival ingame, but maybe they felt it was too soon after opening…

My struggles are still heavily with the resource mechanics though–especially with being sick, it makes it hard to keep my stock up since it’s hard to really play much and when I do have those short bursts where I feel up to more, I once again get hit by that item limit wall. Most of the limits and things, I can understand. The timers, the rotations, the crafting things… But the item limit is just such an issue. Especially because you get SO little from selling items, it doesn’t feel worth the effort to get them just to sell them so when your inventory is full, it’s like “Well, now what do I do?”. Prices are what you’d expect for clothing and furniture and to craft, but the prices for selling things from your inventory is just too small to cover that. 10 Bells for “common” stuff is just so disheartening. And it also gives me less of a reason to play when my requests are done honestly and removes a lot of the relaxing part of AC and playing how you like.

While my inventory management continues to be a nightmare, I’m doing pretty well catalog-wise. I currently have all market furniture available, everything from Labelle, and only need one thing from Kicks. I have about 13 things left from the Able Sisters, including one of the dresses (The Plum Coat) that I actually really want :/ But the RNG with it all makes it… frustrating.

In the meantime, when I’ve needed a bit of a break from Pocket Camp due to just running out of things to do or just not having the energy for it, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Tiny Bird Garden which came out on November 15th. If you enjoy Neko Atsume and/or really like birds, you’ll probably enjoy Tiny Bird Garden. It is of the same nature as Neko Atsume (lay out toys and food for birds to come), but a bit more… immersive in a way with NPCs you can talk to and actually getting to talk to and befriend the birds in a way. You can give them treats and hats and it’s just a… very sweet game?

I mean, seriously, look at some of these birds:

I especially relate to Cherry:

And even the NPCs have sweet things to say:

Even the Credits as well:

I’ve managed to see all the birds at least once and give them all their favorite Treats so I just need to figure out all their favorite toys now. They all seem… a lot less picky than the cats in Neko Atsume though which both makes it a bit easier to see them all but also a bit harder if you’re specifically going for one.

Regardless, if you like cute birds and/or just need some kind of casual pick-me up, I really do recommend it–even if just for some positive reminders that you matter.

Right now, Super Mario Odyssey is a bit on hold which makes me… quite sad to be honest. I really love the game, but at the same time I just feel frustrated with it. I think a lot of the Moons are pretty fun, but at the same time it feels like way too much. It just feels packed just to be packed and I just don’t find that very fun. It makes them feel less special. That said, my least favorite ones have to be the high score ones :/ I don’t mind doing the activities a certain amount of times, but there’s… not much fun in spending hours trying over and over to hit a score in the same monotonous activity. And you have to do this in two different ones.

The time trial ones are also fairly frustrating. I’ve long stopped enjoying the races and really just wish the only one was in the Mushroom Kingdom.

I’m sure we’ll get back to the game eventually and I really do want to hit the 999 Moons + get all the costumes, but right now I just feel discouraged and frustrated.

Finally, what I’ve been doing especially these last few months is getting myself a bit lost in visual novels. I love reading, but unfortunately our… living situation isn’t the best to really be situated *to* read books for long periods of time and still be comfortable. Let alone even… keep track of books :(

I started playing My Candy Love aka Amour Sucré in March of last year and it’s been a… rollercoaster of feelings. I talk a lot about the game over on a Tumblr I have dedicated to it and other Beemoov games, but I wanted to bring it up here too for once because there’s a lot I really want to say about it.

I’m incredibly picky with Otome games. I don’t usually have the same tastes in guys as most people so it’s hard for me to find one appealing. Plus, when many games have you dating girls instead and you’re not particularly interested in girls, you’re usually playing more for story reasons then (Which is why I won’t play any… mature rated ones).

I think Otome games can be quite interesting though if they have a good focus on story and characters and that’s generally what I look for, though, I can be picky with art style. And while the art style in MCL can vary (especially with some of the older episodes’ illustrations), something about it still drew me in and I’m not entirely sure what. My one regret is mostly finding about it so late–the game started in 2011 and so I’ve… missed a lot :/ Both onsite event-wise and merchandise-wise.

One thing that’s been especially frustrating to me is there was a short episode available for those who got a code from their booth at Japan Expo in 2013 that was only available for France and there is only video of one of the routes and I can’t find any transcripts of the other routes and this haunts me so much and is killing me slowly because of all kinds of problems. It’s rare, but hey, if you had unlocked the Japan Expo 2013 ring and now no longer can replay the episode, please report it so maybe someone can… finally upload the other routes and dialogue ._.

Moving to the game itself and despite some of my issues above and sadness of missing out, I wish I knew what captured me about the game. I found myself interested in all the characters and definitely found a favorite of the cast. The game takes place in a high school, towards the end of the school year (though, don’t actually try and figure out the timeline–it’s a complete and utter mess).

I think in a way, especially since my school life was absolute trash, it almost feels therapeutic for me. Even though the focus is the 5 main guys, you get two best friends and have a handful of other classmates as well. And even if on episode where you get completely screwed over, people are still there for you and sometimes a lot of it is just what I needed to hear and didn’t realize.

The game currently is at 37 episodes (with 38 coming out any day now honestly– a lot o people are expecting the trailer tomorrow) and you don’t even start dating the guy you want to go for until the end of Episode 28/start of Episode 29 so there’s a long build up (though, you may find the first 10 episodes kind of slow). There’s character arcs as well, some stronger than others, but honestly, I just have fun with it even if I genuinely think they could use a better translator, the censoring is awkward, and some lines are… a bit cringe-y, but it’s just… truly fun.

They have a Black Friday sale going on so I’m debating on buying a bunch of AP and $ and maybe doing a huge story replay to fix some decisions and things I’m not super happy with and also take opportunities to explore the school more so I’ll be less likely to miss dialogue and stuff too.

I would likely stream the big replay too so if someone is interested in the game, but doesn’t want to play, well, that could be an option!

I will say the game is a bit hard to get into–besides some of the older art style in illustrations, the game unfortunately uses an Action Point system. Once you’re caught up, you’ll usually manage to earn enough to play the next episode by the time it comes out, but until then, it’s a very slow grind trying to play each day and can be super demotivating honestly :/

Once thing I do wish Beemoov would do (besides an alternative to the AP system) is just… better jobs with merchandising to their other servers. There’s such a big focus on France as it’s the main server and where the company is located, but it really makes other servers feel left out. The manga, as an example, has only been published in French, Spanish, and German. It’s been years with no update on if we will ever see it outside those languages. The Artbooks have only been in French and English. And most merchandise hasn’t been outside France at all. It’s pretty discouraging (and also makes it all the harder to FIND older merchandise…).

Despite all this, the game’s taking place in France actually helped rejuvenate my love for France’s culture too. France was the first country I ever wanted to go to and the first language I wanted to learn when I was just 2-3 years old. It meant a lot to me and after some issues when I finally got to go to Paris, France, a piece of my heart got… incredibly hurt due to certain things that happened and it’s… really nice to have it mended and just between this and Miraculous Ladybug feel that love for France again (Also my French has gotten a lot better with all the things I’ve been looking up for character reasons so that’s pretty awesome).

Beemoov’s other visual novel is Eldarya which is much more fantasy-styled and more mature in general. It has the same kind of thing with a lot more characters besides just the love interest and the other servers are *nearly* caught up with France’s. It’s fun despite some… problematic decisions in plot, but I’m genuinely really excited to see where the story goes.

While I play MCL more for the characters as the story is mostly just… school with some character arcs, Eldarya’s overall story has me incredibly invested with where it’s going to go.

Of course, I don’t only play Otome game-Visual novels. One of Beemoov’s other visual novels is Henri’s Secret which is just a general romance story–you don’t have a character and you follow Lyla’s PoV for the most part (though, the game takes place mostly from a third person view). Even though the secret was super obvious from the get-go (and you learn it pretty quick in the story too–though Lyla and her friends have yet to…), I find myself still interested in the characters and story and really want to see their reactions when they learn Henri’s secret.

As for a non-Beemoov game, I’m actually super into SakeVisual’s Jisei series. I love mysteries and all the characters are super well-written. The fourth part is currently in production and I genuinely can’t wait. It’s such a good series, the art and voice acting is phenomenal and I haven’t played a game from SakeVisual that I haven’t enjoyed, honestly. I still have to finish Backstage Pass, but… stats and schedule stuff in games is hard for me x__x

But yes, this is what I’ve been up to recently! I’m still doing training in Miitopia, but it’s… very slow so that may be a while. I also do hope to get back to Lady Layton as SOON as I’m feeling better. I miss it, but I’m just… in no condition to do puzzles right now.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving today (Or a Happy Thursday if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving)! Please stay safe if you’re going shopping tomorrow.

As for me, I’ll just be… praying I feel better :)

November 9, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Days 11-14 and Discussing Upcoming Features & Other Rambling

So, despite being on vacation, I actually managed to finish several of my big goals recently. For one, I got the last several villagers I needed hosted to have all 40 currently available:

Nothing too special happens with the 40th which makes me feel it’s even more likely they’ll add more in the future:

I also managed to make the final amenity:

I still need to upgrade them all, of course, but that’s a low priority. I’l probably work on fully upgrading the Merry-Go-Round first and then do the others whenever I have enough.

I managed to get Bitty and Sandy high enough for their crafting items so now thanks to them and Fauna, I’ve gotten some of the items I’ve wanted most:

And I finally caught an Emperor Butterfly!

So, now I’ve caught at least one of each rare.

I also finished all current stretch goals. Nothing special happens when you do so I’m sure more will be added eventually there as well.

I haven’t quite decided my next goals though. I think I mainly want to try and gather more stuff up, though, it’s still a bit frustrating with the inventory slot issues. While inventory limits are a thing in normal AC, AC isn’t as resource-heavy as this game and you can drop things on the floor or fill your house or do a lot of things which are not an option in this game whatsoever.

I’m also going to work on unlocking all the crafting recipes for each villager and then slowly work on getting each to level 20. I’d love to get Peanut to level 20 first since she’s the only one of my favorites currently in the game. And I really want to work on fully upgrading my RV even if it doesn’t do much–I need 150K for my current expansion and the next and final two apparently cost 200K and 250K respectively so I need… 600K to pay them all off and I wish I was better at earning bells :(

I just really want to make an RV and Camp I’m proud of. I still haven’t really made up my mind with how I want it to look and I’m struggling a lot with it–the randomness of the items available (and not many that really flow together well in my opinion) just makes it even harder.

That said, I still think the game can definitely use some quality of life improvements and re-evaluate some of the balancing. 20 Leaf Tickets for 1 Essence or to increase your inventory by 5 slots feels like a lot. I can at least understand the 15 for nets and honey since it gives you 10 things so that’s less than 2 per catch. On the otherhand, I still get a bit frustrated when I get things like this:

The “rare” fish don’t seem very rare or even uncommon when I get more of them than any of the “common” fish including the one I even bought that net for…

I wish I could easily give my friends Kudos–even just a “send to all” button. Unfortunately, it’s just super slow right now and there’s no real benefit from it. The only benefit Kudos give is for yourself and only however many you need for the daily. Your friends get nothing from it beyond the little notification that they received one. And loading takes long enough between just clicking your friend and loading their camp. It’s just long and convoluted and lacks any actual pay-off for anyone beyond the daily goal. The friend system in general is just kind of lacking–I wish I could sell all kinds of things to my friends, not just gatherables.

Similarly, looking at people’s markets is also a pain due to more loading and not even always seeing their full market when you click the user… To make things worse for both this and Kudos giving is the organization of the Friend’s list. They organize it by “Last online/played” time which is great for clearing out your friends list (after all, there is a limit of 100), but makes it very hard to keep track of who you checked already and who you didn’t since you get scrolled back to the start every single time you click someone.

I mean, even the Quarry lending a hand requests–while the last online works great for who to send to (though, a “send to all” button would be amazing), it’s annoying to scroll through and look for shovels to lend the hand to everyone. There should be a separate thing to see who sent requests or even an Accept all button at the top.

Speaking of Accept alls… Not only do you need to accept quests manually, you then need to claim your gits from the mailbox. You have to do this for the Quarry too to receive your rewards. And it’s just… why? Why not just give them to you when you finish like how villagers give you items? It’s just a really odd choice.

And on the subject of the quarry… I do think there should be more than one free one available a day. Maybe just require it to be 5 different friends who need to accept each time or something. Similarly, it’d be nice if you could pay to “make up” for people–so like 12 if you only got two friends to help and still need three more slots filled.

Organization in general with the game is a pain. Furniture and Clothing is just listed by what you got most recently… Which can make it hard to check if you’ve already bought something. Similarly, the Catalog also has very… unique ways it decided to categorize everything which makes it all the more confusing. It’s very hard to keep track of things and I wish there were better organizational systems or even the shop keepers mentioning if you bought something previously.

Finally, I have mixed feelings on the shopping system. I can deal with just 3 items, but I kind of wish that:
1. They refreshed every 3 hours instead of every 6 hours (Similarly, it’d be nice if fruit was on that schedule too instead of 3 hours from when you last shook it… so if you shook it an hour before rollover, it’d only have an hour left to grow…)
2. Kicks, Labelle, and Sable & Mabel were always there along with Timmy and Tommy. The small stock is hard enough without those three shops constantly swapping out.

I’d love if we could upgrade the shops at some point to maybe make it so they can be around more or have more for sale at a time. Crafting clothes is clearly coming soon as the menu outright says to:

Of course, while things may seem small now–just 40 villagers, about 300 pieces of furniture, about 160 pieces of clothing (I demand more dresses), and only 13 Amenities, more is clearly coming besides what I just mentioned above. I mean, one of first things they showed us in the direct?

Cabana furniture isn’t in yet and yet, there’s the lamp. Same goes for the Cabin furniture and Cabin Couch. More wallpaper and flooring than we have right now is shown throughout the Direct as well.

Of those, we only have the Lovely Wallpaper and the two carpets.

Then there’s things we don’t really have more info on like Gardening and Holiday-furniture–both Christmas based and some more Japanese Cultural based ones. It’s very likely we’ll see some kind of events in the future.

So, I’m excited to see what’s to come and considering the amount of Quality of Life adjustments they made to Fire Emblem Heroes, I’ll keep my hopes up.

November 4, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Days 3-10

So, things have been a bit slower since our last update, but I figured I’d work on getting this done with some recent accomplishments!

First of all, I’ve hit level 44. I stopped getting new villagers at level 36 because there’s currently only 40 in the game, but I’m sure they’ll add more. Speaking of villagers, I now have 33 that can be hosted and just 7 left to go:

I have to say, being able to play automatically is a godsend since I can just have it put them away after and restore my layout without ruining everything and thank god.

I also managed to get all the tier 2 amenities to level 5:

And even created most of the final tiers of each:

I still need more Cool Essences for the Cool one (which are also used to level up the Merry-go-Round…) and I’ve been having a terrible time earning them sadly. Finally started stocking up on cute ones somehow at least. Also I love this little rubber ducky by the pool:

Too cute. It’s grown out of it’s little kiddie pool to the big pools now. I really wish we could place more amenities though, honestly. Two feels too few at this point :/ Three would be nice (though, I’d love four or five…). Maybe one day we can make the campsite itself bigger.

Fun random moments:

And more fun gifs:

I also just really want to highlight these two seashell ones:

I want that seashell necklace and the seashell collection case to be actual items, please.

And I finally got the pink top and white tights so now I feel at least more… color matching, but wow do I wish there were better clothes in this game, honestly:

I’ve also finally started putting some stuff in my RV so Renae can stop pointing it out :P

One thing I’ve been working on now, besides getting all the villagers in and trying to get them all to at least 15 for their crafting recipe (and earning cool essences) is trying to get all the rarer fish/bugs:

For the most part, I think I’ve gotten nearly all of them now: Koi, Rainbow Trout, Football Fish, Tuna, Blowfish Jewel Beetle, and Miyama Stag. And the more Uncommon ones but still are labeled as Rare: Black Bass, Red Snapper, Horned Dynastid
The only one I believe I’m still missing is the Emperor Butterfly which I’ve seen once, but my phone just… completely freaked out and didn’t register my tapping and this is why I hate touch screens :| In the end, I “took too long” and it flew away and I’m still bitter about it.

I’m also pretty close to having all the furniture made to move the last 7 villagers in–some I even have it all, but just need to get them to Friendship level 7. What I still need to make: Floor Seat, Kotatsu, Natural Table, Natural Table, and a Green Net. That’s it. I just need way more Cotton and Wood than I have:
-Natural Table: 120 Wood, 3 Natural Essences
-Kotatsu: 60 Wood, 60 Cotton, 3 Natural Essences
-Floor Seat: 90 Wood, 90 Cotton
-Natural Chair – 120 Cotton, 3 Natural Essences
-Green Net – 60 Metal, 60 Cotton, 3 Sporty Essences
Total: 270 Wood, 60 Metal, 330 Cotton, 9 Natural Essences, and 3 Sporty Essences. I’m good on Metal and Sporty Essences, but not so much the rest :/

I could make some of the other items I want, but I feel like keeping supplies up is just such a pain and I don’t feel right crafting random things for me when there’s still incomplete goals so to speak. While I find the timers reasonable, I find it hard to keep up with things sometimes because of it. I wish the fruit timers stayed aligned with the moving timers for one. But it’s hard to stock up on things when you keep hitting inventory limits. And while, yes, inventory limits have always been in the game, we also could litter the town or our house or storage with fruits–none of those options exist in the game. Even if I shake all the trees to keep fruit at the bottom to give me some extra fruit to work with, sometimes it’s still not enough because everyone wants 3 oranges and I only have 6 for the entire time period unless I buy more fertilizer.

I can already sense how annoying it will be when I’ll only have a handful of villagers to get to level 20 to with the randomness of it all x__x

In the meantime, I hope to pay off my next loan soon… I need 150 for it and they upgraded my first floor again. I’m really curious just how many are in the game… But I don’t really have a good way to earn bells yet :/

November 1, 2017

Style Savvy 4 finally announced for the US! :D

So, as many of you who probably read this blog and/or are subscribed to my Youtube Channel, I have been very… vocal about my upsetness that Japan and PAL regions were getting the game this month while North America had yet to hear anything. However, that changed today with an announcement that not only would we be getting Style Savvy 4–now known as Style Savvy: Styling Star, but we’ll be getting it next month on Christmas Day.

Sure, it’s still a month after the rest of the world, but a month is much better than over a year. I think, if anything, I’m more upset that the game will be eShop download only–I prefer physical copies of games so I’m not super thrilled with having to download it. That said, I will happily take that over not getting it at all.

There’s even a demo out right now so if you haven’t yet, go download it! It’ll help show support for one as the game does not get advertised enough here. If you don’t have a 3DS yet, I uploaded my entire demo playthrough and even the other song ending you can get on my channel :)

But yes, this is my adorable Demo character (and probably what I’ll go with when the actual game comes out too):

The game genuinely does feel like a combination of the best parts of both Trendsetters and Fashion Forward. I really missed seeing the room actions:

And I can’t wait to decorate my room again.

We have the town interactions from 3 as well!:

And honestly, the songs are genuinely pretty catchy so I can’t wait to hear the other songs in the game. While I like the rock song more, I do think girly fits Rosie more so that’s probably what I’m going to go with in the main game.

The game has its own date system which I’m actually really happy with (and hope it’s not just a demo thing)–the issue with Trendsetters was that it only cared about the month real-time-wise which meant you could finish the game and never actually leave the same month. Similarly, even real-time-wise, you could usually beat the game with the first Style Savvy and Fashion Forward within the first season with only a few things needed from others. I feel like an actual separate date and time progression will fit the game much better.

I don’t really have too much to say otherwise beyond that I hope checking out people’s shops online won’t be region locked and that we’ll actually get all the DLC this time (I can dream). Regardless, I’m just so excited and knowing the game is only about 7 weeks away is super exciting.

October 27, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Day 2 Recap

Continuing along, we have our day 2 recap which… may be our last full recap unless I start like… documenting every single request I do. Regardless, I’ll go over my accomplishments in the last 24 hours, current things, and also why I haven’t actually streamed the game like I hoped to.

So, the main goal of Day 2 was essentially extreme Amenity Building. As I mentioned last time, I had hit the level limit with some of the Villagers and so, I needed to start working on every Essence’s Tent to get that level cap up. Thanks to a donation to buy some leaf tickets, I was able to not only max out each tent, but get the first level of each of the next tier of amenities which are what I’m struggling to level up now.

Right now, Cool and Natural are at level 3, Sporty is at level 2, and Cute is at level 4. I’d love to get Cute to level 5 today and maybe even make the Merry-Go-Round, but Cute Essences are the… worst to earn and I still need 12 more just to get the Tree Swing to level 5 (not to mention it’ll take 48 hours on top of that).

I actually used to have a lot of Sporty Essences, but had to start selling them because I had too small of a space for them an you got so many for early goals. Speaking of goals, I only have four left which are all placing furniture type goals–I need to place 4 of each of the Polka-dot Series, Sleek Series Kiddie Series, and Blue Series to finish them off. I’ll get 10 Leaf Tickets for each one.

Thus, there are only two ways for me to get essences right now without spending real money:
-Befriending villagers (Which, thanks to the Amenity building, I can now get each of them to level 15)
-Shovelstrike Quarry (where you’re lucky if you get more than one) – Not only is it random which kind (though, it at least tells you in advance), you can only play once a day for free/through friends. You can only play every 3 hours if you pay with Leaf Tickets (a cost of 20) to access it.
-Or, of course, you can use Leaf Tickets to make up the cost of Essences missing. However, For every Essence you’re missing, it’s 20 Leaf Tickets, so if you’re only missing about four, that’s still 80 tickets.

You can technically sometimes get them randomly when talking to a villager at your camp as well, but I find it’s quite rare.

I feel like Everything involving Essences are just very very broken. You need to make all the buildings to continue to level up through leveling up your friendship with villagers, but that same way is exactly the main way you’re supposed to earn them in the first place. The cost is way too much with Leaf Tickets and it also sucks that you can’t really sell to friends. Many of my friends aren’t bothering with Cute Villagers at all and have a large amount of spare Cute Essences, but unfortunately, you can only sell Fruit, Bugs, Seashells, and Fish to other players.

This seems like… such a huge oversight because wow would I love to sell clothes or help friends when there’s stuff being sold that I don’t want that they might. And also crafting stuff too? But nope, not possible! There’s not tons of friend activity in this game and while I can understand most of it, the limit on what we can sell to each other is silly. (Also, on a side note, I wish we could tell if we gave Kudos to a friend already… That way I won’t revisit someone I already gave kudos to after they give kudos to me again… Similarly, a tab just to see who needs a hand rather than searching through your friend’s list).

In the end, I spent nearly all my Platinum Points on MyNintendo for stuff in the game as you can get crafting materials and bells and Bells continue to be the bane of my existence in this game only second to Essences.

A good amount of that money I actually ended up putting towards my loan at OK Motors.

I had expected the 50K one to be the last, but now I have a 100K loan after they increased the first floor of my RV again… I’m guessing the next upgrade will be increasing the upstairs to match, but I’m curious if that will be it or there will be more. I really want to know what happens when you finish, but who knows when I’ll have 100,000 to pay this one off–let alone future ones.

In the meantime, I managed to move two more villagers in. It’s mostly slow right now because beside bells and crafting material issues, the timers have gotten… so long for like 90% of what I’m trying to make. Right now I have one item at 5 hours, one item at about 4 hours, and another at 2 hours… Many have been 8-12 hours at this point and this is one of the biggest parts of why I’m not really streaming it.

Right now, I’m kind of stuck. My inventory is full so all I can really do if there’s no new requests is run around catching things and immediately having to sell them. Earning coins is just so slow this way too as most items just do not sell for much and it’s better to put them to requests so it just genuinely feels like a waste. And even with shaking trees, I’ve only found bells that way once now.

Maybe I progressed too fast, who knows, but with the long crafting times and full inventory, I’m mostly just… waiting and that’s not really much to show at all.

I was very happy to unlock Peanut at least and I just… buried her in requests (finally using my request tickets) until I could. She’s the only one of my favorite villagers available right now so…

Next, I’m hoping to focus on getting Sandy, Bitty, and Hopkins leveled up. Mostly because I really want their level 15 gifts–Sandy gives the Afternoon Tea Set, Bitty gives the outside Light-up Heart, and Hopkins gives a cool gameboy thing. I hope Sandy will show up again soon–haven’t seen her in a while and I sadly used all of my call tickets already :/ (And it’s 30 to call a villager without one…)

Also, as you may have noticed from some of the pictures, I found an outfit I’m okay with for now:

There’s a lot I’m hoping to get though. I think the Bubblegum Shirt and the White Tights are my biggest priorities and maybe one of the boots too.

I’ve also finally decorated my RV a tiny bit:

But I’m still going to hold off doing so fully until I unlock more villagers and stuff.

And finally, another cute screenshot to end on:

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