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October 8, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Day 12

Gigi – A space for a classy gal. Sadly, not many pictures as my computer crashed during streaming and bleh :(

Rating Address: 0601-7794-371

Clyde – A fresh and fruity room.

Rating Address: 0395-7799-401

Chadder – A cheesy place to nibble.

Rating Address: 0009-7799-381

Portia – A tribute to Festivale.

Rating Address: 0394-7792-451

Filbert – A bounty of balloons.

Rating Address: 0795-7792-471

Pietro – A dreamland for Pietro.

Rating Address: 0801-7792-421

Cherry – A Cat Walk

Rating Address: 0695-7795-308

Rhonda – A relaxing island getaway.

Rating Address: 0002-7795-448

Agnes – An art museum.

Rating Address: 0999-7791-328

Hazel – Comic Artist’s Workshop

Rating Address: 0509-7791-378

Deena – A home gym.

Rating Address: 0301-7791-368

Jacques – A hip music club.

Rating Address: 0895-7794-438

Elmer – A sock shop for sock lovers.

Rating Address: 0402-7794-378

October 7, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Day 11

This is much later than usual due to not feeling too great mixed with problems with my laptop (which I’m not sure if we will be able to fix or not), but regardless, here’s a few houses tonight.

Pippy – A striped room

Rating Address: 0500-7792-454

Pate – A stylish internet cafe

Rating Address: 0292-7795-353

Apollo – A celebration of tallness.

Rating Address: 0702-7795-453

Jitters – A soccer arena.

Rating Address: 0999-7791-343

Next up was Anabelle who wanted “a cosmopolitan yard”… but before we get to that, I want to bring up what she said before I spoke to her:

“From all over the word”, huh? >> I never expected to see an error like that. Regardless, her home was a bit hard since the main part of her theme was the yard itself:

Rating Address: 0909-7791-393

Rudy – A Chess room. If you watch the video, you’ll notice this room goes very slow–especially towards the end. This is because the interior was only 6 spaces vertically which meant I could not place them the same way I did outside, but placing them horizontally would mean the entrance would be blocked, so I made my fiance play chess with me until we actually made it so people could walk in. Sure, I could have just randomly placed the pieces, but I wanted it to look like an actual ongoing chess game with legitimate moves.

Rating Address: 0792-7799-413

October 5, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Day 10

Bangle – An Animal-Print Showcase.

Rating Address: 0609-7749-421

Julian – A mythical home. (I still can’t believe he said “I’m a gift from the skies above”…)

Rating Address: 0004-7742-481

Poncho – A wild west space.

Rating Address: 0292-7745-458

Freckles – A fishy room under the sea.

Rating Address: 0895-7741-328

Henry – A contemplative train trip.

Rating Address: 0305-7744-438

Samson – A room with treasure.

Rating Address: 0802-7749-498

Penelope – A nonstop wedding party. I tried to base it off where our wedding reception will be this December :)

Rating Address: 0305-7742-388

Pashmina – A gorgeous, rococo room.

Rating Address: 0605-7745-444

O’Hare – An indoor tropical paradise.

Rating Address: 0502-7741-324

Timbra – A stargazer’s dream.

Rating Address: 0091-7744-484

Doc – A fun place for books.

Rating Address: 0495-7749-334

October 4, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Day 9

Only a few today due to not feeling well, but I still wanted to play so…

Tammi – A place to stay hydrated.

Rating Address: 0909-7741-303

Groucho – A farming homestead.

Rating Address: 0699-7744-343

Annalise – A stained-glass tearoom. Despite this, she actually comes with a coffee cup because in Japan, she asks for a Coffee Shop with Stained Glass… I still went with the translated theme, but considering there is a global rating service and the fact that she came with a coffee cup… I may fix it eventually, but ugh. :/

Rating Address: 0301-7744-393

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Day 8 continued!

So, as promised, I did plan to do many more villagers today and I hit my first big milestone: 100 homes completed! With so little unlocking, I’m wondering if maybe I should just do the special villagers sooner rather than later. Maybe tomorrow could be a Special Villager stream? We’ll see. But yes, onto the homes designed today!

Nate – A Cardboard life

Rating Address: 0795-7712-393

Aurora – A flower shop.

Rating Address: 0001-7715-479

Marina – Underwater Fantasy Land.

Rating Address: 0299-7714-309

Flora – A place that’s all pink.

Rating Address: 0392-7712-449

Bill – A summer house.

Rating Address: 0805-7715-350

Angus – A salty seaside shack.

Rating Address: 0102-7714-490

Phoebe – A fiery hangout.

Rating Address: 0802-7719-300

I then paused briefly from designing houses to stop by Renae’s Bowling Alley for Jay.

It made me even more excited for whenever Jay may show up for me in my game.

Bertha – A ton of baskets.

Rating Address: 0995-7715-452

Hippeux – An artist’s studio.

Rating Address: 0602-7714-362

Stinky – A pro-wrestling ring.

Rating Address: 0894-7712-422

Broccolo – A bug house.

Sadly, no rating for this one :( For some reason, when I tried to connect as usual, it didn’t work. He’ll have a ranking eventually, but I don’t really want to revisit anyone until I have everything so I can fix things up as needed.

Hans – An indoor ski run.

Rating Address: 0801-7711-427

Baabara – A Ballet Studio. I’m so happy I finally got my ballet slippers. Now if I could just get my lace skirt!

Rating Address: 0604-7712-397

Gwen – A day spa.

Rating Address: 0695-7711-485

Vesta – A place with a fireplace.

Rating Address: 0304-7714-375

Olaf – A million-Bell view

Rating Address: 0002-7719-455

Diva – A place with good vibes.

Rating Address: 0499-7715-356

October 3, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Late Night/Early Morning Day 8

Don’t worry, there will be another post later with many more 😛 But after getting some of the footage for my review, I still had the game up and I don’t like just turning it off, so I picked a random house to do… More houses coming after I finally get some sleep.

Mallary – A harvest-centric home.

Rating Address: 0594-7755-384

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review

hhdreview It’s been a while since my last review, hasn’t it? If you’ve been keeping up with my site, you’ll have noticed I’ve played Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer a lot–over 45 hours already and still wanting to play so much more with many goals in mind. One question I often get asked about it though is “Is the game worth it?” “Would I like it?” “Do I need these things to play?” “Is there a town? And so I want to answer several of these questions in this review along with stating my own feelings on the game.

I will state right now though, Happy Home Designer is not for everyone. I will also state that I have been enjoying the games just as much, if not more, than the main series. But yes, I think I’ve rambled enough with this introduction, so I’ll go ahead and get started with the review itself.
» Read the rest of this entry …

October 2, 2015

Happy Home Designer – Day 7!

My quest to make a house for every villager continues. I did get lots of new items today at least!

Alli – A Mushroom manor.

Rating Address: 0806-7755-364

Rowan – A treasure shop.

Rating Address: 0800-7751-484

Peanut – The land of the free.

Rating Address: 0100-7754-434

Peggy – A mermaid’s life.

Rating Address: 0490-7759-494

Willow – An alpine-themed home.

Rating Address: 0806-7759-374

Maple – A plush bear den.

Rating Address: 0500-7752-354

Kevin – A spaceship.

Rating Address: 0392-7755-343

Moe – A magician’s hideaway

Rating Address: 0505-7755-373

Rocco – A danger-filled zone.

Rating Address: 0604-7751-493

Rosie – An office/studio for a star.

Rating Address: 0804-7754-443

Blanche – A traditional tearoom.

Rating Address: 0404-7759-423

Biff – A sci-fi space.

Rating Address: 0295-7752-433

Keaton – A seaside breakfast nook.

Rating Address: 0995-7755-409

Rolf – A camping collection.

Rating Address: 0492-7751-379

Eunice – A toast-warm winter room.

Rating Address: 0691-7754-469

Apple – An apple-inspired room.

Rating Address: 0601-7752-369

Chops – A King’s Chamber

Rating Address: 0105-7755-350

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Day 6 continued!

So, I thankfully felt a bit better later tonight so I decided to do a “short” late night stream. I ended up doing 7 houses and it was a lot of fun 😀 Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Yuka – A Jungle.

Rating Address: 0996-7759-342

Curlos – A Toy Day Celebration.

Rating Address: 0006-7759-452

Cyrano – An odd-numbers gallery. I’d love to know why exactly this is what he wanted, but oh well.

Rating Address: 0496-7752-382

Avery – A room full of fossils

Rating Address: 0593-7755-397

Nan – A zodiac-figurine stand.

Rating Address: 0300-7755-387

Tia – A space fit for a tea party.

Rating Address: 0696-7751-327

Antonio – A place decorated simply.

Rating Address: 0907-7751-427

October 1, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Day 6 (the first Challenge!)

I don’t know how much I will play today (still not feeling too great), but I wanted to at least make sure I did one very important thing as the very first Happy Home Challenge started today! It’s around for 2 weeks so be sure to enter! And don’t worry, Tom Nook will explain the rules 😛

Once that was done, it was time to get started! <3

Happy Home Challenge 1 – The Sweetest Home Ever

If you’d like to rate it (which I’d really appreciate), my rating address is 0498-7754-453 :)

And video version:

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