Crystal Dreams

November 17, 2014

Fantasy Life: Continued Adventures

Now, you may be wondering what else I could still be doing in Fantasy Life, but I’m still doing my best to get everything to the final tier and once that is done, all skills to 20. Plus do each trial in the Tower… And get everyone to 100 affection… and well, I probably won’t update for those. While I don’t know how many more full Fantasy Life entries I will be doing (Most of what is left just isn’t very picture heavy so it’s more likely to just be something I make a quick Twitter post about instead), the stats page will continue to be updated and on this site even once I’ve finished the game and all my goals–it just will no longer be on the sidebar. Speaking of pages though, I also will be doing my best to finish up my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire log page. If you have any suggestions for what should be on it, let me know–either by commenting below or contacting me through Twitter,, or Tumblr. You could leave a comment on our Facebook Page, Google+ Page, or Youtube as well, but I wouldn’t recommend them as much.

With that said, let’s get on to the game!

I’ve gotten some lovely new headgear :D I can only wear the Goddess Hairpiece right now though–the Tiara is only for Paladins until I get everything to Creator mode… which is really frustrating honestly.

I also managed to get Angler to Creator level after finally catching this cute fish:

And now I can even attempt to catch this fish (the special requests are evil):

I need a better quality rod though… and better stats.

I also did a beat more re-decorating:

And thanks to several awesome people from the nice Fantasy Life IRC Chat and many many many coins plus some people on GameFAQs, I completed my Saddle Collection!:

Look at all those lovely mounts T~T It makes 10 total with Snowball:

Plus some other nice stuff I managed to get:

And Tower exploration!:

Bonus: Me poorly drawing a bomb at the Nap Dragon:

November 16, 2014

Tomodachi Life: Newest SpotPass item and other events

So, it’d the midpoint of the month which means new item in Tomodachi Life!

The Interiors Uniform will be around until the end of the month. It comes in Brown, White, Green, and Teal.

It’s actually been pretty slow in Tomodachi Life lately to be honest. Despite that, we’ve had some new couples getting together, more babies being born (in fact, my Mii asked yesterday about having a 4th child), and still many many many visits from Sarah along with occasionally the other kids as well including Celeste–our very first traveling child who I haven’t heard from in ages.

So, first, the proposals!:

Both were completed successfully and both said yes :D So yay for more married couples! Also, I’d like to point out one thing that happened to me during Jigglypuff and Kirby’s date–I had accidentally hit the blank one which I’ve done before (usually is just dishes crashing), but this time a waiter came over asking how everything was:

As I’ve never gotten it before, this was just really interesting and neat to me. I would really like to see more “Blank” events like this–though, I’d rather not throw a proprosal to do so.

Next, our newest kids and travelers:

And letters & visits from our current travelers:

Plus as always, some random news:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

November 11, 2014

Fantasy Life: Story Mode Complete

So, I managed to finish the DLC story. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting–only really needed to fight one thing. But yes, this entry will be all about the DLC story and a few other things. The story is only two chapters, but it still adds a lot of stuff.

As always, there will be lots of pictures! Now, we shall begin with pictures–I won’t spoil it too much!

One of the big DLC additions is the various increasements you get:

Besides the level cap increase, all your skills can go up to 20 instead of 15 and you can now get up to Creator Rank (God Rank in Europe which I feel makes more sense–you didn’t create these so it feels weird getting “Creator Rank”–being Godlike at something is an actual thing, but nobody says “you’re now the creator of this”–I mean, the closest I can think of is “Wow, you’re so good! Did you like create this?” and even then, that doesn’t make Creator Rank sound less odd) in each of your lives. To even apply for Creator Rank though, you need to hit Legend Rank and have completed every single one of that Life’s challenges. *GLARES AT MERCENARY COMBOS FOREVER*

With our new increased stats from Divinus, it was off to Origin Island!

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November 10, 2014

Disappointment & Surprises

It has been a very busy season for games and it’s not even close to being over. I’m still terrified for the 21st, although, I’ve more or less had most of my hype for both games be knocked down quite a bit. There’s still stuff I’m looking forward to in both, but it’s a weird feeling to be both excited and disappointed at the same time.

I’ve already explained quite a bit about my large disappointment with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire so I won’t go into it again, but I’m sure there’s a large amount of people wondering “What’s wrong with Smash Brothers?”

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not great at the game. A lot of my fun likes in tossing Pokeballs around, exploring the stages (I love stages that change because there’s so much to see), listening to the remixes, taking pictures, and playing with the trophies. I don’t really play many matches with friends–I mostly expect to use Amiibo quite a bit honestly.

Despite that, the game has even more challenges and I struggled really hard with completing the challenges in the 3DS version so I could have all the trophies:

And save up lots of coins. And then I learned that the only thing you really transfer to the Wii U version is your custom characters/move sets (even though you will need to unlock all the moves again I suppose). And I don’t know where I got the idea that you’d be able to transfer what you got from one to the other or that it’s how you have all the stages in both versions, but that was the mindset I had and from what I can tell, it’s not going to happen. And then a large part of me is wondering why I bothered getting the 3DS version in the first place.

I will say right now that graphics have nothing to do with me saying that–I really could care less about graphics. And it’s not that I don’t like anything from the 3DS version–I think many of the 3DS stages are neat for example. But I found Smash Run fairly disappointing–I’d like it more if I could explore freely, change the time, lessen opponents, play online, etc. But it mostly feels frustrating and I just do not find myself having fun with it. To be honest, I don’t really like the equipment stuff as it is.

The StreetPass mode also gets boring rather quickly and after the first few times, I ended up no longer bothering to even clear it. The 3DS version also made it so I couldn’t even play the way I enjoyed the most which was with a ridiculous amount of Pokeballs as it didn’t feature item frequency which made matches go incredibly slow because items were set at the same rate based on what they were. And other than the stages themselves, everything else is included in the Wii U version with even more content (such as being able to play with a friend in Trophy Rush).

I don’t necessarily regret getting the 3DS version, but a large part of me is wondering what the point of it was to begin with? I expected so many connection things besides just fights with specific moves and being able to use he 3DS as a controller. And because of the 3DS version, some fighters even were excluded due to issues. (Of course, we can still hope they will return later like Mewtwo)

I mean, maybe I heard wrong again and you can transfer progress. But who knows. I just know I feel really down about it right now.

I also think I’m just being overly critical due to stress which just how much there is and how much I still need to get done. As it is, Animal Crossing completely broke my spirit so I’m taking a big break from the game for now, I’m still slowly trekking through Tomodachi Life and Disney Magical World with not the greatest luck, LittleBigPlanet 3 comes out next week and I’m not even sure if I should get it yet between again, just how much there is, and also because I do not have all the extra DLC content in LBP2 completed. There’s also a few DLC items I still would like to get and haven’t yet. I wish I could find a good database that lists all the items with pictures from each pack so I can see if I care enough to really go out of my way to try and get them right now or not.

We also ended up getting Sunset Overdrive which is a lot of fun even though I am absolutely terrible at it–of course, with my awful aim, it’s not really a surprise I am terrible at it. They even had my hair which was very exciting:
I do hope I unlock a nicer outfit sometime soon though.

I would say my only disappointment is that the “censored” mode is just… not very good bleeps. I went into it not even thinking there would be a way to turn off swearing anyway, but I also didn’t expect as much either. I don’t really mind it too much though–while swearing is not my kind of thing at all, most people I know do it so I have to hear it. A lot. It’s still a bit odd though since it’s the whole “the hero is you” and I’ve never sworn in my life so seeing the…words that come out of my character’s mouth tends to be a bit awkward.

Anyway, I’ve mostly been playing Fantasy Life. I still have some other games to play like The Lost Valley which finally arrived, but I just haven’t had time to really get into the game yet. I’m a bit sad they do not have character customization considering all the farm customization you’ll be able to do, but oh well. Maybe it could be DLC.

Fantasy Life is an interesting game in the sense that most of my disappointment is towards myself. I just feel so slow and bad at the game and I’m not really sure what I am doing wrong. Seeing people who played less time than me/doing the same things I’ve wanted to so much faster really makes me wonder where I’m going wrong. While I’m a little down that the outfits and hairstyles I really liked weren’t available, I still have found some stuff I really like.

I was hoping to finish it before the 21st, but right now it doesn’t seem likely unless I do some hardcore leveling. But yes, hopefully I’ll get an entry up later tonight… I’ve been working on it, but with so much to take care of, it’s been going slowly :(

November 6, 2014

Nintendo Direct & Themes

Now, I’m going to start now and say I won’t really go into everything. I may make a few comments on things, but I will be skipping stuff. I’d also highly recommend watching the direct regardless.

I will start by saying Majora’s Mask is nowhere near one of my favorite Zelda games. I do enjoy the side quests and the various personalities of characters, but I’m just… not a big fan of dark games and it’s a bit too dark for me to really enjoy. Plus, any game that really puts you in a time limit/a feeling of being chased ends up making me a bit too jumpy and takes away from it for me. That said, my fiancé is pretty excited and may even stream the game from my 3DS.

Codename S.T.E.A.M. seems like a really odd game with not just odd real life characters, but various characters from stories and plays as well. I don’t see myself getting it due to the fact that I rarely have any interest in those kinds of games, but it does seem unique.

I don’t think I’ll be getting the NES Remix game for the 3DS. I still only have the first one on my Wii U and it’s not that I don’t like the series, it’s just a game I enjoy playing every so often versus all at once. Until we really finish that and get the 2nd, I don’t see us thinking about the 3rd one. I do think the FAMICOM REMIX mode looks neat too though as does the special theme you can get for purchasing it.

Everything we see of Captain Toad makes me excited for the game. Definitely one of my more anticipated for the year. I do wish we got to see more specific details, but I’m still pretty happy with what they showed.

Mario Kart 8’s DLC showcase is what ended up getting me hyped up the most though which is somewhat surprising considering it’s a game I haven’t picked up in ages (In fact, the most recent thing I did was grab the new DLC) and is a series that has been going downhill for me a bit between the coin features return, drifting becoming more and more required, and various other things. Regardless, I still do enjoy it for whatever reason and all the new courses look great. I am especially excited for the suits which will hopefully be less poofy, though, I wish you got two options–a suit and also a costume. I really would’ve liked Peach’s dress and crown versus a racing suit based off her style for example. I also like all the little details in the courses from other Nintendo series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the latest Nintendo Minute which shows up the three courses in the first DLC pack based off other Nintendo franchises.

But even though I’m still sad about the lack of a dress, that suit does look cute:
I also like the Kirby one (especially how the back of the Helmet IS Kirby):
And I am pretty happy with Amiibo in general. And I find most of them look fine despite the quality drop with the exception of Link… Link just has a lot of issues with his :(

Speaking of Kirby, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was shown off as well. And I’ll be honest, I’m sad I don’t want it. Well, don’t want it isn’t the correct feeling–more that I just can’t play it. As some of you may be aware, I have weak wrists which makes games that are very stylus heavy hard for me to play. I often have to take breaks from them (which is why I complete the Art Academy games so slowly) and that’s not something super easy to do in some games. I was never able to beat the first Canvas Curse game so… While the Waddle Dee mode means I could play in a way (essentially carrying Kirby the entire time), I don’t think that’s actually a viable way to play so… (Plus, my fiancé just doesn’t care too much about those kinds of games anyway). The game looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t say enough how much I wish I could play it as I’d love to move Kirby through that environment… just not through a stylus.

The Duck Hunt dog trailer was really well-made. I’d like to see Jigglypuff get one, but I know it’s not going to happen :( At least she’s up on the website now!

And I think the Splatoon single player campaign looks neat. I hope there’s an option to run through campaign with two people too, but probably not :(

On a different note, Nintendogs plus cats themes for the 3DS were announced! …except only if you buy the games on the eShop. And I bought the games a long time ago–when the 3DS first launched :( So I can’t justify spending 15 dollars just to get a theme which makes me really sad as I’d have really liked to get them. .__. Just really stinks.

November 3, 2014

Fantasy Life: A Master Celebration

So, it’s been a bit since I last wrote despite obviously still playing. I decided to spend time getting a lot of the “grind” done (It actually was fun for the most part so it didn’t feel very grindy to me). I decided before I continue the story, I wanted to get everything to Master rank and also help clear out some of the Other Quests. And I’m very happy I’ve managed to do both of those goals. I also finished up the story last night and started the very beginning of the DLC–we’ll be continuing that later today, though, I will not be playing nearly as long as I did yesterday. Regardless, if you want to watch live I will be streaming it!

But yes, that’s enough rambling–let’s get on to the Playthrough Log :P

First thing that happened–I finally streetpassed my fiancé enough times to get an item:

Aww. While I do like the StreetPass feature, the fact that you need to StreetPass 5 times to get, well, anything from someone is pretty bad. I rarely streetpass people more than once and if when I do, it’s still rarely and just at certain events. At most, I usually get 2 on average if I ever run into someone again. It’s just too high of a requirement though outside Japan.

I also finally started accomplishing new goals:

And finding new pretty places:

I also bought a new house!:

Even though I still ended up switching to the Manor (It lets me put in 15 more items).

And decorated my house. A lot:

Plus I played some multiplayer:

I also learned that you are not actually closed off of anything. Just they can’t access stuff you haven’t unlocked yet if they are in your world even if they have. Because of that, I got to do some really cool things in the Shadow Portal:

It really amuses me how exciteable the lady gets:

Sadly, defeating a Napdragon was actually an early Paladin challenge. Not fun.

I’m also going to take a moment to talk about the class I had the most issues with–Mercenary:

Besides just not having fun with the combat, I can’t do the combos. Which means I can’t complete those challenges. I’ve tried and tried and tried and it’s pretty much pure luck on whether I manage to do it or not. It’s actually really frustrating and it’s not a class I tend to enjoy in the first place (not fond of big sword classes–too slow for me) and I just can’t do them. If I do not manage to get everything maxed, it’ll be because of this class. I can’t even express how sad it makes me that I just can not seem to do them.

Going back to happy things, this made me feel a lot better:

I also really love her outfit.

With everything ready, it was time for the super ultra Master everything celebration! I had already done Wizard, but it was time for the other 11 classes. Miner was first:

I am still sad Angela’s ponytail isn’t an option.

2nd: Woodcutter!

3rd: Angler!

4th: Cook!

5th: Blacksmith!

6th: Carpenter!

7th: Tailor!

8th: Alchemist!

9th: Paladin!

10th: Mercenary!

And finally, 11th: Hunter!

All the trophies (plus some random items gotten from those affiliated with a life):

Honestly, they are all pretty nice. The only thing that makes me sad is I would’ve loved to see the Seamtress/Tailor trophy as an actual outfit.

Overall, I think Wizard was easily my favorite song. Followed by Cook and Tailor. I also found the Blacksmith one fairly nice/calm–I would’ve expected it to be a much harder song versus the soft song it is. Carpenter, Paladin, Hunter are all pretty catchy too. Hunter reminds me of Sonic music for some reason… though, it’s also the only song to kill the gender neutralness and constantly use “he” for some reason. So yeah, I’d say those 7 are my favorites :P

One of the cool things I didn’t really notice until Master is that when switching lives, they say different things as you become more well-known:

Plus, if you do decide to use a crafting table elsewhere, it stays that way:

It doesn’t just put you into the same one you’re used to seeing. The curves of some of the tables definitely threw me off though.

Also, this guy kind of looks like he should be in a Pokemon game:

Finally, it was time to continue the story!:

I actually really enjoyed the next few story arcs a lot. It helped explain a lot more with Noelia (her being Yuelia’s sister was not surprising though–nor was Yuelia being the girl on the roof/butterfly and the two of them being related to the Goddess… in general, most of the character-related plot stuff is pretty obvious) and each place was just really beautiful. I will say the story goes pretty fast though so if you do just the story, it’ll go fast.

I really like her dress and their cute little house.

I also finally got my own horse! Meet Snowball.

I love her, but the fact that they had 8 characters for the horse (which is good as I planned to name her Snowball) and just 6 for a Character makes me really sad.

It was then off to the meeting:

And then to Port Puerto!:

And Terra Nimbus is beautiful:

Plus this town is adorable:

I wish I could afford the house there.

I was able to buy the house in the Elderwood though:

We also met the adorable Furlin and helped some dragons.

I really love the Floatstone:

And we managed to get Larkin back to Port Puerto!

We then returned to the Castle:

Also one of my favorite party invite opportunities thus far:

I will admit, I cried several times during these final parts:

And then, we were off!

The Garden was very pretty:

And then we were back in Reveria! Opening up special chests and finding new things.

Also, this dancing Carroty in the Secret Shop of Snoots Emporium is adorable:

I want one.

And I unlocked the fairy under the tree finally!:

But yes, now we have DLC adventures…

I’m looking forward to it!

Anyway, to end this off, I have updated the Fantasy Life page with how things are going. I’m still kind of mixed about my outfit to be honest. I really want a nicer dress, but the Princess Dress annoys me because the bows are still blue and I prefer lighter pink shades versus the reddish pink it becomes from dyeing. If you have gotten some nice light pink outfits that are anywhere from the DLC or can be made above Master rank (or can be dyed to look pink with red or white flowers), let me know! I’d love to see them so I can maybe finally get an outfit I really like.

I am sad it seems you do not get more hairstyles later. I know you get more from the DLC, but I was really hoping there’d be other ways as well as many of the hairstyles I really liked were not an option and the two ponytails I did like I’m just not very fond of the bangs too much (the one I’m using–slowly growing on me, but…) or like Olivia’s which had a great ponytail, but the top looked terrible and I rarely use hats (nor have I seen one I care too much for) that would cover it. Please enjoy this ponytail showcase for now (note: Does not actually include them all–I mostly just put the ones I thought about):

Issues in order:
Beehive: Stuck to the back–it’s not even a proper Beehive hairstyle.
Ponytail: My first hairstyle! I just am so tired of the straight ponytail so if I ever get a chance to switch from it I usually take it. Also, I prefer longer hair. But most of all, the fringe over her right eye bothered me constantly.
Tied Up: I wish this was a ponytail instead of a bun because it could’ve been pretty cute.
Young Warrior: I love this ponytail a lot, but something about the bangs just bothers me quite a bit. Maybe I’d like them more if they didn’t cover her eyelashes? I don’t know. They just feel too big and blocky for me. If they made it thinner, I think I’d like it more too. Too bad hairstyles don’t have an adustment option.
Warrior’s Ponytail: I just find the ponytail looks really odd.
Olivia’s Hairstyle: If it wasn’t for the thing on the top of her head (not the yellow thing, the big poof of hair where the rest isn’t), this would probably be perfect. Unless I find a nice hat to hide it though, well… (Plus, I’d never be able to wear hair accessories again)
Orlando’s Hairstyle: Way too short.

If Angela’s hair was an option, I’d probably have picked that. Her hairstyle is essentially the Young Warrior’s with much better bangs and a very pretty hairtie and I’m so upset that wasn’t an option. Isobel’s and Ruby’s also would’ve been great options, though, Angela’s is definitely my favorite of the three. I would seriously pay for more hairstyles. I mean, the models are in there so I wish they did every hairstyle as an option.

Also, if you have any of the items on my list or high quality versions of any of the items that are the same color schemes as like the Destiny Bow, Whirlpool Rod, and Clam Frying Pan (especially if you know of a wand in these kinds of colors!), let me know. I’m terrible at optimizing gear and I really want the items on that list and would love to try and trade or something for them! (Warning: Chances of me having anything worthwhile are pretty low)

November 1, 2014

Tomodachi Life: It’s November!

So, as it is the first of November this means new stuff! Such as the newest spotpass item [for North America]:

Lederhosen! It comes in Orange, Brown, Green, and Yellow.

We also have the newest interior:

The Gamer interior! At $1,337.00, I am pretty sure everyone is buying it.

Besides that, things have been rather quiet on the kid front. Not too surprising, but the only child from Pink Sea Island we’ve really been hearing from is Sarah who has obviously been enjoying herself:

Of course, we’ve heard from some of the others as well:

But definitely from Sarah the most.

And sent off two more kids to travel:

And we even had another proposal!

Daisy proposed to James.

We also did get one last traveler sometime back which was nice:

She came with a cute white teddy bear!:

And gave us some Minestrone:

Not to mention this adorable picture she took:

And best of all, with her we finally unlocked the Travel Ranking!:

Seriously, this ranking photo is adorable.

I also gave my Mii a Royal Outfit for the crown which is actually really exciting as you can see her ponytail!:

It’s so rare that you can see her ponytail with hats that fully go around her head :(

Finally, yesterday was Halloween! Besides being Rachel’s Birthday:

Going into the various shops had the shop owner all dressed up and say Trick or Treat:

Some of the shops were decorated too!

Other Random News & Birthday Reports:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

October 29, 2014

Fantasy Life: Story Adventures & Multiplayer Fun

I’ve been in a kind of weird place with Fantasy Life where I’m both discouraged due to not being able to get further in many of the skills due to how I did my stats and just really excited and wanting to play as much as I can. Despite that, I still pushed through and I managed to get quite a bit done including getting my first Master Rank in Wizard/Magician.

But yes, we started the next chapter and headed to the palace only to see a huge line of very confused people waiting to see the King:

Of course, we were allowed ahead and given our next mission:

And we were off to Port Puerto–officially this time!:

Still so pretty T~T

And I really love their color schemes:

We ended up adventuring with Olivia to help find the treasure:

I really loved all the ocean views in this area:

This chapter also went quite quickly:

I also FINALLY managed to find my fiancé’s character that I’ve been StreetPassing!

It seems you need to met about 5 times to get your friendship high enough for a gift. I really enjoy the random blurbs they say.

Regardless, we succeeded and received much praise from the King:

And I ended up getting a pretty new wand thanks to a friend:

I also received a special gift from the Hunter at the campsite who we ended up getting Honey for during the Hunter chapter:

It was then off to our next jounrey which had us very high up:

And despite running into trouble, we were saved by a mysterious Black Knight:

We then met a very… interesting knight:

Even though the town is essentially a desert, there was still many lovely sights:

Not to mention the “castle” in this town was very… Halloween-esque in a way:

And despite his name and reputation, Damien is pretty cool:

Really, nearly all the characters are great or grow on you. I think the only one I found frustrating or annoying is your “rival” in the Hunter story. Nox from the Wizard story can go either way.

But yes, we managed to solve several mysteries upon finding the last Dark Sultan:

And yes, the King apparently looks the way he does due to a prank… whether this prank is ever reversed, who knows.

I also really love this Goddess item:

The anchor from the last part of the story was pretty cool too–didn’t care much for the cog though.

And I bought a cat!:

I also bought this cute outfit:

With that chapter done, I decided to work some more on challenges such as having Odin and Laura help me beat the Forest Wraith:

Then I had lots of fun exploring with Skcoddam:

Along with finding areas I had yet to see:

And I caught another big fish:

With help from Skcoddam and Zach, I finished my challenges and became a Master Wizard and was completely shocked when a vocalized theme started playing.

From this scene alone, I really want to get to Master Rank and above in every license SO badly. Sadly, I seem to be in a horrible loop of failure right now with it :(

But yes, I received my first Life Trophy!:

I also bought the houses in Port Puerto and Al Maajik:

And finally, this line amuses me everytime:

Looking forward to continuing the story tomorrow night or Thursday! And yes, I will be streaming again once I’m back home :)

October 26, 2014

Fantasy Life: A Slow Progress

At the moment, the hardest thing for me is trying to decide between taking it slowly and leveling up things/completing all the challenges while I can or focusing more on completing the story. I’m still not sure which is the better way to go which makes things kind of hard. Technically, the former is probably better, but there’s certain classes (specifically, the other three combat classes) I just reeeeeeeally don’t care for. The others aren’t too bad, but take a lot longer and while I’m still enjoying them, part of me just really wants to enjoy the story.

The other thing I need to remember is to switch classes before I work on challenges. While I can use the skills at any point regardless of class due to getting all the licenses, there are actually certain penalties for having a different life than the one that actually uses that skill such as not catching as rare/better quality fish if not an Angler (more or less a lower chance to) and getting less wood/minerals.

But yes, let’s move on to some of the things accomplished toda–well, yesterday now. First, we received a special anonymous letter to head to the Palace. As per usual, Butterfly did the talking:

She honestly does kind of remind me of some people I know.

We also were able to spend some time in the Castle Garden during the day:

I still want her dress.

Then, we finally met Princess Laura! Well, how she normally looks anyway:

I’d want her dress in pink.

And since my fiancé has the game as well, the StreetPass function was triggered!:

Unfortunately, I still can’t find his character lurking around town :/

After spending way too much time getting distracted, I finally started to continue the story with Laura (who does not like being referred to as Princess)–I couldn’t help but take a few screenshots of some of the scenery though:

We then met Laura’s grandfather:

And I cut down another Elder Tree (I’m sorry tree T~T):

Eventually (after more distractions), we finally made it to the snowy part of the mountain:

And of course, I still took more pictures due to cute things:

We then finally made it to the top… or at least pretty close to it:

On the way over there, I had noticed a giant fish. Thus, rather than continuing up to the summit, I decided to pause and try and catch the fish.

I mean, just look at it. It was a hard and grueling battle, but well…

You can just watch it for yourself.

We then continued up to the summit–finding treasure along the way:

And of course, we managed to save the day:

As thanks, the Nap Dragon gave us a special treasure:

And Butterfly totally changed forms some strange mysterious lady appeared:

I also ended up getting some new clothes from the vendor near where I caught the fish:

I actually wanted to buy more, but the area ended up being closed off after I finished the chapter :/ Which stinks as I screwed up bringing the fish in (I needed to bring the bounty itself to the Flower in the Guild Building on the Bounty Desk–not just go to any Bounty and talk to the flower with the fish) and I really wanted to catch another too.

Regardless, I managed to catch another special fish:

And this time, I did the Bounty thing correctly.

I had unlocked the next town and I have to say, the town is gorgeous:

I really want a house there.

I also bought my next pet–a cute pink puppy named Sakura:

I’d like to get a Cat too, but I need to get my Bliss Higher. I may put my next Bliss rewards into mounts first though… but I am leaning towards the 3rd pet.

And I met up with Seabury again in the lovely Angler’s HQ building:

And then bought myself this dress which got rid of most of my money:

Of course, I made sure to dye it pink (well, red… I wonder if there are pink flowers?):

I had bought a flower hairpin, but I’m not too fond of the purple-ish pink color so I made it white:

And that’s it for today’s summary! Remember, if you want to see the full details, feel free to check out the Youtube videos!

October 25, 2014

Fantasy Life: License Extravaganza

So, I woke up early and then proceeded to wait for the mail in anticipation for the game to arrive (along with Pokemon Art Academy). It arrived earlier than expected which was nice and then it was immediately time to start playing! I had one important goal in mind: Get all the licenses. That was my first goal and most other things were secondary. If you don’t feel like reading, feel free to watch my Fantasy Life journey instead.

Of course, I still had a bit to do before I even picked my life! I have to say, I really enjoyed the character options. There’s so many to choose from. I would say my only issue was that the character limit is only six. I ended up just using Jen because I never really liked Jenny and I really wanted to play so I didn’t want to spend time thinking of something creative.

Regardless, once I finished making my character, it was time to play!:

And that letter would lead us to our destiny of licenses.

Also, this game is full of fountains and waterfalls which is always awesome:

After sightseeing and talking to as many people as I could, I headed to the guild office and finally picked my first Life–Wizard!:

It was then off to see the King. With some help from a Butterfly (who is also named Butterfly in the North American version…) who I happened to save earlier, we convinced the guards to let us in:

I REALLY hope the King’s body thing is explained at some point:

Like I originally thought it was like a Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii thing, but the lady next to him is his wife and he has a daughter who’s at least the same age as the character. Moving on, I love his wife’s dress and I really hope we can get that outfit.

I also found the house I want to get in the main town:

Unfortunately, it’s apparently not available until after you beat the story :(

Getting back to my Wizardingness, I had my first big job to do–help defeat a Spooky. So, I headed to the Chapel to wait:

I have to say, the Wizard quest felt the longest to me. Everything else felt much shorter.

And the Spooky was honestly kind of cute:

I also managed to unlock my very first Bliss Bonus:

I’ll admit, I haven’t been very smart with my Bliss Bonuses. I have yet to upgrade my story/inventory at all and I REALLY need to do that. I’m not sure which I will do first, but I know I need to upgrade them…

I then decided to spend some time entering Passwords (WARNING: Contains spoilers for certain story elements):

I had been hoping to wear a cute outfit, but it requires level 20 and thus, it was all for naught. I did get some cute furniture items though:

Plus a lot of money from items I sold that I didn’t care for.

After that, I decided to work on Butterfly’s Bliss quests a bit because I really wanted more Bliss Bonuses. The General Store is adorable:

And really should sell more teddy bears. The clerk also gave us this adorable potion:

And I got my first pet–Cherri the Pink Bird:

With that done and my Wizard license set, I started my next license quest–Tailoring:

It went really quickly and I had a lot of fun with it.

Plus more Bliss Bonus:

I also rented a horse for fun–sadly, it’ll be a while before I can own one:

Spoiler: I’m going to get a White one and name her Snowball (and if that is too long, I will name her Snowy and be sad)

Then, it was time for the life of an Alchemist!:

…with a teacher who was a bit too explosive happy:

Thankfully, it was another quick go.

With that done, it was time for my first gathering class–Mining!:

Or what I’d like to call, the journey of being taunted by people with better ponytails than I:

While I unlocked other hairstyles and bought the DLC, it seems Angela’s and Ruby’s are not part of the selection. I don’t know if you can further unlock more hairstyles, but I’m kind of down a bit it. Angela’s bangs are much better than the hair I have now (which you’ll see later) and I really like Ruby’s longer ponytail/bangs even if it isn’t as wavy overall.

After the Taunting Ponytail Adventure Mining License Journey, it was time for life as an Angler:

Ignoring the fish hat, this outfit is kind of adorable. Just look at her–all wishful and fishy:

I actually enjoyed fishing a lot. I would say the only issue is some fish can take forever, but I’m guessing as you get better rods/skills, that will probably no longer be an issue.

It was then off to be a Woodcutter which gave me a cute robe:

I even got to meet another Spirit (You meet 4 as a Wizard):

And I put together my first outfit:

I also managed to get my very first bounty boxes!:

And had our first boss-story fight:

We saved the cute Pink Dragon <3

And I finally got new hair:

Though, the bangs bug me a bit:

I then decided to revamp my room a bit:

And continued my license journey by starting my Life as a Cook:

The Cook story was pretty cute honestly.

It also went really fast.

After that, it was officially time for the Lives I personally don’t care much about. Thankfully, none of them took long, but I really don’t have much to say about them so just enjoy some pictures:

The Hunter did have that moment where a dog joined your party though so that was pretty awesome. Lucky was very helpful. Blacksmith was also okay–just it mostly goes with the classes I don’t care for.

With that, I earned all 12 licenses and also officially started Chapter 2 of the story. Where that will lead we will find out later today (since now it’s past 2AM because I’ve been writing this for quite a while after I finished playing).

I also still have various other quests left:
A Shady Request – 5 Sleep Powder
The Bug Boy 1 – Royal Grasshopper
Drive Away the Bandits – 10 Bandits
Bronze Gaites – 1 Good-Quality Bronze Shield
Apples for Pom – 10 Castele Apples
Beret Nice – Good Quality Highland Beret
Huntin’ Wadishys – 10 Radishys
Plushy Iron Hammer – Good-Quality Iron Hammer
Eeels for Dinner – 3 Plains Eels
Gimme More Milk – 3 Extra Creamy Milk
Rice, Please – 15 Port Rice
More Chickie Treats – 5 Mountain Mushrooms
Castellian Veggies, Please – Superior Boiled Veggies
Gimme Mutton – Superior Roast Mutton
Honey for Pancake Paul 2 – 4 Plateau Honey

So hopefully I will have time to work on many of them later!

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