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May 17, 2016

Miitomo: Most Wanted New Features

With Miitomo’s most recent update, you’re able to add friends through their email address which is really nice for people who have friends they keep up with only on instant messengers, but don’t really care for social networks (I rarely even use mine and mostly only started using Twitter more due to my site itself–it’s very convenient for short opinions).

This was one of the features I’ve wanted for a while and it made me think of other features I’d really like to see, so here we go!

1. Being able to use Candy for something besides unlocking answers. I have no interest in seeing my friend’s answers sooner. I don’t have this super curiousity hounding me because I may not know their answer right this second. As of typing this, I have 1,469 pieces of candy. I could literally listen to every question I haven’t heard yet and still have candy left over.

It’s a shame too as candy could be used for many other things. Some examples are trading in amounts of candy for coins and/or game tickets. There aren’t many ways to earn coins a day and game tickets for Miitomo Drop are only gotten using My Nintendo or the random daily items. My Nintendo is especially frustrating due to just how overpriced the single and 5 Game Tickets appear compared to the price for 10 Game Tickets.

Being able to use candy would be a great chance to actually use them and maybe even give people a reason to pick candy instead of the same item again. Another would be an item set that may even cost candy–while it’s not an option I’m as fond of over being able to trade them in, it’s still an option.

2. Interior Options. I’m a bit different than most people where I actually don’t want all the interior options for Tomodachi Life or furniture we can buy and arrange. I actually like this being a bit more simple. What I’d prefer though is the option to change to one of the other personality type’s rooms. There are 16 different room options, being able to switch to one (whether it be free, cost coins, or using candy) would be really nice. My favorite room is one that is in the same overall category as me, but a different sub-category so instead of that nice pink one, I’m stuck with a purple one.

Your room is permanently set by whatever personality type you get first so even if you change your personality type after, your room will stay the same. If only I knew that when I started Miitomo :P Then maybe I’d have the pink room.

Regardless, I feel like this would be a nice compromise to wanting a fully customized room versus a room that could at least be someone’s favorite color.

3. The ability to gift and trade items. The fact that you have the option to retake an item you’ve already gotten from Miitomo Drop or buy another of an item in the same color that you already have is pretty interesting to me because you actually can’t do anything with them. You can’t put multiples on at once. You’re literally just stuck with them. And yet, the option is there. I feel like this is a feature that needs to or should be coming if that option is there in the first place as it makes little sense otherwise.

Also, I like gifting my friends. Plus, this would be incredibly handy with the Daily Shop which brings me to….

4. Have the Daily Shop items work like in Tomodachi Life. When you get an item to show up in the Daily Shop, it should permanently be available under the main shop tabs in the colors that were shown in the Daily Shop. As you see more colors of the item, they get added to the main shop. This allows people to not only build up their main shop, but help out more people in the long run. Right now, you just need to hope someone buys something you want and is either on your friend’s list currently wearing it or takes a Miifoto with it along with the address to said Miifoto so you can save it and get the outfit from it.

It’s not a fun system and a lot of is just luck of the draw. I’ve seen so many items I liked, but do not care for the color of and I’m not even sure if it exists in the color I want due to how the system works.

5. Be able to wear more than one accessory at a time. A cute brooch or necklace should not take away my kitten companion. It’s just kind of silly and most other games with these kind of character customization apps usually allow 3-6 accessories–never just one (or have more categories like “back” items being completely separate). In general, more layering would be pretty fun.

6. More ways to earn coins each day. There is a limit of 50 Coins from viewing 10 friends’ answers, 45 Coins from answering 3 questions (which you may not even be able to get if you answered all your questions), and 50 Coins from commenting 5 times on friends’ answers. That’s 145 coins. That will afford you absolutely nothing. If you’re lucky, maybe one of the daily rewards will be some coins, but if not… :/ Even though Miitomo Drops usually last about a month, that gets you at most 4,350 Coins a month and then there are items that literally switch out everyday. There really shouldn’t be a limit to how many coins you can earn per day. If you want to play that much, you should be allowed to. Simple as that.

7. Other Animal Companions. I just really want my Puppy companion, okay?!

So, what do you most want to see? I hope Miitomo will keep getting improved over time.

May 16, 2016

Tomodachi Life: The Final Updates & Goals

So, this is a big finality Tomodachi Life up. Don’t worry, I may still add new photos into the mix on the main page when I hear back or get a lot of StreetPasses, but with this entry my goals have been finished…

1. There is no more DLC. The final Spotpass item in the last colors has been sent out and with it, they have said that no more Spotpass items will be sent out. Yes, including new ones–this will be the final special import item as you can see below:

For those of you who may be freaking out now, yes, this really lessens the ways you can get them. Unfortunately, you either need to know people in real life who can give them to you OR find someone who has a QR of a Mii wearing the outfit. This will unlock the ability to buy that outfit in that color. Keep in mind that these items will not be added to your total item count unless you’ve downloaded them (and those colors) so you can still get the item collection achievements without any you may have missed.

2. With this, I now have all clothes and hats in every color and well:

:D You can also check it out video-wise below!:

But yes, we still have some last photos to show in this entry to fill it up too ^_^ So here we go!

The DLC that has come out in the last few months

Newest Kids

Various Letters & Photos from traveling kids

Random News

Random Fun

Finally, we have some new QR codes up in the QR code section! 2 for Misc. and 4 in the brand new section for Miraculous Ladybug :):

May 11, 2016

Disney – Day 4

So, this will probably be my last Disney update! We head home tomorrow and other than having breakfast at the same place (maybe Pancakes this time, though), there won’t really be much to talk about :P

We got up early today for breakfast at Kona Cafe again. I had the Somoan again today, though, I didn’t manage to finish it this time due to not feeling too great unfortunately. Once we finished up with breakfast, it was time for the main events of the day–our trip to MGM (Hollywood Studios).

After waiting a bit for the bus, we managed to get there around 11:30AM. I got an ECV to try and rest my ankle and legs more today. My ankle has thankfully gone down a lot, but is still a bit swollen. The right knee is mostly okay as long as nothing touches it, but the left one is just so badly bruised and in an awful place :( It and the ankle are really going to be the ones that take a bit.

Our first fastpass was for Toy Story Mania at 11:45AM-12:45PM so we decided to go on the Great Movie Ride first. On the way, we even saw some Stormtroopers:
Once we got to the inside portion of the Great Movie Ride’s line, Mark took a few pictures:

I had a bit of trouble driving the ECV around in the line, but only hit something once (and also got stuck on something once…). The lady in front of us was really nice and actually had us included with her party so we got to sit with all these people in the back which was fun.

I miss when the ride was a bit longer though and kind of wish they’d add new (and I do mean add, not change) movies to “walk into” over just adding more clips to the end bit. That said, Mark and I can never keep a straight face at the end after the one time we went on the ride and our driver accidentally said “Take the children by the hair…. hand, I mean hand”. It’s hard to hear “Take the children by the hand” and not be reminded by that.

It was 11:50AM by the time we finished up so we headed straight over to Toy Story Mania and got on pretty quickly. It was a lot of fun and I got 107K! Mark got 140K though. I at least got higher than my parents. My aim is still pretty bad :( There was a small issue with the bars not rising when we got to the end to be let out, but we managed to get free. It’s a really fun ride though–just rarely doesn’t have a wait so if you don’t have a fastpass… The line is always fun to see though–it’s a really nice nostalgia run.

Once we were done at Toy Story Mania, it was about 12:15PM. Our Star Tours fastpass wasn’t until 1:20PM so we decided to head over to the Star Wars Launch Bay.
It opened in December so we’ve been looking forward to seeing it. It was really nice and Mark was in his glory. Some photos we took inside:

My favorite part was the Jawa in the Cantina-esque area:

There was even Blue Milk!:

After picking up Mark’s new Star Wars themed magic band he set up with the D-tech stations there, we headed to Backlot Express to try a little of the new Star Wars-themed food they had:
A lot of it had since gone, but we still got to try the Royal Guard Burger with a cup of Padawan Limeade (the darker colored drink)! They were enjoyable, but I don’t know if I’d get it again. It was then time for our Star Tours fastpass so we headed over. We actually got several new scenarios this time and I was super surprised to see Finn and BB-8–I didn’t expect Force Awakens characters put in so quickly.

With that, we still had a good amount of time yet before our 2:30-2:50PM Fastpass for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show so Mark and I headed back towards the front of the park to get Blue Milkshakes from the Dockside Diner and also a lovely BB-8 Drink Holder:
BB-8 is so cute T~T And the Blue Milkshakes were really good. We almost got the Tie Fighter Popcorn Bucket as well, but we’d have no way to pack it so we had to skip on it.

We then hurried back just in time as they had started to move the line in. While it kind of stunk to wait so long, we at least got to enjoy some mist blowing on us:
And there were cute lizards too:
Finally, we got to go into the show and even got some pretty nice seats.
The last time I had seen the show was when I was really little (like 3 or 4–maybe 5) so I didn’t remember most of it. Mark had been wanting to see it though and enjoyed it.

With that, our day at MGM was over and we headed to the bus to head back to our hotel. We arrived back at our room about 4PM so we had some time before our special Luau dinner at 5:15PM. My dad originally didn’t want to go, but ended up coming anyway which was nice and we actually all enjoyed it. The first hour was essentially for food with all you can eat from each of the dishes:
Bread, Soba Noodles, Salad, and Pineapple for an appetizer while Ribs, Pulled Pork, Sticky Coconut Rice, and some mixed Vegetables (Carrots and Green Beans) were for dinner. I was also able to get a non-alcoholic Pina Colada which is always nice.:
Drinks without alcohol are the best~ I liked the bread, Pulled Pork, and Rice the best out of the food. For dessert, we got to share a piece of a Pineapple-guava cake which was pretty good, though, my mom and Mark were a bit upset as the menu had mentioned Pineapple Bread Pudding (essentially a Bread pudding made with the same bread we received in the first course) and so seeing the cake instead… yeah. It was still good though.

The show itself was interesting and even showed several traditional dances which was nice. I’m not sure if I’d go again, but I’m glad we all went once.

And with that, our last full day is over~ Mark took this picture on our way back to the hotel room:
Now to just pack and get some sleep.

As for our StreetPass count… Only one all day :( And no new puzzle pieces ;~;


In general, you guys may know I’m a big fan of the Style Savvy series and well, a Disney fan in general (I mean, just look at my past few entries) so imagine my excitement when I heard we are finally getting Style Savvy 3 (now known as Style Savvy: Fashion Forward) and also received an announcement for Disney Magical World 2.

To quote the press release

Kids can soon check out the new game in the Kirby series, Kirby: Planet Robobot, which launches June 10, as well as two new kid-friendly games coming later this year: Style Savvy: Fashion Forward and Disney Magical World 2.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, the third game in the Style Savvy series, gives players a sense of accomplishment by putting them in charge of one of five exciting professions. Players can immerse themselves in a world of fashion by owning a boutique, designing clothes, styling hair, applying makeup or becoming a model. When players make themselves look good, customers who visit their boutiques might start adopting the player’s style. The game includes over 19,000 different articles of clothing, items and accessories to choose from. Players can also learn real-world fashion tips from the Fashion 101 guide. To access Nintendo character-themed clothing and accessories in the game, players can tap select amiibo figures to a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system using the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory to trigger an event. Once the event is completed, players can get the special items. The amiibo and Reader/Writer accessory are sold separately. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems feature a built-in NFC reader for amiibo. Style Savvy: Fashion Forward launches Aug. 19.

Disney Magical World 2, the follow up to the popular franchise, lets players enjoy a variety of new adventures in six Disney-themed worlds, such as exploring the world of Disney Frozen, dancing with Disney princesses or soaring through special Magical Dream events. Players will encounter and interact with well-known characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Ariel, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. The game launches Oct. 14.

Yep, Style Savvy 3 comes out August 19th. I am so happy I’ll have something to play this Summer. Meanwhile, Disney Magical World 2 is in October 14th and I’m glad I’ll have a head start with SS3 before DMW2 comes out. Similarly, both will be out for a nice amount before the upcoming Pokemon :P But I feel pretty busy now…

I’m really hoping to do daily updates for both. While Style Savvy 3 may be a bit less eventful than Animal Crossing, I’m hoping it will still be nice! As for Disney Magical World, you can get an idea of what to expect with my Disney Magical World focused blog. I will be putting all updates for the second game over here on my main site though.

I’ve already gotten a page all set up for Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (as you may have noticed from the sidebar) and hope to get one set up for Disney Magical World 2 once we have the boxart.

I really hope we’ll get all the items that have released in each. Please don’t keep items exclusive to Japan again, Nintendo ;~; <3 Similarly, please don't region lock the games either, Nintendo X__x While I'm still a bit baffled about why Style Savvy 3 is coming about a year and a half after Japan's and nearly a year since Europe's release, I'm just so happy and relieved we are getting it. I can't wait to play.

Disney World – Days 2 & 3

So, as you guys may have noticed, there was no day 2 yesterday! Sadly, something happened (which you got an idea on if you read my twitter) which we will talk about today, but that is essentially why the delay.

It was a bit of a late start–we were so tired from our day yesterday that we slept in a bit and didn’t leave for Epcot (We wanted to try all the booths as soon as we could) until about 12-ish~ If that wasn’t enough, we were getting more delays. Regardless, we got there by like 1:30PM and were off. We made a stop by Club Cool to try the current set of sodas:
Mark enjoys it more than I do (I’m not a big soda person), but I feel like the flavors are a lot better this year. His favorite was South America’s.

From Club Cool, it was off to the first booth of the day on our list–Urban Farm Eats. We got the Watermelon Salad, the Naanwich, and the Seared Pork Tenderloin. I forgot to take a picture again though ;~; This will probably be a theme of the trip… Regardless, the Tenderloin was okay, but nothing spectacular. Mark loved the salad though and I found the Naanwich really tasty despite not really sure what I’d think of it. While I forgot to take a picture of the food, we did at least take this picture of the display next to the booth:


We then stopped by Pineapple Promenade for their Spicy Hotdog with Pineapple Chutney & Taro Chips. We already had some Dole Whip on Monday so we skipped it this time, but did get the Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade:
The hot dog was good, but too spicy for me. The Lemonade was nice though!

Next stop was Mexico with their Tacos de Camaron, Quesadilla with mushrooms & Zuchinni, and Flan de Rosas:
Mark really loved the taco, but I just found it okay. The Quesadilla was decent too. Mark found the flan a bit bland, but I actually thought it was pretty tasty.

After that, it was China which is honestly our favorite booth of the festival. While I didn’t take a picture, they had Gaoli Beef Buns, Beijing-style Candied Strawberries, Spring Rolls, and Oolong Peach Bubble Tea. While I only had a tiny bite of the Strawberries (I’m not super big on candied fruit), it was still good and Mark loved it. And honestly, we both loved the rest entirely. If we could only get one booth the rest of the trip, it’d be China’s. I’d love to get everything again. It was just really good and China did an amazing job–I feel like China’s booth has been getting better each year. I really hope we can stop there again before we leave.

Next up was Germany with their Chicken Fricassee, Currywurst, and Armer Ritter (similar to French Toast). I love German Sausage so I enjoyed the Currywurst despite not being my favorite. The Chicken Fricassee was also better than I expected it to be–tasting almost like Chicken and Dumplings… just with vegetables instead of dumpling. The Armer Ritter was good too, but I’m not a huge French Toast person.

Italy was next and honestly, we’ve been a bit unlucky with it. The Chicken Parm has sold out everytime we’ve checked. I would like to try theirs (though, I’ve had Chicken Parm before), but I’m not sure we’ll get the chance. Italy is roughly halfway through and I don’t know if we would run there just to try it. We did get the Mezze Lune Primavera and Cremoso al Pistacchio though. I found the vegetables in the first dish a bit too overpowering of any of the other flavors. The pasta itself felt flavorless and cheese felt more like it was just there for texture. The latter Mark ended up liking a lot more than I did, but it was still tasty.

America (and the actual halfway point) was up next with The Smokehouse. They had a Pulled Pork Slider, Beef Brisket Burnt Ends, Smoked Pork Ribs, and a Warm Chocolate Cake–plus Sweet Tea and Frozen Lemonade to drink.
Both drinks were great, but the food was a bit mixed. The Pulled Pork Slider, while good, wasn’t really anything special. It was just decent. The Warm Chocolate Cake was similar and actually felt a bit bland–I think it was too dry and the sauce really didn’t help it. The Beef Brisket Burnt ends (in White Cheddar fondue) was my favorite of the batch and definitely on the “would totally have again” list with China and two other dishes we’ll get to later. I would say my only complaint with it is that it wasn’t burnt enough which left some parts kind of fatty, unfortunately. If it was cooked a bit longer, it’d have been perfect. Meanwhile, Mark’s favorite were the ribs which while I did enjoy them, aren’t one of my favorite things.

Unfortunately, we then hit a bit of an issue–we picked the hottest day of the week to try and do the booths and neither of us were doing well. I was hit by heat stroke pretty badly, we had made lots of stops, and we had dinner reservations at Le Cellier for 6PM. They usually recommend you checking in ~45 minutes early and it was nearly 5PM, so we wouldn’t have time to do more booths and due to the heat stroke, I’m not sure if we’d have been able to. We still made sure to stop in Japan’s store to pick up some goodies. I got a cute Cherry Blossom bamboo towel & some chocolate-covered macadamia nuts while Mark got some other candy. Also a cute keychain of ChibiUsa riding Pegasus.

With that, we headed towards Morocco to catch the boat which would take us right over to Canada. We managed to get super lucky and caught it just as they were getting ready to board people so we were off. Meanwhile, my parents had just gotten to Canada shortly before and were waiting for us.

We headed to check in and took some pictures along the way:
But it turns out there were delays and so they told us to come back 5-15 minutes before. Right by the check-in desk was a way to O Canada!–Disney’s Circle-vision movie showing off, well, Canada. We figured it’d give us something to do (still having like 30-40 minutes to wait) and since it started in 10 minutes and was only about 15 minutes long… Well, perfect! Plus we could sit somewhere nice and cool? Even better! And there was a waterfall along the way so yay:

So we sat down and waited for it to start and got ushered inside… only there were no seats in the actual theater. You just stood there. With banisters. While watching screens all around you. The chairs could have just swiveled ;~; it’d have been fine. Regardless, the movie was nice. I’ve only been to Canada a few times and 2/3 were to Niagara Falls and once was outside Toronto for a conference. It really made me want to see more of Canada.

We headed back to the restaurant and were instructed to sit down inside as our table should be ready soon. They even brought out a cute little appetizer for everyone waiting (it was cheese, some kind of meat, and some vegetables on a stick. It was tasty). It wasn’t too long until we got seated and our waiter was really nice. To start of, we got the cheese plate, the charcuterie plate, and a French Onion Poutine:
I also got to have a nice Chai Tea :D And the bread (I really liked the Pretzel bread) came with a Brown Sugar Maple Butter.

As for dinner, I had the filet mignon while Mark chose the bison. We split them and both were super tasty. My parents had gotten sides of Creamed Spinach and Loaded Mashed Potatoes for the table which were also quite good. Finally, it was time for dessert so Mark and I got the Camembert Cheesecake to share.
I’m not a super big cheesecake person, but it was especially tasty when eaten with the cherry jelly in the center. Plus they even gave us a special Congratulations piece of white chocolate (We had been wearing our “Just married” pins my mother had gotten me as it’s our first trip back to Disney since getting married :3). We then headed out and even got to see a bunny!
And yes, there are more pictures :) You can see them in the gallery at the end.

On the way out of Epcot, we briefly went on Spaceship Earth~ Maybe I’ll upload our video from the future… maybe :P

We then headed back to the hotel and well, that’s when things went a bit downhill (no pun intended) and also the reason Day 2 was delayed. More or less, the Polynesian… is not well-lit outside. Most likely for ambiance, but unless you are near a building, the lighting is rather dim. We were tired. I already had heatstroke. That just made it worse. So, we continue along and well… I trip. I trip badly.
(This was taken the next day, just incase that wasn’t clear)
More or less, it’s cut rather oddly/suddenly–I couldn’t see it in the dark and I stepped full force. I twisted my ankle and badly bruised and scraped up both my knees/legs. We got lucky that a staff member was coming by in a cart shortly after and was able to drive me to the room while my parents got a wheelchair.

Sleeping was hard due to the pain, sadly :( As for today, after excitement from the Pokemon news, we used the wheelchair to head off to breakfast at Kona Cafe. It was really tasty–I got the Samoan.
We have reservations for tomorrow… or well, the actual today now since it’s become after midnight and I’ll probably get this again.

Unfortunately, we then noticed my MagicBand had fallen off somewhere :( And it was the nice Pretty Princess one too. My mother went to the lost and found while we headed back to the room. While they didn’t have it, Mark and I noticed a message on our phone and it turns out someone found it while we were at breakfast and had brought it to concierge and it was in a mailbox. My MagicBand was returned and we decided to return the wheelchair as we were about to head out to the Grand Floridian for Afternoon Tea and the wheelchair couldn’t leave the hotel. Walking sadly is super hard–I can’t put too much pressure on either leg for long or straighten out my left leg due to where the bruising and scrapes are. It’s really frustrating and painful :(

Regardless, we made it to tea and actually got sat right away–nearly 40 minutes before our reservation! Unexpected, but exciting nonetheless. I was a little sad we didn’t get the same server as the last few times (I didn’t see Kit at all actually–I wonder if Kit is still working there ;~; ), but everything was still quite tasty. Was surprised me most though is apparently they switched tea brands and thus, my Princess Breakfast Tea was gone… While the new tea was good, I didn’t find I enjoyed it as much. I’ll definitely try other tea and hopefully I can find a new one I enjoy just as much. At the very least, maybe I can buy some Princess Breakfast Tea for home. Some lovely pictures from Afternoon Tea:

After that, Mark headed back to the room, but I went with my parents to the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, they ran out of EVCs right before me and we forgot about just getting a normal wheelchair… so it was a painful walk to the train as we headed to Fantasyland. We ended up only going on Peter Pan which had a huge redesign for the line. It’s really nice and honestly, I think the line looked nicer than the ride itself now. Still fun though. Sadly, we didn’t get to go on It’s a Small World too. It was then time for a painful walk back, but I made it and I’m glad I still did something today.

My parents went back out to Epcot for dinner and were nice enough to bring us back some food from the various booths we weren’t able to get to (and unfortunately, might not have time to do when it comes down to it).
somuchfood somuchfood2
While we didn’t get everything from each booth (I would have felt bad asking for even more), I did ask for the things we wanted to try the most. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, Italy was out of Chicken Parm again >_> From Japan, we got the Chicken Edamame Bun which was just okay. I was really expecting it to be better. While we didn’t get the Frushi this time, Mark has had it in the past and really enjoyed it. From Morocco, we got the Chicken Kebab with couscous which was quite good. We got the Watermelon & Cucumber Slushy and the Shrimp & Grits with Andouille Sausage from Florida Fresh. The Slushy was actually really tasty. The sausage was barely there though, shrimp was a bit too spicy, and grits were just okay–Mark really enjoyed it though.

Next up were our two larger picks with everything from France and the UK. From France we got the Onion Tart, Duck Confit, and a Raspberry Chocolate Macaron. The Duck dish could have been better, but was still okay. The Macaron was nice, but I think I liked one of the past flavors more. The Onion Tart was really good though and my favorite for France along with also making me “would totally get again” list. As for the UK, there was a Salad (which Mark had–I just ate some cheese off it), some Corned Beef, Smoked Salmon Tartare on a Potato & Cheddar Cheese Biscuit, and finally, a Lemon Scone with Creme Fraiche and Mixed Berries.

I absolutely love the Corned Beef. It was easily my favorite of the batch and is also on my “must have again” list (for a total of 5 items). The Smoked Salmon was actually really salty–I’ve had Smoked Salmon before and usually really enjoy it so I don’t know. Meanwhile, the Lemon Scone was just… very overpowering with the amount of lemon used for it–the berries just made it worse. The Creme Fraiche helped balance it out more (and improved the taste), but unfortunately, there were way more berries than the Creme and a good amount of the Creme was mixed in with the berries.

In general, I’d love to try everything we couldn’t get (that we haven’t had in the past), but I’m glad we got to have a lot of what we wanted to try. Still kind of hoping we can find a way to stop by China again though.

Finally, for a fun gallery, here are some scenery pictures we took (PLUS ANIMALS :D) of the Garden Festival and some other things:

And as a last ending note… StreetPass! I had planned to write an update each day, but forgot… So, in the past 3 days I’ve gotten 24 StreetPasses. Of those 24, I’ve gotten 3 pink pieces and 2 normal pieces. I wish you could use play coins to bring someone back–I hate when I see someone with so many pieces I need (and every person I’ve gotten where they had pink pieces, has had all the ones I still need) and there’s nothing I can do about it :/

Anyway, tomorrow (or well, later I suppose) is MGM (Hollywood Studios) day! We have some Fastpasses lined up and are looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars stuff, then we have our Luau Dinner back at the hotel :)

May 10, 2016

Let’s talk about Pokemon Sun & Moon!

So, the first real bits of information went up today with a video! If you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want spoilers, I’d recommend doing so now:

But yes, first of all… release date of November 18th! (Except for Europe who gets it a week later. Poor Europe. Though, they have Style Savvy 3 which we still have yet to even hear about here so… :P)

We were shown quite a bit of things–the new region (Alola so Hawaii (Oahu to be specific)–even further confirmed in the Japanese trailer), the new starters:
Rowlet (Grass/Flying), Litten (Fire), Popplio (Water)

This may be the first time I’ve liked the grass starter best. That isn’t to say I haven’t liked any grass starters previously, but usually it’s a tie (such as all of Gen 2’s starters) then if not second. The water starter is kind of cute too, but at the same time I’ve had other seals I like better. And the Fire Starter is okay, but not really a OMGNEED. But yeah, right now I’m thinking of going with Rowlet and naming it Dumpling.

And the legendaries:
sunlegendary moonlegendary
I was already planning to get Moon regardless, but it kind of makes me think of if Darkrai and Cresselia had a baby.

You can get a better idea of them on the boxart though:

We also got to see the trainers!
Though, they really didn’t show much for the female trainer just yet:
I’m not really sure how I feel about her design just yet. I hope we can change our hairstyle at least as it does look like customization is back–afterall, we can choose from various options at the start:

And some clothing color changes in the trailer:

Finally, here is the Japanese trailer which is a lot different, longer, and really heartwarming:

While the information is shown a bit differently, it’s still really nice. One of my favorite parts from the trailer:
Though, this also just makes me wish even more that Pokemon still followed you around…

But yes, I’m super excited. I’m hoping we’ll hear tons more information soon. <3

May 8, 2016

Disney World – Day 1

So, if you keep up with me on Twitter or read the blog pretty often, you’ll know I’m currently in Disney World! Writing blog entries with photos won out on the poll so I’ll be doing my best to write a summary post each day :) I’m hoping this will get me into the habit of writing more travel-related things as I really love traveling. As a note, this is probably like… my 30th or so time going to Disney World so I’m not new to Disney, but Disney is always growing so even when I come back later this year (as I’ll be visiting again this October), I know there will be some new things to look forward to.

Today didn’t really start off the best–I slept a bit later than I wanted to due to not feeling too well the night before and to make matters worse, my parents decided to try the long-term parking out. They have decided they will never do this again. Security was extra slow and because things weren’t bad enough, when we got to our gate all the way down at the end, it turns out our gate was moved and we had to walk all the way back–getting there just in time to board.

I spent most of the flight trying to sleep and cool-off (The airport was super hot and we did way more walking than we needed to :/). We did have some snacks on the plane though–I had a cheese spread, piece of cheese, and some kind of cured sausage and crackers while Mark had some hummus and olives that I tried. He also gave me his cookie :P

The flight was rather quick at least, though, there was some waiting/traffic before the plane could pull in to let us all out. We managed to get through the airport quickly enough and they were even giving out carnations for Mother’s Day…. speaking of which:
(And yes, those are the carnations we were given–even though I am not yet a mother, they seemed to be giving one to every girl).

It was then off to the Magical Express and while the wait was a bit long, it was a fairly relaxing ride and our hotel was the first stop. This is only the second time I’ve ever been to the Polynesian resort and the first time I’ve ever stayed at one. We apparently went for dinner when I was really little, but I don’t remember it and my parents weren’t fans of the food so they never came back. Due to all the renovations and menu updates, my parents decided we’d give it another chance. But we need to stay at the Floridian next time, please.

The hotel is really pretty and reminded me a lot of Aulani.

It really made Mark and I miss Hawaii. We were even given leis again:

And I took a photo of the inside as well:

There was also this super cute Flamingo for sale:
It was $30 or $40 though… maybe one day.

Our room sadly wasn’t ready yet so we decided to get our few carry-ons held by the bell service and go to Downtown Disney as my parents needed to pick up their Annual Pass and we figured it could be good for lunch. While on the bus over, we got the alert our rooms were ready so at least they’d be set when we got back.

We looked around a bit while my parents got their annual pass, but didn’t really get anything until we got towards the Landing Area–I bought my frozen Chai which I absolutely adore:
They even gave me extra whipped cream T~T <3 My parents decided they wanted to walk up ahead to check up other restaurants so Mark and I decided to go to Raglan Road as we both really enjoyed their food and have never gotten to have their Brunch before. We ended up being seated almost immediately (and then my parents came later saying they wanted to as well, but ended up being seated elsewhere) and for the first time, I wasn’t in the tall seats which was nice. My feet could actually touch the ground.

But yes, going over what we actually had… While we were looking over the menus:
They actually brought us these Mango & Mixed Berry Smoothies to try:
I…might have drank it before I took the picture >> It was very good.

We also got some Irish Soda Bread to have while we waited for our food with a special Guinness dipping sauce and some butter.
…I kind of forgot to take a picture of this too, but look how pretty the plate is!

Onto the meal itself, I got these lovely battered sausages with this really good mustard dip:
And a side of Pork Belly Hash which isn’t pictured because I ate it too fast. Sorry >> But we did also get this cheese plate to share!:
…and while most of the cheese is gone, at least some of it is left to see. We brought that last piece back to the room with us. I really want to try their dessert at some point.

The boat to head back to the main entrance of Downtown Disney (yes, I know it’s Disney Springs, but old habits…) was actually straight across and as we got in line with my parents, it just arrived so perfect timing. The boat was fairly nice–I even took a picture from my seat:
It was then off to the room to relax a bit.

Our rooms were pretty nice, though, I find it kind of dark overall if curtains are closed.

After some resting and a small nap, we headed over to Epcot as we had a reservation for all four of us for Epcot’s Illumination Dessert thing. Photo from the monorail:
It was actually a slow ride as there was some issues with the monorail in front of us.

Once we got there, we ended towards the World Showcase to Mexico as that was where they were handing out the wristbands who were registered. Though, we did make a stop at one of the booths–La Isla Fresca. We got one of each thing to try (Jerk-spice Grouper, Jerk-spice Chicken, Braised Beef, and Tres Leches along with the non-alcoholic Frozen Simply Tropical Juice Drink) and while I forgot to take a picture due to us wanting to hurry to get our wristbands, everything was really good. I’m hoping we’ll get to do the rest of the booths tomorrow as we’re also having dinner in Epcot.

We managed to make it just in time and our wristbands were a lovely sparkly pink. Thanks to my parents, we got a nice seat where we could sit along the ledge and also get a pretty nice view:

They had three stations set up–one to make your own plate of nachos, one for drinks, and one for desserts. My mom brought over some nachos for everyone while I mostly just got water to drink. The dessert table was the real highlight though. I always try to have everything so I made myself a small plate of various things… but they also had big trays of my all-time favorite dessert from the Food & Wine Festival–the Warm Chocolate Pudding from Ireland. And they also had fresh whipped cream (which was more for the icecream–buttered popcorn flavor, but I used it for my Pudding to make it even more beautiful) so I was thrilled.

My dad also brought us over some dole whip:

People were let in over an hour before the fireworks started so it was a long wait. We made sure to stay until the end though… I did my best to take some photos:

And also did a Periscope video:

Finally, it was time to head back to our hotel. Our monorail was Zootopia-themed:
We still need to see that movie.
It was a long, painful, walk back from the monorail & main building to the building where our room was… But we at least got to see fireworks from the Magic Kingdom from here. Regardless, I’m exhausted and we have something planned each day so… time to go to bed now.

May 4, 2016

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – A Rainy Day (Tribute to RainyInVancouver)

Normally I don’t crosspost ACNL posts from my ACNL Focused Blog, but I felt this was an exception that should be. You can read the post on my ACNL blog instead by clicking here.

So, if you stopped by my stream today, you may already know what this is about, but if not… Well, for those who watched Rainy’s streams or knew her from TBT or elsewhere (or met her through Zed’s streams years ago like I did), you may have heard that she took a break due to medical issues. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it and passed away this year :( I decided to try and visit her towns through Dream Suite today to honor just how much she put into the Animal Crossing games and how much she loved them. Rest in Peace, Rainy.

To go with stream itself, I also took quite a few pictures in each of her towns to make a post here. If you have the time, I hope you will visit them too.

R-Wood: 1100-1239-5429

» Read the rest of this entry …

May 1, 2016

Miitomo Drop: Cat Style vs Top Dog

Now, I love dogs. While I like cats too, I’ve been anticipating dog versions of the cat items since Miitomo started and I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. Besides the fact that we didn’t get a Dog Companion to go with the cat ones which is really depressing…
Seriously, how could there not be a dog variation of these?

Most of the items are pretty disappointing in comparison to the cat ones–we even get less colors.

For Top Dog, we received:
A Poodle Suit (Hat and Body) in Brown, Black, and White.
Dog-logo socks in White, Blue, and Dark grey
Dog Slippers in Beige, Dark Grey, and a Dark Orange

Spiked Collar in Red, Black, and Dark Blue
Paw-soled boat shoes in Orange, Light Blue, and Black
Pet Shop Jumper in Green, Yellow, and Pink
Jeans w/ Ruff Patch in Blue, Light Blue, and Black

Dalmation Suit
Dalmation Ears
Paw-print tights in White, Black, and Light Orange
Dalmation Top w/ Collar

For Cat Style, we received:
Silly-kitty Sweater (Blue, Purple, Black, White, Pink, Orange)
Kitty Miniskirt (Pink, Blue, Orange, Black, and probably more–I could not refind all the colors, but most likely also available in at least Purple)
Cat Companion (Grey, Black, White)
Cat-faced Pumps (Pink, Blue, Dark Beige)

Cat-Ear Headband (Red, Black, White)
Tiny Kitty Cap (Dark Orange, Black, Dark Grey, White)
Cat-Faced Stockings (Purple, Blue, Black, Brown, Pink, White)
Striped Kitty Muffler (Blue, Grey, and Pink)

Cat hood w/ muffler (White, Grey, Black)
Cat-paw dress shirt (White, Black, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red)
Hoodie w/ wraparound Kitty (White, Black, Red)
Shorts w/ Calico Cat Print

There are so many different color options and while the Cat stuff feels like clothing you’d wear as a fan of cats, the dog clothing is more geared to either actually dressing like a dog or trying to sell them. Could all items be perfectly mimicked? Of course not. The Paw Print Stockings are a definitely decent switch-up to the Cat-Faced Stockings.

But the closest we have to a “skirt” in the Top Dog Miitomo Drop is part of the Pet Shop Jumper.
This is especially silly as poodle skirts are a thing and it would’ve matched perfectly fine with the poodle suits:

I mean, a shirt with a dog or two on it and a skirt with a dog on it would have been really nice.

Instead, we have some fairly plain pants that don’t really have a matching shirt whatsoever. The closest item that Cat Style received that is similar to what we ended up getting in Top Dog are the Shorts w/ Calico Cat Print which was the only item I purposely skipped in Cat Style.

We also have one item less than Cat Style did. I don’t know, maybe we can get a cute Companion Dog in the shop and maybe they didn’t want to just do dog versions of the cat ones… but at least give us actual clothing and not just costumes then :( Even in colors alone, the amount of variety with the cat stuff is easy to see in comparison to what we received for the dog items.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – May 2016 Challenge!

One of the things I’m looking forward to once I have finished up with ACNL is spending more time with HHD. I have so many goals I still want to do. Regardless, I made sure to take a break from my badge grinding today to work on this month’s challenge :D So let’s get to it!

May 2016 Challenge – The grand outdoors

Rating Address: 0793-5701-175

…Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here sad and depressed that I forgot to change the curtains and sounds in the house ;~;

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