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December 16, 2014

Pokedex Complete! & Secret Base

So, I finally completed my Pokedex! :D Yaaaay:


And thus, my Secret base is “done” essentially:

I say it like that because I still haven’t finished flag collecting. Plus to have Secret Pals (which can help with flags), I need to remove something and it is just… super frustrating. (I’m also still sad I couldn’t find this base in a tree or bush) But yes, for now, that is my base @-@ So have fun and stuff I suppose.

Tomodachi Life: Newest SpotPass item for the month.

So, it’s December 16th which means a new SpotPass item came out today!:

Earmuffs :D They are available in Light Pink, Orange, and Black.

Child updates:

And the latest children:

Plus more StreetPass:

Random news:

It’s been so quiet lately–I’m hoping more couples get together soon. And we still have so many items left to collect!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

December 13, 2014

Just so much to talk about

Despite not having written much lately, it’s not from a lack of things to talk about, but more of a lack of time. Between more games coming out and work also piling up, it’s been a bit of a hard balance.

I’ve still been working pretty hard on Pokemon, but have more or less given up on the “Completing Contests for all” goal I had. It seems they changed up the Contest mechanics in a patch and unless you really do have a good selection of moves for the contest, you will lose. And I hate that. I was so happy when it didn’t seem that was needed and as long as I had maxed stats, I had a good shot, but it seems that has changed and it’s super disappointing. Thus, my last two goals are completing the Pokedex and getting 1,000 Secret Base Flags. Once those are done, I’ll officially have my QR code all set up. I managed to make my Secret Base a bit more… homely (even if I still hate the small limit), but I do wish I could find the same base in a bush or Tree–not too fond of the sand colored walls. I’d also like to get the Super Training Ribbon at least for my Audino, but I just can not play Super Training at all so bleh. And I’m so sick of dealing with Secret Bases that require HMs–I don’t mind Surf, but I could care less about the others (unless it’s a one time thing and you can fly there afterwards) and it’s super frustrating. I don’t even bother now.

In the meantime, while working on my Pokedex, I am also putting up random Pokemon on the GTS for fun for Pokemon on my list so we’ll see how it goes.

As for other games, I’m anxiously looking forward to getting back to Fantasy Life. I only have a few Lives left to get to Creator and even though the game is kind of grind-based, I never really felt frustrated or bored. I really love the game and am looking forward to finishing it.

I’ve also still been playing Tomodachi Life (new update in about 4 days) and Disney Magical World (an update near Christmas). I’m still on break from Animal Crossing and I’m still not sure when I’ll pick it up again–it’s a bit of a catch-22 as I can’t fix my tree without playing more (even if it’s been over 500 days) but my motivation is just so dead because of it. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually, but it’ll be a long while–it’s depressing though as I was really hoping to have my Dream Village updated this upcoming April with the Cherry Blossoms :/ *sighs* I love the concept of Animal Crossing, but I wish they didn’t do such a poor job with certain mechanics this time. People keep talking about Animal Crossing for the Wii U too and I can’t even get excited for that. I’d probably care less if I didn’t work so hard on my town, but at the same time I really do love most of my villagers regardless and with the exception of maybe two, I’d still be devastated if they left. At least I wouldn’t care where they moved their house though.

One of the games I’ve had, but still haven’t found time to start, is The Lost Valley. I really do want to find time to play it. It makes me sad I haven’t. I just really need more time. I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to start it once I have Pokemon and The Lost Valley finished. Heck, lack of time is also why I haven’t found time to pick up Little Big Planet 3 yet. I’ve heard mixed things on it, but I’d still really like to get the game.

Moving onto other console games, we’ve been playing Captain Toad a lot and occasionally Smash Brothers. Captain Toad has been a lot of fun for the most part, but I really dislike the Mummy Toads. I’m not looking forward to doing the new time trial stuff either… Not to mention the Bonus episodes aren’t going as well as I’d like… :( Regardless, the game is still really cute. I hope to see more stuff added to it through Amiibo. Also–one thing I’ve noticed is it seems Toadette’s levels were always harder than Captain Toad’s. I’m not sure if that’s just me though.

As for Smash Brothers, we really haven’t done much beyond some events and unlocking all the characters. Having put so much work into the 3DS version, I’m somewhat discouraged to do it all again for something that is more or less the same game. In general, my favorite thing about the game has been the Amiibo. I wish you could use the Amiibo in all kinds of different modes as I really love using and training them. I bought Peach, Kirby, and Villager at launch and recently received Pikachu. We also have Zelda preordered and I am looking forward to Rosalina for the 3rd wave so yay.

But yes, I hope I can get stuff finished soon–I really want to get everything done. For now though, it’s back to website coding for another of my websites~

December 1, 2014

Tomodachi Life: December 1st brings new things

As it’s the first of the month, the latest DLC is out!:

I actually really love these sweaters despite their name: “Ugly Holiday Sweater”. Not fond of the pants, but the sweaters are adorable. They come in Red, Green, Orange, and Blue.

Of course, December brings much more than just the new DLC–the entire island is covered in snow!:

Plus, there’s lots of new seasonal clothes so be sure to check all the shops! As for main inventory, the interior shop has the latest monthly interior:

Holiday interior! And it’s beautiful T~T Just look at it:

With the new season stuff out of the way, here is an update on the residents. It’s mostly just been more kids–more traveling, more visiting, and more being had. The strangest being this child:

I stopped bothering with editing their appearance and also just accept their default name unless the couple has a specific kid that needs to be born. And so it’s kind of scary they had a daughter who looks just like my Mii who also is named Jennifer and has the same personality.

She wasn’t the only one born of course:

Traveling adventures of the various Miis who were sent off 2 weeks ago:

I also managed to get new campers! (this one is using a sketchbook):

Plus new food as well :D

AND FINALLY GOT MY PACKET OF TISSUES! Which means I managed to get all the treasures!:

There was even a special News Flash:

In video form:

Plus random news:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

The Alpha Sapphire Journey

I expected to make lots of posts, but with the lack of customization, I ended up not taking many screenshots and most things I really liked are better showcased in videos. Regardless, I’m going to talk about the stuff I enjoyed in the game along with some stuff I didn’t or things that caused me to be more disappointed in other things. This won’t be a proper review (I’m not even sure I’ll be making a review to be honest just yet), but just a log mixed in with some feelings.

The game has a lot of great stuff in it, but I feel most of it comes from the completely new stuff (new story elements, more character development, new areas) versus the stuff that was actually remade.

While maybe I can give character development towards the remade stuff, I found most remade things to be kind of disappointing.

Before I get to disappointing–I will start with one thing I am pretty happy about: Contests are much easier. You do not need to have a completely different move set to stand a chance in contests–getting your Pokemon’s “appearance stat” maxed out is enough. And that is also much easier with the new way Pokeblocks work. I do not know if there is still a limit on how many Pokeblocks you can feed a Pokemon, but if there is I never hit it. And I’m honestly just happy that Contests feel a bit more flexible.

I also really enjoyed the Contest side story. While I had mixed feelings about Lisia at first, I ended up really liking her character as it went on. I would say the biggest issue with contests is the removal of many of the ribbons–now the only ribbons you get are for beating the Master contest which brings 20 ribbons down to 6 (You receive a bonus ribbon for getting the ribbon in each of the others). Since you can skip right to Master once unlocking it, there’s no real reason to do any of the lower difficulties again. I do enjoy this as it really does get quite repetitive after a while, but I would’ve liked to see the ribbons stick around.

Secret Bases were probably the biggest thing I found myself somewhat disappointed with. Despite having bigger bases and many great new designs, the bases felt smaller overall due to the tiny item limit–especially if you wanted to make full use of the Secret Base Pals which each take up a slot. I had gotten incredibly excited with my multi-level secret base, but the place looks nearly empty because I have so much space that I just do not have the ability to actually use due to such a small limit:

I don’t know how long I’ll be keeping the pals along, but it probably won’t be for much longer, sadly.

Similarly, the flags from Gen 4’s Underground were brought back and it’s just…not fun. It wasn’t a fun system in Gen 4 (and I did get the highest rank in Pearl) and I didn’t see much fun for it in ORAS. Especially as hunting down Secret Bases is a lot more tedious than I ever had to deal with in the Underground–the biggest reason for this is because many Secret Bases require certain HMs and/or bike (thankfully, I have both bikes now) to get to. The ridiculous amount of HMs in Gen 3 are one of the worst problems with the remakes in my opinion as they had a great opportunity to actually do something about it and didn’t.

The Eon Flute is a great example of how a key item can remove the need HMs tend to be forced to do–letting the moves just become TMs for those who want them. Despite this, I do not use the Eon Flute that much due to my terrible sense of direction in video games and the fact that it takes longer. Regardless, if HMs were gone in favor of this, I’d take it wholeheartedly.

I’m still pretty down about the lack of customization–seeing all the cut scenes and special events in the story just makes me sadder it’s not in the game. And it’s not even just the Trainer customization, but changing the Battle BG is gone as is changing the border style. It feels any customization beyond Secret Bases were removed and it is really disappointing.

Going back to new features, DexNav is amazing. As someone who really enjoys catching them all, it’s a lot of fun. I do find some of the DexNav exclusives kind of frustrating (let’s not talk about how long it took me to finally get a Growlithe to pop up), but it’s a feature that I feel has been needed for a long time. And thus, it’ll probably be gone next game because that’s usually how it goes.

BuzzNav is kind of cute, but I find I rarely use it. I’m usually busy doing other things and so I rarely end up reading along to it… and it’s really not something you can skim,.

And while the PSS is back, I find myself using it the least out of everything. I never cared much for Super Training and while I enjoyed having Pokemon Amie up more often than not in X/Y, with DexNav being a thing and the fact that I have to start over getting random decorations, I find myself rarely looking at it. PSS is in a similar boat–especially as everytime I see a Passerby of someone with X/Y and their customized trainer, it just makes me more upset.

Mega Audino is easily one of my favorite things about the game. Even though I still have many issues with the entire concept of Megas, I really love her design a lot. Thanks to a friend, I was able to use her a lot sooner too so yay.

Also, the fact that this certificate is a thing is really awesome:

The Secret Base item isn’t nearly as neat though :(

But yes, in short: I think ORAS did a great job on new features and a lot of the small/special details. I think it did a poor job on “upgrading” some of the stuff they were trying to remake.

For now, I’m just trying to finish my Pokedex and also finish earning contest ribbons on everyone (halfway there). I decided to also finally transfer my Pokemon away from My Pokemon Ranch on the Wii (which Pokemon Bank could’ve been ;~; ) and just… I forgot how terrible the transfer processes are in the Pokemon series. I’m currently working on Gen 5 to Bank and just… ugh, I could cry X___x

November 17, 2014

Fantasy Life: Continued Adventures

Now, you may be wondering what else I could still be doing in Fantasy Life, but I’m still doing my best to get everything to the final tier and once that is done, all skills to 20. Plus do each trial in the Tower… And get everyone to 100 affection… and well, I probably won’t update for those. While I don’t know how many more full Fantasy Life entries I will be doing (Most of what is left just isn’t very picture heavy so it’s more likely to just be something I make a quick Twitter post about instead), the stats page will continue to be updated and on this site even once I’ve finished the game and all my goals–it just will no longer be on the sidebar. Speaking of pages though, I also will be doing my best to finish up my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire log page. If you have any suggestions for what should be on it, let me know–either by commenting below or contacting me through Twitter,, or Tumblr. You could leave a comment on our Facebook Page, Google+ Page, or Youtube as well, but I wouldn’t recommend them as much.

With that said, let’s get on to the game!

I’ve gotten some lovely new headgear :D I can only wear the Goddess Hairpiece right now though–the Tiara is only for Paladins until I get everything to Creator mode… which is really frustrating honestly.

I also managed to get Angler to Creator level after finally catching this cute fish:

And now I can even attempt to catch this fish (the special requests are evil):

I need a better quality rod though… and better stats.

I also did a beat more re-decorating:

And thanks to several awesome people from the nice Fantasy Life IRC Chat and many many many coins plus some people on GameFAQs, I completed my Saddle Collection!:

Look at all those lovely mounts T~T It makes 10 total with Snowball:

Plus some other nice stuff I managed to get:

And Tower exploration!:

Bonus: Me poorly drawing a bomb at the Nap Dragon:

November 16, 2014

Tomodachi Life: Newest SpotPass item and other events

So, it’d the midpoint of the month which means new item in Tomodachi Life!

The Interiors Uniform will be around until the end of the month. It comes in Brown, White, Green, and Teal.

It’s actually been pretty slow in Tomodachi Life lately to be honest. Despite that, we’ve had some new couples getting together, more babies being born (in fact, my Mii asked yesterday about having a 4th child), and still many many many visits from Sarah along with occasionally the other kids as well including Celeste–our very first traveling child who I haven’t heard from in ages.

So, first, the proposals!:

Both were completed successfully and both said yes :D So yay for more married couples! Also, I’d like to point out one thing that happened to me during Jigglypuff and Kirby’s date–I had accidentally hit the blank one which I’ve done before (usually is just dishes crashing), but this time a waiter came over asking how everything was:

As I’ve never gotten it before, this was just really interesting and neat to me. I would really like to see more “Blank” events like this–though, I’d rather not throw a proprosal to do so.

Next, our newest kids and travelers:

And letters & visits from our current travelers:

Plus as always, some random news:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

November 11, 2014

Fantasy Life: Story Mode Complete

So, I managed to finish the DLC story. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting–only really needed to fight one thing. But yes, this entry will be all about the DLC story and a few other things. The story is only two chapters, but it still adds a lot of stuff.

As always, there will be lots of pictures! Now, we shall begin with pictures–I won’t spoil it too much!

One of the big DLC additions is the various increasements you get:

Besides the level cap increase, all your skills can go up to 20 instead of 15 and you can now get up to Creator Rank (God Rank in Europe which I feel makes more sense–you didn’t create these so it feels weird getting “Creator Rank”–being Godlike at something is an actual thing, but nobody says “you’re now the creator of this”–I mean, the closest I can think of is “Wow, you’re so good! Did you like create this?” and even then, that doesn’t make Creator Rank sound less odd) in each of your lives. To even apply for Creator Rank though, you need to hit Legend Rank and have completed every single one of that Life’s challenges. *GLARES AT MERCENARY COMBOS FOREVER*

With our new increased stats from Divinus, it was off to Origin Island!

» Read the rest of this entry …

November 10, 2014

Disappointment & Surprises

It has been a very busy season for games and it’s not even close to being over. I’m still terrified for the 21st, although, I’ve more or less had most of my hype for both games be knocked down quite a bit. There’s still stuff I’m looking forward to in both, but it’s a weird feeling to be both excited and disappointed at the same time.

I’ve already explained quite a bit about my large disappointment with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire so I won’t go into it again, but I’m sure there’s a large amount of people wondering “What’s wrong with Smash Brothers?”

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not great at the game. A lot of my fun likes in tossing Pokeballs around, exploring the stages (I love stages that change because there’s so much to see), listening to the remixes, taking pictures, and playing with the trophies. I don’t really play many matches with friends–I mostly expect to use Amiibo quite a bit honestly.

Despite that, the game has even more challenges and I struggled really hard with completing the challenges in the 3DS version so I could have all the trophies:

And save up lots of coins. And then I learned that the only thing you really transfer to the Wii U version is your custom characters/move sets (even though you will need to unlock all the moves again I suppose). And I don’t know where I got the idea that you’d be able to transfer what you got from one to the other or that it’s how you have all the stages in both versions, but that was the mindset I had and from what I can tell, it’s not going to happen. And then a large part of me is wondering why I bothered getting the 3DS version in the first place.

I will say right now that graphics have nothing to do with me saying that–I really could care less about graphics. And it’s not that I don’t like anything from the 3DS version–I think many of the 3DS stages are neat for example. But I found Smash Run fairly disappointing–I’d like it more if I could explore freely, change the time, lessen opponents, play online, etc. But it mostly feels frustrating and I just do not find myself having fun with it. To be honest, I don’t really like the equipment stuff as it is.

The StreetPass mode also gets boring rather quickly and after the first few times, I ended up no longer bothering to even clear it. The 3DS version also made it so I couldn’t even play the way I enjoyed the most which was with a ridiculous amount of Pokeballs as it didn’t feature item frequency which made matches go incredibly slow because items were set at the same rate based on what they were. And other than the stages themselves, everything else is included in the Wii U version with even more content (such as being able to play with a friend in Trophy Rush).

I don’t necessarily regret getting the 3DS version, but a large part of me is wondering what the point of it was to begin with? I expected so many connection things besides just fights with specific moves and being able to use he 3DS as a controller. And because of the 3DS version, some fighters even were excluded due to issues. (Of course, we can still hope they will return later like Mewtwo)

I mean, maybe I heard wrong again and you can transfer progress. But who knows. I just know I feel really down about it right now.

I also think I’m just being overly critical due to stress which just how much there is and how much I still need to get done. As it is, Animal Crossing completely broke my spirit so I’m taking a big break from the game for now, I’m still slowly trekking through Tomodachi Life and Disney Magical World with not the greatest luck, LittleBigPlanet 3 comes out next week and I’m not even sure if I should get it yet between again, just how much there is, and also because I do not have all the extra DLC content in LBP2 completed. There’s also a few DLC items I still would like to get and haven’t yet. I wish I could find a good database that lists all the items with pictures from each pack so I can see if I care enough to really go out of my way to try and get them right now or not.

We also ended up getting Sunset Overdrive which is a lot of fun even though I am absolutely terrible at it–of course, with my awful aim, it’s not really a surprise I am terrible at it. They even had my hair which was very exciting:
I do hope I unlock a nicer outfit sometime soon though.

I would say my only disappointment is that the “censored” mode is just… not very good bleeps. I went into it not even thinking there would be a way to turn off swearing anyway, but I also didn’t expect as much either. I don’t really mind it too much though–while swearing is not my kind of thing at all, most people I know do it so I have to hear it. A lot. It’s still a bit odd though since it’s the whole “the hero is you” and I’ve never sworn in my life so seeing the…words that come out of my character’s mouth tends to be a bit awkward.

Anyway, I’ve mostly been playing Fantasy Life. I still have some other games to play like The Lost Valley which finally arrived, but I just haven’t had time to really get into the game yet. I’m a bit sad they do not have character customization considering all the farm customization you’ll be able to do, but oh well. Maybe it could be DLC.

Fantasy Life is an interesting game in the sense that most of my disappointment is towards myself. I just feel so slow and bad at the game and I’m not really sure what I am doing wrong. Seeing people who played less time than me/doing the same things I’ve wanted to so much faster really makes me wonder where I’m going wrong. While I’m a little down that the outfits and hairstyles I really liked weren’t available, I still have found some stuff I really like.

I was hoping to finish it before the 21st, but right now it doesn’t seem likely unless I do some hardcore leveling. But yes, hopefully I’ll get an entry up later tonight… I’ve been working on it, but with so much to take care of, it’s been going slowly :(

November 6, 2014

Nintendo Direct & Themes

Now, I’m going to start now and say I won’t really go into everything. I may make a few comments on things, but I will be skipping stuff. I’d also highly recommend watching the direct regardless.

I will start by saying Majora’s Mask is nowhere near one of my favorite Zelda games. I do enjoy the side quests and the various personalities of characters, but I’m just… not a big fan of dark games and it’s a bit too dark for me to really enjoy. Plus, any game that really puts you in a time limit/a feeling of being chased ends up making me a bit too jumpy and takes away from it for me. That said, my fiancé is pretty excited and may even stream the game from my 3DS.

Codename S.T.E.A.M. seems like a really odd game with not just odd real life characters, but various characters from stories and plays as well. I don’t see myself getting it due to the fact that I rarely have any interest in those kinds of games, but it does seem unique.

I don’t think I’ll be getting the NES Remix game for the 3DS. I still only have the first one on my Wii U and it’s not that I don’t like the series, it’s just a game I enjoy playing every so often versus all at once. Until we really finish that and get the 2nd, I don’t see us thinking about the 3rd one. I do think the FAMICOM REMIX mode looks neat too though as does the special theme you can get for purchasing it.

Everything we see of Captain Toad makes me excited for the game. Definitely one of my more anticipated for the year. I do wish we got to see more specific details, but I’m still pretty happy with what they showed.

Mario Kart 8’s DLC showcase is what ended up getting me hyped up the most though which is somewhat surprising considering it’s a game I haven’t picked up in ages (In fact, the most recent thing I did was grab the new DLC) and is a series that has been going downhill for me a bit between the coin features return, drifting becoming more and more required, and various other things. Regardless, I still do enjoy it for whatever reason and all the new courses look great. I am especially excited for the suits which will hopefully be less poofy, though, I wish you got two options–a suit and also a costume. I really would’ve liked Peach’s dress and crown versus a racing suit based off her style for example. I also like all the little details in the courses from other Nintendo series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the latest Nintendo Minute which shows up the three courses in the first DLC pack based off other Nintendo franchises.

But even though I’m still sad about the lack of a dress, that suit does look cute:
I also like the Kirby one (especially how the back of the Helmet IS Kirby):
And I am pretty happy with Amiibo in general. And I find most of them look fine despite the quality drop with the exception of Link… Link just has a lot of issues with his :(

Speaking of Kirby, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was shown off as well. And I’ll be honest, I’m sad I don’t want it. Well, don’t want it isn’t the correct feeling–more that I just can’t play it. As some of you may be aware, I have weak wrists which makes games that are very stylus heavy hard for me to play. I often have to take breaks from them (which is why I complete the Art Academy games so slowly) and that’s not something super easy to do in some games. I was never able to beat the first Canvas Curse game so… While the Waddle Dee mode means I could play in a way (essentially carrying Kirby the entire time), I don’t think that’s actually a viable way to play so… (Plus, my fiancé just doesn’t care too much about those kinds of games anyway). The game looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t say enough how much I wish I could play it as I’d love to move Kirby through that environment… just not through a stylus.

The Duck Hunt dog trailer was really well-made. I’d like to see Jigglypuff get one, but I know it’s not going to happen :( At least she’s up on the website now!

And I think the Splatoon single player campaign looks neat. I hope there’s an option to run through campaign with two people too, but probably not :(

On a different note, Nintendogs plus cats themes for the 3DS were announced! …except only if you buy the games on the eShop. And I bought the games a long time ago–when the 3DS first launched :( So I can’t justify spending 15 dollars just to get a theme which makes me really sad as I’d have really liked to get them. .__. Just really stinks.

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