Crystal Dreams

April 30, 2016

On the new Splatoon Amiibo

So, to everyone’s surprise, a video announcing new Splatoon Amiibo was put out:

Callie and Marie finally get their own Amiibo, which isn’t too surprising in the long run (they’ve had plushies now and are both fairly popular), but it’s interesting how they keep finding more ways to add to Splatoon. They will be sold in a two-pack (retailing about $25) and released July 8th.
Honestly, they look really great and I hope I’ll be able to get myself a set. They zoom in onto many of the details in the video above, but they are really well-made and look even more HQ than the Splatoon Amiibo we’ve gotten thus far. I am a little disappointed that it seems they just come with new music. While I guess coming with their outfits would probably never happen, I just really want new dresses/clothing in Splatoon. That’s really the only thing that could probably get me to try and play more despite my issues with many of the mechanics in the game. Like I stuck with Mario Kart 8 so long due to my love of the Kart combination I could have :P

But yes, going into the most surprising part… recolors of the already existing Splatoon Amiibo!:

A green version of the female, a purple version of the male, and a orange version of the Squid. There are also some color changes to the clothing and the male Inkling even has a different skin color. I most likely won’t be getting these (well, maybe the Girl Inkling–I really like that shade of green), but it makes me wonder if they plan to do more recolors until they all exist. At the very least, I like that they are doing new color options for things besides just the ink color as well with these. It’s really nice to see.
And comparison to the original three:

I’m a bit bummed that none of them are matching color sets/the squid still won’t be sold separately as that means someone could have to buy several different sets for all the colors and at the same time, I bought my Inkling Girl & Squid specifically to be customized in a different color and so it feels kind of silly now if they are just going to make other colors anyway… I guess I could just switch the stand out? Decisions. :(

They likely will have the same functionality has the original set with the same challenges and items to get so I don’t know if they are worth getting unless you want an army of different Inklings or prefer these colors.

I do wonder if we more Splatoon Amiibo are in the works as well beyond just more Inkling colors such as the shop keepers, Spike, Captain Cuttlefish, The Great Zapfish, Normal Zapfish (I still want a Zapfish Plushie), and Judd. I don’t think Super Sea Snails have a chance sadly (I love them so much though), but I feel out of those if another was made, Judd would be the most likely.

But yes, along with the announcement you can even watch the concert that Callie and Marie had in Japan through an official upload from Nintendo Japan’s Youtube:

It’s pretty cool to see so if you love the Squid Sisters and haven’t checked it out yet (or want to see it again), be sure to take a look.

April 27, 2016

Things I’d most want to see in the next Animal Crossing

So, coming out of the Investor Meeting in Japan, we got a few interesting tidbits of upcoming things. To get them quickly out of the way, there was the announcement of NX being released for March 2017 which I much prefer–I really wasn’t ready for it to come out later this year so knowing we have until Spring of the next year is quite a relief. The upcoming Zelda has been confirmed to be releasing for both the Wii U and NX at the same time (and thus has been pushed back until March 2017), so we will probably be going for the NX version. Supposedly the game will also be the main focus of Nintendo’s E3 this year, but I hope we will hear about certain other games too.

Regardless, moving over to what interested me the most… Nintendo also announced new mobile games with their next two being Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

Now, by itself I was a bit iffy about it, thinking it could be something like Farmville or those various games where you place buildings in a town and have an awful energy system, but apparently the game is confirmed to have connectivity with a console version of the game…

“Building on the positive consumer reaction to Miitomo, Nintendo announced that its next two mobile apps would be based on the familiar and beloved Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises. Nintendo plans to release both of these applications this fall. As for the former app, while making it more accessible in comparison to the Fire Emblem games for Nintendo’s dedicated gaming systems, Nintendo aims to offer the great value of a role-playing strategy game. Nintendo will design the latter game so that it will be connected with the world of Animal Crossing for dedicated gaming systems. By playing both Animal Crossing games, users will find increased enjoyment. Both of these are pure game applications. Compared to Miitomo, they have more prominent game elements, and the game content will tie closely into Nintendo’s dedicated games business. Nintendo will provide more details about these applications closer to their launch period, and aims to have multiple types of apps that appeal to different audiences and different groups of players.”
Business Wire

And this makes me wonder a lot–will it be more like a companion app such as Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy on phones or more like a aforementioned game where just playing both will let you unlock things in the other? While part of me is hoping it’ll be more of a companion app (Maybe with checklists and various things you can do without turning the game on… like making sure nobody will move away), considering it will be out in Fall of this year (and I’d be very surprised if we got a new AC game for Wii U in the Fall with NX about half a year away at that point) it will more likely be a game in itself which I’m still not entirely sure how to feel. I’ll definitely try it out though to at least have stuff ready for when the next AC game comes out. I just hope it’s more like how Happy Home Designer was than some silly energy management game or a reused game just with AC assets.

Of course, if it’s connecting to some kind of game, it means a new Animal Crossing could be coming as early as next year if it is for NX and if so, possibly even be out by Holiday season next year. Which means I really need to finish badge hunting in New Leaf :P

Which brings me to something I’ve been hoping to do for a while… Features I most want to see in the next AC. I’ve mentioned on and off several of them, but this is me going full-out with it all so, here we go! This is a much more expanded version of my last entry nearly 2 years ago.

  • Choose our Appearance (or at least our skin color). While I always enjoyed the little quiz at the beginning (and was lucky enough to always end up with the face I liked best while answering honestly), most people just answer it to get the face they want. And if you want a darker skin tone, you need to wait forever to try and tan it. I feel like taking a step out of Happy Home Designer and just letting you choose it all to start with the conversation being just for fun or maybe picking you a random outfit (“What’s your favorite color?” could be a fun question to add) for your starting clothes would be nice.
  • Town/Character Transfer. This is one where I could really go either way for it, but I think it’d be nice if there was some kind of transfer (or a better one) like with Wild World to City Folk. Though, if you could transfer more (Such as Patterns, all characters, villagers, and catalog), that’d be nice too.
  • Patterns can be edited regardless of creator. I get why it exists, but I also don’t feel it fixed the problem in the long run. And if anything, it just made it more frustrating if you had multiple characters. None of my characters can edit any patterns besides my Mayor character due to not having made them. If this feature has to stick around, at least make it so if the town ID is the same, they can still be edited.
  • More Villagers in our town. If we have a bigger town, it’d be nice if we can have a bigger limit. I don’t know if I’d want 15 again like Gamecube (though, I’d be okay with it), but I think 12 could be a nice number over the 10 we currently have.
  • Be able to choose who can move in. Assuming we keep the mayor role (or get an even bigger one in the next game), it seems silly we can’t choose if we want to allow someone to move or not. Having Isabelle greet you saying “Villager wants to move in! Is that okay?” and you agreeing or denying would be really helpful for people who are trying to get specific villagers or prefer a smaller town.
  • Be able to choose where someone can move. If a villager is moving in though, there is no reason Nook can’t be at the door when you exit and ask you to place their house. If you decline, he’ll decide where it goes (for a randomly placed villager house).
  • All items from Happy Home Designer to be in the next game. Happy Home Designer brought tons of nice new items into the game and I really want them all to return.
  • Be able to customize the interiors and exteriors of all shops/buildings. Happy Home Designer’s big thing is it really gave us a lot more we got to work with and customize than what we usually get to. I’d love to be able to continue doing that and really make my town unique with my own versions of Re-Tail and the Museum and Able Sisters’ shops just as a few examples.
  • Option to move items like in Happy Home Designer. While I still like the old pushing and pulling by hand in the games, the stylus moving was really handy and let me toss out everything I wanted to use without worrying so much about it.
  • No item limits. One of the things I’ve always missed from the Gamecube version is the lack of item limits per house. I’m good at fitting a lot of things in/placing stuff creatively and still making it a bit roomy and it’s hard to do that when I keep getting hit with the fact that I apparently placed too many items. This especially becomes an issue with a lot of wall and ceiling items as it can cause the floor to end up looking very bare.
  • Separate section of inventory for tools. Like most people who have played AC, letters have essentially become my toolbox. And I’d really like to have a proper toolbox instead at this point.
  • Complete overhaul of the moving system. Simply put, you should be able to set villagers you want to keep forever. If you become good friends with them, there should be some kind of option for them to be like “Would it be okay if I stay a permanent resident here forever?” and that would be just so amazing and then people wouldn’t have to worry about their villagers up and leaving if they can’t check everyday (or if they did and the villagers just forgot to tell them). Not to mention you should be able to stop a villager even if they are in boxes along with being able to move them back in even if they moved out recently. Multiples of the same villagers do exist–it’s not that weird. Even an option to turn off moving altogether and/or for specific villagers would help a lot.
  • Be able to move in specific villagers through their Amiibo Cards. Right now, Amiibo Cards do not have many uses. They can be used for Amiibo Festival games or to summon specific characters into Happy Home Designer to immediately due their house (or to show up at a house you’re visiting that you’ve decorated). Adding the option to scan them and be given the chance to invite them to move into your town if you have space would be super helpful and handy for those who may not be comfortable playing online/doing villager trading/rotating.
  • Return of Ordinances, Mayor, Dream Suite, and Public Works. I don’t have anything to add other than that I just really enjoyed these features.
  • Be able to have more than one ordinance. It’d be nice to be able to pick more than one and it could just go up in price for each one you want to add on.
  • Beautiful Town Ordinance includes immunity to grass and flowers from running. Grass degrades much slower and Flowers are immune from wilting, but both can still get messed up from running around. Considering flowers are immune from being ran through in the Garden Tours on the Island of New Leaf, it’d be nice if the Beautiful Town Ordinance was upgraded to include that kind of immunity as well. It’d make a lot of sense, anyway.
  • Be able to visit people’s Mall Area while Dreaming of a Town. The shops can stay closed of course, but a lot of people put quite a bit of effort into their Museum Exhibits that they can have and if those return, it would be a shame if people still can’t see them unless they visit the town outside of a dream.
  • Be able to place more public works/Public works replaced with just furniture and being able to place furniture outside. 30 isn’t actually that much in the long run and considering it also counted bridges, you could place even less. Allowing the placement of more would be nice. Or even just leaving Public Works for things like full new buildings and bridges and letting people place as much furniture as they want elsewhere. Plus this lets me have a fountain in my house. And I really love fountains.
  • More Pattern spaces. It’d be nice to have them all on one character/not need more characters for patterns.
  • Be able to design bottoms. We can design nearly everything else–it’d be nice to be able to design skirts and pants too. I can understand the issue with shoes or more hats (though, shoes would also be fun/nice), but I was super surprised to see we couldn’t do skirts and pants.
  • If badges return, be able to tell just how close you are. One of the hardest things with getting the last few badges I need in New Leaf is I have no idea how close I am and there isn’t a good way to find out. Bug Catching gives you the Bronze Badge at 500, Silver at 2,000, and Gold at 5,000. Those are big gaps and even if you know what badge you have at that moment, you can be anywhere between those two numbers and have no idea just how close you might be.
  • Alternate colors for Gracie’s Princess Set. Considering we can recolor the Trump Set, it’s not like none of her sets can be recolored. The Princess Top was originally pink in World World before being changed to blue to match the new Gracie set. I’d be nice if it could be recolored pink. Purple would probably also be a nice recolor for the set.
  • Map out your town yourself. Right now, we have pre-set maps, but being able to place the big buildings on the map itself could give your town even more uniqueness.
  • Be able to experience all the different holidays in your own game. Not everyone is able to meet people from other regions and while I’ve always had fun going to their towns for their Festivals and getting something special, it’d be nice if we still had them in our own game or at least the items (just expensive) in our stores. You were able to buy the Hinaningyou in the Gamecube version so it’s not like it has never happened in the past.
  • Be able to buy more than one thing from Redd per visit and get it then and there. Not everyone plays with more than one character or shares a game. Similarly, let people get it there–I don’t know why it needs to be mailed when you are literally seeing the item in person. But yes, not being able to buy more than one really just ends up with people possibly missing out on more real paintings/sculptures, which brings me to…
  • Art should still be able to be ordered from the catalog. It was such a pain to help out friends due to the removal of this feature and while it makes sense you can only get the fake ones from Redd, there is no reason you can’t get more of the real ones through the catalog.
  • Tools on the Island should be upgraded based on what tool you have earned/have. – I expect the Island and Tours to return and it’d be nice if the tools there changed up so people could have a golden fishing rod and golden net on the island.
  • Be able to be worked on also on the go. While I do prefer home console Animal Crossing games, I think it’d be nice if you could use your 3DS or phone and do stuff as well while out and about.
  • Campsite/Igloo be useable by your own Villagers as well over just out of town Villagers. It’s how it worked in the Gamecube and it’d be nice to see our own villagers feel like camping every so often.
  • Be able to catch jellyfish again/Remove Jellyfish as a diving obstacle. They are incredibly annoying when it comes to Diving and are unneeded. We don’t need that kind of “penalty” and they should just go back to being able to be caught. I loved having a Jellyfish in my house. Diving in general has slow enough spawns and can be tiring enough control-wise without being forced to swim around or be constantly stung by jellyfish.
  • Be able to plant perfect fruit from other towns. – I just think it’d be nice. Some of them are really pretty.

Those are just off the top of my head, but I’m sure I’ll think of more in the future. For now, I’m going to go back to working on New Leaf and crossing my fingers for more detail on the Mobile game soon.

April 26, 2016

Pocket Card Jockey: The Adventures of Jennifer and Princess Brownie

Sometimes there are games you really hope will come over even if you never expect them to. Pocket Card Jockey was one of those for me so I was super excited when it was announced and had a lot of fun playing the demo today. You can watch my playthrough of it here. While I don’t think I will do a recording everytime I play (Maybe at least the first time playing the full version and then an “end” kind of play) and I definitely will not be doing an entry everytime, I did think it’d be fun to have a page set up for the game which I will do my best to keep updated.

The demo is roughly 2 hours and really lets you experience the game with about 35% of that time being with First Ride before you get to pick between two horses (who look identical, but have different genders and slightly different stats) and even get to name them. I named mine Princess Brownie and am kind of tempted to do royal names for most of the horses I get to name, though, I may make First Ride II after the first Horse you technically get to ride and Strawberry Moon which is my favorite from the competitor horse list.

I would say the one thing that threw me off is the game isn’t traditional solitaire which was a bit of a bummer as it’s my favorite type and the one I’m best at. That doesn’t necessarily make the game less fun, but there is still a lot of luck involved and there have been plenty of races where I felt I was doing really well and ended up losing.

For now, my goal is to try and get at least one of each horse along with getting all the trophies. The game will be out next month so I am looking forward to playing the full version and making Princess Brownie into a proper champion:

Now if only I could be pink all the time…

April 21, 2016

Miitomo’s Splatoon Campaign & Upcoming site things

So, Miitomo has done it’s first special campaign for items from Splatoon. While most people seem to have already stopped playing Miitomo, I’ve actually still been enjoying it. Even if I’ve run out of questions, again. But I’m at least still unlocking neat new Miifoto backgrounds:
I wonder how many there are? For those who don’t know, you can unlock new Miifotos through saving other people’s Miifotos from the album page. If you open up someone’s Miifoto on the official Miitomo website on your phone/tablet, you will have an option to bring up the photo in Miitomo. If you choose to save it, you’ll unlock that Miifoto’s background. And best of all? You can buy the clothes someone is wearing too. So if you are upset at missing something, try and find someone’s Miifoto with it–you can save it there until you have enough to buy it. I’m still trying to find more clothes myself so hopefully I get lucky with Miifotos too.

Going back to the Splatoon Campaign, the first part has already been completed.
More or less, we needed to get 10,000 Retweets for the Inkling Boy Wig and 20,0000 Retweets for the Inkling Girl Wig (20,000 total–not 30K altogether) by April 26th by retweeting official Nintendo tweets with #Miitomo_Splatoon_RT in them. You could retweet Nintendo America‘s Tweet, Nintendo Europe‘s Tweet, and/or Japan’s Official Miitomo Twitter‘s Tweet. Japan alone already has over 20K with Nintendo of America’s having over 15K and Europe’s having over 5K, so even if we did need 30K total, we’d be set as it’s thankfully cumulative of all three and not per region.

Speaking of Splatoon campaigns, you want to know what other game did? :D
Girls Mode 3. Please come over, Style Savvy 3. I’m still hoping T___T

For reaching the goals (I wonder if they will add more or not due to it being reached so quickly), we will be receiving the wigs on April 27th and with their arrival, a few other things are in store. For one, there will be a Splatoon Miitomo Drop with some neat items:
I’m not sure if the wigs will be included there as well for anyone who missed the chance to earn them for free, but I’m kind of hoping there will be more than just those items. Other than the pink sneakers, I don’t care too much for the rest. I might get one of the shirts or both, but I would pass on the rest.

Meanwhile, these Squid pins will be added to the ingame shop:
I want them all.

Finally, be sure to save up more of your Miitomo & Platinum Coins in My Nintendo for these special Ink Tanks in various colors:
I hope I can afford the pink one. Though, maybe I will try and get the Teal one too.

All the items will be available from April 27th until May 29th, 2016. That’s also how long you will have to pick up your wigs if you were around for the retweet promotion. If you haven’t downloaded Miitomo yet, as long as your account is set up before April 26th, you will get these items.

While I’m not super big on Splatoon, I still do like the designs and I hope there may be a few more items in Miitomo Drop. I also hope that we will see more campaigns in the future. I’m crossing my fingers for Pokemon. Nintendo, please give me a Pokemon I can have on my shoulder and/or head. Also make it Mega Audino. I don’t care that Mega Audino is like my height. Just please.

Moving slightly away from game stuff to some website things, Crystal Dreams will be getting a redesign soon! This layout was always meant to be temporarily and has long since worn out its welcome so I’ll be working hard on that which is part of why the updates have been a bit slow (The other part is unfortunately I am still sick =( ). At the moment, I am having a lot of issues with the header so if you have some ideas for a header design, let me know! If I really like your idea, I’ll do my best to put it in place and even credit you for it :) I’m not looking for someone to make it (I can do that part myself :P), but just could really use some help brainstorming and would appreciate some ideas!

I’m also working on another sub-site–it’ll be more “guide” related and not really be updated even close to as much as this will be, but its in preparation for Star Citizen and my organization there, SEAC (which is open for membership). Star Citizen is currently having a Free Fly Week until April 25th which means you can download the game and try out any current flyable ship as long as you have an account registered (Using this link gets you 5,000 UEC which is ingame currency you can buy some items with). If you are curious if you can run the game or exploring what is available, now is a great time to do so.

Finally, I will be going to Disney next month for the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot! I will try and post a summary entry either while there or when I get back which brings me to…

If possible, what would you prefer for my Disney trip?

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Feel free to comment here or send me tweets if you have any other suggestions :) (Keep in mind whichever is picked, I have no plans to show myself on camera or in photos)

April 12, 2016

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Let’s design more houses!

Sadly, I haven’t been feeling too well lately due to the weather being incredibly bipolar. Despite that, I have still been trying to work hard on what I can so decided to push myself to design more houses today!

Queenie – A world of black and white.

Rating Address: 0706-5782-826

Renee – A vacant lot.

Rating Address: 0393-5785-891

Bettina – A famous patisserie.

Rating Address: 0797-5785-191

Sadly not too many, but hopefully I can work on more once I’m feeling better. Thanks to everyone who came out to the short stream for them too!

April 2, 2016

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – April 2016 Challenge

I am so excited for this challenge. It is my favorite theme thus far :D I need the special items in this one in my actual town… or well, at least one of them.

April 2016 Challenge – A land of fairy tales. (:D :D :D :D :D)

Rating Address: 0399-5771-196

March 31, 2016

Miitomo finally released outside Japan! (Officially, anyway)

I’ve already spent most of my day enjoying the game and it’s really cute. Answering questions is fun and I love all the outfit customization. One of my favorite things is that every single item is separate–if you don’t like a full outfit, you don’t have to get the full outfit. You can get just the top or shoes or socks or whatever part you like and that is so nice and refreshing. It’s definitely something I’d want in the next Tomodachi Life game. Speaking of Tomodachi Life, the personality you can get is the same as in that game–you can even use the QR code from Tomodachi Life to already have your voice and personality set. Sadly, whether you do it through Tomodachi Life or Mii Maker (or Miitomo’s Mii Creator itself), you’ll have a very simple outfit:
While it’s not bad, I’m used to the usual default Mii outfit and was surprised to see this outfit instead–especially as it isn’t even in your Mii’s favorite color. The room, however, is very similar to the starting room you’d get in Tomodachi Life (just less empty) with the same personality. You’ll also notice my Mii’s hair is a bit darker–I generally try to use the darker one when it looks more Dark Brown than black, but it varies on what games that tends to happen.

Going back to the room, I really wish there were other interiors. I’m not really thrilled about being stuck in a purple room, though, I like it more than some of the others I’ve seen. The game really seems to excel in the outfits and Miifoto’s though between the various options for both. Many (if not all) clothing from Tomodachi Life has returned with plenty of new ones and being able to mix and match the parts brings so many new options. I do wish accessories were split up a bit more (or at least was more than one only)–there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to wear a necklace and a cute cat. Or a necklace and a scarf. Or even all three. And while maybe you can argue the necklace/scarf (at least if the necklace was a choker), there are brooches too.

I will say there really aren’t enough ways to earn coins though. You will run out of My Nintendo Missions very quickly and you only get coins for so many comments and question answering a day–this means you really don’t have any reason to play Miitomo longer which feels like a big oversight. I’ve answered over 100 questions now (I just… like answering questions), but haven’t gotten coins for more than 90% of them. Besides spending money in the shop, chances are you’ll spend a lot of money in Miitomo Drop:
Your goal is to land on the platform with the item you want. If you succeed (and don’t fall off), you get to pick the item (and which color you want where applicable). If you have already earned the item, you have the choice of getting it again or getting 5 pieces of Candy.

So far, the only point I’ve found for candy is to see a friend’s answer to something before your Mii or their Mii tells you. It doesn’t feel worth it and the candy seems just like a really big waste. I also am curious to why they’d even let you grab an item again when there is no way to gift or trade items with people. I’m really hoping this could be a feature that comes out though.

As it is, while we got the first Week gifts right now, we did in fact miss one set of Miitomo Drop items (and if I downloaded the game sooner, I could have connected it to My Nintendo now and then not missed out at all):
I did notice one of the items in the store which makes me wonder if all Miitomo Drop items can eventually be found in the shop or if it’s just because we missed them. I do hope all the items come back–I haven’t been able to find all colors each item was available, but I know I at least want this one:

I’ve managed to earn most of the Miitomo items I want and at least all the ones I really wanted. The ones left I’m mostly debating back and forth on (Tulip Hat (Pink), Tiny Kitty Cap (White, Brown, Black, Orange), Cat Hood w/ muffler (White), Hoodie w/ wraparound Kitty (White)). While I don’t know how many entries I will make on Miitomo (not as much happens as in Tomodachi Life), you can at least keep up with any photos I take by checking out the Diary page for the game.

I wish there was a way to view the album online though–all photos are obviously uploaded online, but with no way to view them means I have to share each one to get the URL to save and share and it just gets annoying fast :( Speaking of weird oversights–not being able to add people by Nintendo Network ID/Nintendo Account. Contrary to belief, not everyone uses social media and/or lives near eachother. Many people I know just use IM programs or text messages so this just seems kind of silly to require someone to have Facebook or Twitter to be added if they aren’t close when Nintendo literally has its own account system.

March 26, 2016

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Time to design more houses!

With work calming down a bit and the crazy weather hopefully lessening, I’ve really been wanting to work on getting more things done. I’ve especially missed playing Happy Home Designer so I decided to do a fun late night stream.

Lucy – A creepy-looking dollhouse. (First she says she wants a nice doll collection and then…)

Rating Address: 0594-5792-120

Octavian – A squid-showdown citadel.

Rating Address: 0995-5792-860

Limberg – A self-sustaining sanctuary

Rating Address: 0809-5792-880

Cole – A Tropical Resort

Rating Address: 0001-5792-190

Simon – A banana bungalow

Rating Address: 0899-5795-832

Rory – An ocean-themed space.

Rating Address: 0395-5795-162

Achovy – A Brand-new hat shop.

Rating Address: 0605-5795-812

March 20, 2016

“Why do you play Pokemon?” & Pokemon GO Footage

That is a question I hear a lot whenever I mention how battling is my least favorite part of Pokemon. With the recent showing of footage of Pokemon GO (which you can watch below if you haven’t yet), there have been people who have expressed disappointment in not being able to Battle a Pokemon to catch them.

But for me, I am completely okay with that. I don’t really like battling at all and so being able to just catch the Pokemon is a lot more fun for me.

Contrary to belief, Battling isn’t the only thing to do in Pokemon. It’s a prominent thing (and the thing that is often stuck as being the only thing in Post game :/), but not the only thing. Besides getting various minigame type activities in each generation, the main reason Pokemon got my attention was the idea of going on a journey with friends I made and doing everything together. It’s that same reason that seeing ribbons exclusive to some number min-maxing post-game disappoints me greatly because I feel Pokemon is much more than that.

People can say “Why do you play if you don’t like battling?”, but I can also say “Why do you play if you only like battling?” If you’re only doing it to number crunch and keep breeding and catching and whatever it is you’re doing just to get this one perfect one and toss them to the side, with how I play Pokemon, I feel that is completely missing the point.

People play Pokemon for different reasons, but it’s only the people who play without caring much for the battle portion that really get the short end of the stick in things.

Going back to the Pokemon GO footage, as I mentioned on Twitter, the things that caught my eye were the trainers and the mention of “Crystals”. At the very least, there is some kind of customization:
Which is something I’m always excited about.

Crystals, on the otherhand, are most likely some kind of currency in the game. Whether they will be replacing Pokedollars or be a separate currency, I’m not 100% sure. And while some people are complaining about Microtransactions, those were kind of a given when they announced a mobile game so… What I’m hoping is Pokemon has learned from Pokemon Picross, Pokemon Shuffle, and Pokemon Rumble World and will offer an option for people to “purchase” the game (or spend a certain amount to do so) and be able to use all pay features for free. As this game is in collaboration with Niantic Labs, I’m not sure if that will or not, but I’m crossing my fingers.

Finally, one other thing shown that caught my eye was this…
This is a fountain in San Francisco (which is also where Worlds will be this year). Will it grant something special? Maybe. At the very least, if my Worlds plans are still going well and GO is out by then, I’ll have to make a stop by :P


March 19, 2016

Pokken Tournament Customization & Miitomo Worries

So, I’ve been playing Pokken Tournament on and off for most of the day. I’m not a super big fighting game fan or too great at them (I have good days and bad days) so I’m more than a bit nervous that I will be unable to unlock all the items. I believe you CAN get everything through Amiibo though at least so I can just keep trying that. Unfortunately, you can only use 5 a day so it’ll be a while.

Right now, I’m up to the Blue League. I most likely need to beat 5 trainers one or two more times to get in the Top 8 to try and enter the tournament. So far, I have won each of my matches minus overpowered Shadow Mewtwo (though, I did get it to half health), but I am having more and more trouble and I did lose one round (though, I still won the overall match) in the most recent set of 5.

I’ve mostly been using Braixen so far (though, I should try Gardevoir out) and it’s been kind of fun. I still don’t feel very attached to anyone on the roster though and mostly picked Braixen as the attacks seemed more my playstyle. Gardevoir looks like it’d use a lot more strategy than I tend to have in fighting games so I just don’t feel I’d play well with one. I’m still hoping there is a good chance for DLC rosters due to the fact that the roster looks a little silly once you unlock Mewtwo and Dark Mewtwo. I really hope Audino could be considered as I’d love to use a Mega Audino. The only Pokemon with a Mega form that is a support is Latios and considering Latias is a rather similar Mega, there is a chance one could be playable and one could be support.

Moving onto the main point of this entry though… Pokken Tournament’s customization. This is my character currently:
I don’t know if I’ll change the title or speech in the future (there were so many choices though, I felt a little overwhelmed), but I’m happy with those for now.

So far, I have the following outfits unlocked:
I’m not sure which I like best. As you can see, I’m currently wearing the top left outfit (It’s the one I first really liked and the only one I could afford right away), but I’m not sure which I will get next or which I like best overall.

I also have these three backgrounds I really like and I can not decide at all which I like best:

And I have these two hearts which I’m not sure if I will get or not–I think they are cute, but at the same time they do seem a bit odd:

I will say I’m a little disappointed with the options for neck items and Battle AR. There’s only the same AR in various colors while the neck items only has 4 different scarf designs and a pair of headphones you can wear on your neck. I just would have liked to see other neck items and different kinds of Battle ARs.

Moving onto items I haven’t unlocked yet… There’s a lot of outfits that caught my eye:
I don’t know if I’d get all of them. I have mixed feelings on the Plaid of the first outfit, not sure if I would get the 2nd, the 3rd is cute but I feel I wouldn’t wear it much… same for the 4th/the Nurse outfit. I like #5 a lot, but I think it could’ve been nicer with a lighter pink and the brown as a different color. The 6th outfit is not my style at all, but I find the color scheme pleasing. I think the 7th outfit would be nicer if the yellow tie was a better color/more complimentary. The last two outfits break my heart though. I hate that all the colors except white are just barely shown and then black for the rest. Meanwhile, the white actually looks really nice in full and just… I wish all the colors were like that. I mean, I put together these quick recolors real quick and I wish they existed:
If that dress has some nicer colors, I think it’d have a good chance of being picked.

Speaking of disappointments, there’s these two outfits:
The first one is only available in two colors–the second color option is the one shown (as I like it more) and the second outfit is only available in that color. It makes me super sad as they did such a good job with color options with clothing and I’m not sure why they dropped the ball with these two.

Going back to nice things, there is this adorable Christmas background:
Like the coat, I’m not sure if I ever will really use it, but I think they’d be cute together.

Finally, I will end this with some of the only other hairstyles that caught my attention:
I don’t think any of them will beat out the ponytail I am using though. I would love for the ponytail I’m using to have some ringlets/curls and be longer, but right now it’s a nice length wavy ponytail and that’s good enough for me (even if I wish I could change the bow color).

Also, Credit goes to GameXplain’s Customization video for the photos of all the items I don’t have :)

But yes, moving onto Miitomo… the game came out in Japan on the evening of the 16th (here in the US anyway–that’s the 17th over in Japan :P) and we haven’t really heard much here. Nintendo said yesterday that the game will be out sometime this month, but I am worried we could get the short end of the stick with that.

Right now, the game IS available in English if you find a way to download it (either by having a Japanese Apple account for those with an iPhone or using something like Qooapp or downloading the APK directly with Android). The main thing is you can not connect your Nintendo Account due to the different region (which is why I haven’t downloaded it myself). In fact, if you’re using the English version, even the URL directs to an English version of the albums/site. Considering the game is fully translated and the site seems good to go, I’m really wondering what the delay was. It was said that several different countries (the US being one of them) would get the game the same time as Japan, but that obviously hasn’t happened.

At the moment, for the first week of launch you can get a special bonus each day and a Mario Hat. Will we still get those items here? Will we not get them at all if we start later and then it just never be brought up again? (Similar to how many people did not get the Week 1 shirt for the first LittleBigPlanet due to a glitch causing them to not show up in the store, but as the week had passed, it was never rectified and those who were unable to get it were permanently out of luck) If we do get them will it be for a much shorter time due to starting later? This applies to the various Miitomo Drop items as well–they are only available until April 10th and March 27th. While maybe we can catch the former, we won’t have much time for the latter and we’ll still have significantly less time for both. Will we get an extension on those but get any new things at the same time as Japan? Will there always be some kind of weird delay?

I just wish I knew what the delay was and/or that at least other countries won’t lose out on anything. Whenever Miitomo does come out, I just really hope it’s soon…

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