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April 23, 2015

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 (and a bit of Pack 1) Thoughts

To start, I will say I like this DLC more than the first set. The first set wasn’t bad at all, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much. Wario’s Gold Mine being remade is nice and I think Dragon Driftway is really cool, but the only course I really loved was Hyrule Circuit. I never liked SNES Rainbow Road and was happy to see it gone when 8 came out (so not thrilled that it came back) and found Ice Ice Outpost rather boring. Excitebike Arena, Mute City, and Yoshi Circuit were just okay for me–I didn’t dislike them or anything, but nothing particularly stood out for me about them. I don’t regret buying the DLC or anything (I really hope Nintendo will make more DLC packs like this, honestly) and still had fun with it–it’s just nothing really becomes a top favorite for me.

In DLC Pack 2, we already start with more characters I am excited for and would actually play as with Villager (Yay for female one) and Isabelle. They even have the Animal Crossing sound effects which is awesome. I really enjoyed playing the Female Villager and she’s definitely part of the characters I like to play as (My Mii, Peach, and Pink Gold Peach are the other ones). My opinions on the karts are pretty much the same as with DLC Pack 1. I like the City Tripper, but I’m not a Bike Person and it still doesn’t beat out the Prancer Kart for me.

As for the courses, I never cared for Baby Park or Neo Bowser City so I wasn’t thrilled at seeing either of them. Cheese Land is okay, but a bit plain. I love the other courses though. Ribbon Road is amazing and is filled with so many neat Easter eggs and I love the music.
pinkwoolyyoshi teddybearkart
Look at that adorable Pink Wooly Yoshi Amiibo! And the castles! And the big version of the Teddy Buggy! The Teddy Buggy is my second favorite kart in the game. If it was pink, I think I’d have an extremely hard time picking between it and Prancer.

Ribbon Road is definitely my favorite of the pack, but I really love the Animal Crossing tracks, Super Bell Subway, Wild Woods, and Big Blue as well. Winter and Spring are my favorite looks for the Animal Crossing tracks, but I prefer the Winter and Fall versions of the music. I wish we could pick which season we were racing in though–it took longer than I’d have liked to even try all four. The course also features Bells over Coins (signified by a Money Bag in the corner) similar to how Hyrule Warriors had rupees.

Wild Woods and Super Bell Subway are really fun. I don’t have too much to say about either, but I love all the little details. As for Big Blue, I love all the water parts and the music is fantastic. I do wish it wasn’t a “one full loop” course though. I’ve never liked those and preferred my long 3 lap (or more) races over there being check points as you got further along. I wish they would stop doing that.

Anyway, I uploaded highlights of each course up on my Youtube channel so be sure to take a look if you’d like to see them in action :)

April 17, 2015

株式会社東ハト ポケモンスナック – Pokemon Snack Fun Part 2

I honestly didn’t expect to get the Milk ones the next day and yet, they did arrive this morning. It went a lot faster to check the stickers since I didn’t need to look at the snacks as well, but yeah. You can check out Part 1 here.

But yes, as for the haul, well…
I was a little frustrated at first as 4 are exactly what I got from the Vegetable Snacks :/ The rest were, thankfully, unique, but I ended up getting my hopes up when I got new mega after new mega only for my final one to be Torchic. Considering the Pokemon in this sticker set, I do feel it is highly likely Mega Audino/Mega Tabunne/メガタブンネ has one. I can’t really justify buying more boxes to try (and they are sold out anyway, but I am feeling pretty sad–I would have loved to get two (one to keep as is and one to actually place in my sticker book). I think it’s likely enough though that I will put it on my Wanted page.

I don’t know what I will do with any of them yet (except Pancham who will be going to a good friend of mine), but maybe I could find someone who’d want to trade or something :(

Bonus bits for collectors:
Snack bag is yellow with various Pikachu posing.
Inside of the box has a little…maze thing going that shows Pumpkaboo, Furfrou, Litleo, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, Charmander, and Eevee.
Pikachu is on the box of each one with a Mega Rayquaza Sticker sample
Stickers displayed on the side are Pikachu (with Ash’s hat), Pancham (with Serena’s Sunglasses), Braixen, Frogadier, Mega Slowbro, Mega Sceptile, Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, Mudkip, Torchic, and Pikachu.

April 16, 2015

StreetPass Mii Plaza Updates!

As most people may know, StreetPass is one of my all-time favorite features of the 3DS. It’s the reason I take my 3DS everywhere I go in hopes of seeing that green light in the corner. Those games are really what made the purchasing of a 3DS on release day worth it for me so every single time it gets an update, I’m pretty excited. I know some people aren’t fond of having to pay for the games, but I feel all the content they bring is worth it. I would say the iffiest is the VIP Room though. It costs $5 just to have a room for some Miis (though, I suppose it’d be nice to show off your gold pants Miis and other cool Miis you have gotten through StreetPass, but many of them have been long gone sadly) and add the cute Birthday function which I kind of wish was a free update.

I think the main reason for it though is because if you complete your birthday calendar, you apparently will receive “enough tickets as all the games combined”–if this is true, this could be good for people who are having issues completing games or just have no interest in all of them and then the price for it doesn’t seem as bad. I’ve also heard it only has 22 tickets (which would be the same as one game–not every game combined) so I don’t know if the person could be wrong or if Mr. Rabbit confused his English a bit.

While the main focus is the paid content, there are some neat complimentary features for those who prefer just sticking with the free stuff such as new things (hats, costumes, and Speech Balloons) available in the Ticket Shop, a Vault for you to put games in as to no longer be alerted about them, and the ability to re-arrange the plaza icons. As for the paid content, besides the VIP Plaza, there are two new games: Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z.

They cost $5 each, $8 in a bundle or if you bought the games from the previous update, you can get a Thank you Bundle for $7.

Not only that, but you will receive a hat and special speech balloon for each of the new games you buy and the next time you open up the Mii Plaza, you’ll get a few more complimentary speech balloons including one for each of the StreetPass games you may have if you’ve bought any.

As for the new games themselves, I uploaded a video showing gameplay of both games which you can watch below or click here to see:

One of the things I really love about both games are the cutscenes. They are just well done and really exciting.

Ultimate Angler is such a pretty game. I love the cutscenes and different areas. It kind of feels like an upgraded version of Flower Town in some ways between all the different Aquariums you can have and how you can decorate them. What is really nice is it seems you can keep buying more which means you could probably have all the fish unlike with Flower Town where you couldn’t even have one of each type.

Sadly, Ultimate Angler feels a bit more frustrating with what you can get due to two reasons:
1. Shirt colors determine what bait you have (So if you get unlucky, you could actually get no bait you can use at all. While you can mix if you get multiples, that doesn’t guarantee anything… I mixed and caught a can.)
2. You can not switch islands while playing–so if you have 10 people and caught all the ones you can and would like to use the bait elsewhere next, you can’t. And that really sucks.

All fish are let back into the wild once you “leave” as well. Because of that, I need to catch another Black Rockfish… :( So I need to go back to the first area and hope for that.

As for Battleground Z, unsurprisingly I don’t like it as much. I like it in a beat ’em up standpoint, but I reeeeally wish it wasn’t zombies and between the medal achievements and just the kind of challenges there are, I feel like it’ll easily be something I will have trouble with later.

You do get a good sense of achievement for winning though.

I also find the weapons a lot of fun. I wish you could actually keep/upgrade them though like in Monster Manor. The fact that they disappear after each playthrough stinks–especially as I am rather attached to some.

This one is kind of amazing, okay?

But yes, if you enjoy StreetPass and the other games, definitely pick these up too!

株式会社東ハト ポケモンスナック – Pokemon Snack Fun

So, over a month ago Japan started selling two different Pokemon Snacks by Tohato. These snacks come each come with a sticker. The stickers seem mostly based off the Anime, Hoenn, and the new Hoenn Megas with a few other things thrown in and there are 44 total. And as people may remember, Mega Audino was a mega evolution introduced in Hoenn and not only do I adore it, but I collect Mega Audino stuff too!

I tried looking around for weeks, but could not find any information on what the stickers were (which had a good chance of containing one of Mega Audino) or the cookie designs on the Vegetable Snacks (which had 42 different designs) so I decided I would go ahead and get some of each. The Vegetable Snacks arrived today so I spent some time looking at all the designs:
There was no Mega Audino one, but that is probably for the best (plus I’d need to see if I could find someone to make a replica out of clay then so…).

  1. Waving Pikachu
  2. Back-turned Pikachu
  3. Fennekin
  4. Hawlucha
  5. Pancham
  6. Dedenne
  7. Bulbasaur
  8. Charmander
  9. Squirtle
  10. Togepi
  11. Snorlax
  12. Frogadier
  13. Audino
  14. Mega Lucario
  15. Mega Mewtwo X
  16. Mega Charizard Y
  17. Meowth
  18. Tyrunt
  19. Amaura
  20. Lucario
  21. Wobbuffet
  22. Scraggy
  23. Diancie
  24. Emolga
  25. Litleo
  26. Clauncher
  27. Inkay
  28. Greninja
  29. Delphox
  30. Sylveon
  31. Froakie
  32. Chesnaught
  33. Xerneas
  34. Braixen
  35. Yveltal
  36. Axew
  37. Chespin
  38. Scyther
  39. Noivern
  40. Rhyhorn
  41. Quilladin
  42. Pumpkaboo

As for what stickers I managed to get, well:
So, sadly, still no Mega Audino! I’ll have a few more shots when the Milk-flavored ones get here and hopefully I will get lucky! Meanwhile, if you managed to get one of Mega Audino (or well, Mega Tabunne/メガタブンネ), I’d be willing to buy it!

Bonus information on the boxes for collectors:
Two Box designs: One with Mega Charizards showing off the Pikachu with a hat sticker and showing Mega Gengar at the top. The other is with Pikachu showing a Mega Rayquaza sticker with Braixen shown at the top.
Both show 6 Cookies on the side–Pikachu, Dedenne, Hawlucha, Pancham, Squirtle, and Charmander. Pikachu design varies between 2–one with its back towards you and the other waving. Waving one is on Charizard box.
On the back, it shows 19 more different cookie designs (some are shown twice though and others are from the side image): Both Pikachu, Fennekin, Hawlucha, Pancham, Dedenne, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Togepi, Snorlax, Frogadier, Audino, Mega Lucario, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Charizard Y, Meowth, Tyrunt, and Amaura.
They then show Mega Metagross, Mega Sceptile, Both Mega Charizards, Mega Lucario, and Mega Swampert at the bottom under the cookie designs for the Mega Charizards box while Chespin, Fennekin, Pikachu, Froakie, and Dedenne are shown at the bottom of the Pikachu box.
Sticker packet is black with a Pikachu on it. Snack Bag is red with pokeballs, stars, and Pikachu posing.

Tomodachi Life: SpotPass item for April 16th + Latest Updates

So, it’s the 16th which means a New SpotPass item! Despite nothing done for Easter in the game, there is still a special Bunny-themed item for the next two weeks:

Rabbit Hat! It is available in Pink, Black, and White and costs $22.

It’s been rather quiet for the most part, but we’ve still had a few things happen on Pink Sea Island! Mostly, through a new kid being born and two going off to travel:

And various updates on those already traveling:

On a non-kid note, please enjoy these random news updates:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

Girls Mode 3 Character Creation Excitement

So, Girls Mode 3 (aka the 3rd installment of the Style Savvy series) still hasn’t been announced to be coming over yet, but I’m not going to let that keep me down! Mostly as I’m hoping. Thus, I’ve decided to keep an eye out for videos and other information now that the game is officially out in Japan. If you want somewhere to start, I’d recommend this video by Nintendaan showing 47 minutes of gameplay or The Official Miiverse community of the game. Do not spam it asking for it to come over! But show your support in other ways–maybe mention it to Nintendo of America’s official twitter.

Now, we already know there will be a lot of customization in the game (over 19,000 clothing items, make-up, Mii options, and tons of hair customization), but what I wasn’t ready for were so many options just with making your character to start! I love preparing ahead of time so here are some screenshots of all the customization options when starting up your character. Sadly, it does seem it is still just female character options so sorry to the males that play! There’s still male characters and clothing in the game though–you just can’t be one.

    There are:

  • 3 Face Styles
  • 25 Eye Styles
  • 5 Eye Colors
  • 20 Eyebrow Shapes
  • 15 Lip Shapes
  • 6 Beauty Mark/Mole Options
  • Option for Freckles
  • 5 Hairstyles
  • 5 Hair colors
  • 8 Skin Tones
  • 3 Heights
  • Selection between 3 styles for starting clothes.

Face Styles


Eye Colors



Beauty Marks & Freckles

Starting Hairstyles + Hair colors

Skin Tones


Clothing Gift Box

What options are you thinking of going for? For me, I’m thinking either the 2nd or 3rd Face Style with eyes 1, 4, 6, 15, 18, 19, or 22 with eye color 1 with eyebrows 1, 6, 16, or 17 with… honestly, I’m not sure at all about lips… maybe 1 or 2? 8 seems possible as well… I probably won’t pick beauty marks or freckles… Maybe Hairstyle #4? Well, honestly, anything besides the first one is an option… I always get stuck on longer hair or ponytail-ish if it’s not a ponytail I really want. Probably haircolor 1 or 4 depending on if 4 looks more like really dark brown or black… Probably the 2nd skin tone with the shortest height… And finally, the first gift box!

If you’re not sure of your picks, they do show you a preview of everything you selected at the end and you can modify as you need to!

April 10, 2015

Pokemon Rumble World Mini Review

prw2 The game was announced not long before releasing and I think general consensus was mixed. A lot of people enjoy the Rumble games, but disliked the style used in the Wii U game. Similarly, Shuffle has been a mixed bag and when it comes down to it, just like Shuffle, many of the issues with the game could be fixed if it was just a full-priced game. However, while I feel you could easily pay more than something like Pokemon Shuffle would cost, Pokemon Rumble World feels so much better in the way it was done. Prices are much more meaningful for the most part and if you do decide to pay as if it’s not a free game by buying yourself enough diamonds to hit 3,000, you receive a lovely gift.
» Read the rest of this entry …

Pokemon Rumble World

Now, I have to admit, I am adoring this game. I think they did a much better job on the Free to Play formula than with Shuffle (especially considering we are having ANOTHER competition in that game).

I’m going to save most of my thoughts for a mini review I will be putting together later, but if you haven’t yet, do give the game a try. It is much more like its original game for the Wii than the one for the Wii U which is such a good thing. You can also check out our newly started page on the sidebar for the game and some playthroughs I’ve done so far on my Youtube channel.

Please enjoy these lovely highlighted photos because Mega Audino is adorable and cute clothes:

April 1, 2015

Nintendo Direct Feelings!

You can check out my twitter for some live reactions and if you haven’t seen the Nintendo Direct yet, check it out below!:

Sadly, neither of my two biggest hopes were announced which I am pretty sad about. The Nintendo Direct was still pretty awesome, however, so I find myself very… conflicted on how I’m feeling. Regardless, I’m still hoping they may happen at E3 then and if not… I guess I’ll have to give up hope :(

Moving onto what WAS shown at the Nintendo Direct, there was a lot of neat stuff! As usual, I will not cover everything and mostly stick to what caught my eye/excited me personally.

The stream started off with the very exciting Mewtwo reveal! I loved the “Mewtwo strikes back” entrance. Looking forward to downloading him on the 15th! And if that wasn’t enough, they further expanded it with:
-Lucas! While I’ve never played Earthbound (or any of the Mother games), I was sad to see him go so it’s nice to see him back! I really hope this means we could see other DLC characters–both new and old (such as Ice Climbers). The fact that we can even vote for a character is amazing! Also, “Lucas comes out of nowhere” was amazing. (And I loved the music during the whole montage of Ness up to showing Lucas off. Both songs were great)
-New DLC costumes! I hope this is only the beginning. I plan to buy the bundle and I hope we could also see new color variations as well.

Then more Smash Amiibo! First of all, JIGGLYPUFF IS PART OF WAVE 4 OF SMASH AMIIBO YEEEES:
We need to get Charizard, Robin (x2), Lucina (x2), and Jigglypuff T~T Jigglypuff looks a little odd, but I’m hoping it’s just the angle of the picture. And we finally have a date–May 29th! I wish I knew why it was so late though–isn’t Japan getting them like a month earlier? =( Oh well. We also received information for the next two waves!:
Thankfully, there’s less we want between these… Hopefully preorders will go well for them. And preorders will show up for Wave 4 already. I really hope none are store exclusive. I will cry. I am really confused by just how stretched out our dates are from when Japan is getting them–that’s really weird to me. Especially as the NFC Chips aren’t region locked. :/

After a hype inducing start, Amiibo tap was announced! I generally like anything showing off Amiibo so I found this pretty cool, even though I’ve played most of these games already so I don’t know how much I’d use it.

The Mario Maker Anniversary trailer was awesome. It’s a shame it was pushed back again though.

And the thing that ended up getting my attention the most thus far: KNITTED YOSHI AMIIBO:

Splatoon is still a game I am rather undecided on (and I think I’m one of the few who feel that way…). The Amiibo for it look adorable, but I think it’ll end up being about the customization options and how stats work. I’m not that great at shooters and stat-based customization really bothers me (And is one of my least favorite things with Mario Kart 7 and 8. 8 also has the awful battle mode though :( ). If I did get one, I’d probably just get the Inkling Girl.

Pokemon Rumble World! I really love the Pokemon Rumble series, but was let down with the arena style of Pokemon Rumble U. I’m happy this seems closer to the first two games, though, I have mixed feelings on the Free to Play Element. Like Pokemon Shuffle, this is a game I’d really love to just keep charging through and having to wait due to pay blocks it super frustrating. But there is Mega Evolution and that means Mega Audino and I really wish they were still making those cute Pokemon Rumble NFC Figures. Despite my free to play worries, it looks a lot of fun and I’m really excited.

Then NEW STREETPASS MII PLAZA GAMES 😀 Yeeeeees. Except now I’m even more upset that I haven’t beat Mii Force yet… I hope I can beat these new games. I’m a little sad the second one is zombies (oh zombie, phobia…) but they seem cartoony enough that I miiiight be able to deal. Maybe. The Angler game seems to be more Collection-based like Flower Town while Battleground Z seems like a combination of the other three. I also think the VIP thing seems pretty neat! And yay for more things to collect beyond just countries. I really want to go out and StreetPass more. I’m looking forward to April 16th! Heck, mid April seems like it is going to be crazy with all this DLC content.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the new Fire Emblem. I think the new player characters seem cool:
And we can customize them which is always nice! But I have mixed feelings on having to pick a path choice. It seems there are two games in Japan while here it will come with free DLC that has the other story. Regardless, having to betray people and stuff just makes me super upset. I want a “Let’s all be friends” option. I do wonder if relationships will be in this game too though.

Next was our first look at Amiibo cards!:
THEY ARE SO CUTE AND I NEED THEM ALL. Especially considering the lovely game they are for–Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer looks so cute. EVEN THE LOGO IS CUTE:

You can even have a party with the cards and decorate for them T~T:
I hope you can use your character from New Leaf for it. Or create one. I’m so excited for Fall T~T I am disappointed that the NC Reader has been further pushed back until Fall:
At least it’ll be out for the game, but I really think it should’ve been out this month or next :/ Or Summer at the latest. Meanwhile, it sounds like Japan will be getting both the game and the NFC Peripheral this Summer T~T I wonder if that will be region free…

Finally, the trailer for the Mario Kart 8 DLC! And it’s even coming a month earlier than expected–April 23rd! 😀
PLUS WE CAN PLAY AS FEMALE VILLAGER! YAY! Now I have 4 characters I will be unable to decide who to play as. The Animal Crossing course looks amazing and I love that the seasons change.

Also new racing suits for your Mii by using the Mega Man, PAC-MAN, Sonic, Toad, Wario, Villager, Rosalina, Bowser, and Olimar Amiibo! I’m mostly interested in Villager’s and Rosalina’s, but I don’t think they will beat out Peach’s as my favorite (with Kirby in second). I wish they showed off all of them instead of just PAC-MAN’s, Olimar’s, Mega Man’s, and Sonic’s! They did show off one more when they change the view on Sonic’s and Mega Man’s, but it’s too far away to really make out who the costume belongs to :( Turns out they did show them off in a separate trailer!:

None beat Peach for me, but they are all pretty cool! Rosalina’s makes me think of Wish Bear (yes, from Care Bears. Shush).

But yes, that’s all for North America’s Nintendo Direct! As for other Directs, I’m still pretty interested in the next Ace Attorney game!:

Really hope it comes over.

My 2 Big Nintendo Direct Hopes (aka Jen squees more about Style Savvy 3)

I’ve mentioned it a bit before, but right now, the 3rd installment of the Style Savvy series is easily my most anticipated game right now. Just nothing else has really caught my eye at the moment for varying reasons. Even though I’m not super big on fashion in real life, I’ve always loved dress-up games and Style Savvy is essentially a giant pile of dress-up games. And in Girls Mode 3, they have really racked it up with so many combinations, custom outfits, and more. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I really would like the game to come over. I’m going to focus mostly on this video that came out yesterday:

As it’s the most up to date and really covers everything. I won’t give a huge thing, but just some of the stuff that caught my eye/I’m excited about.

There have been articles and things mentioning a dog or cat you can have in the dollhouse which is pretty neat. And that dog is adorable:

The five jobs are the normal shop owner, hair styling, make-up artist, modeling, and making your own clothes line. And while I was a little nervous about the limitations of “My Brand”, it really looks like it’s going to be great:
Not to mention you can actually design your own emblem/logo!:

It looks very similar to Animal Crossing’s design system between the 16 color palette (hopefully we can choose the colors) and overall design. I’m guessing it’ll also be 32×32 in size, but maybe it’ll be larger. You can even put the design on clothes:

Going back to the main gameplay, there’s over 19,000 items in the game (and hopefully more unique stuff versus just color variants which, while great, can get a bit stale if it really dampens the amount of styles).

Another cool thing is it seems you can do “Mii make-up” where your or another character in Style Savvy will have a face similar to a Mii:
I’m not sure if I’d do the Mii-style face or not, but I’m curious how it’d look!

I love that hairstyles can be changed differently between bangs and backs. There are so many games where I’ve liked the back of the hairstyle, but not the front (such as in Fantasy Life!) so the fact that they are actually making it possible to pick which you’d prefer is really awesome to me:
(Also, on a side note, the eyes in this game look beautiful.)

As for make-up, you can even put together your own custom make-up sets for customers!
I generally never used the make-up in the game as I don’t wear make-up in real life, but maybe I’ll actually play around with it this time.

As for modeling, that also means better photos! Besides just pose choices, you can choose your facial expressions and decorative borders!:
Also, that background is amazing. After you’ve taken photos, you can even be on billboards!:

I am so excited for the Dollhouse. While it seems pets may only be through there, the idea of an extra customizable room (possibly where people can buy your designs?) is awesome.
It sounds like a wonderful use of StreetPass too (And you may be able to exchange them online as well?). And the rooms are so cute:
(Look! Another Dog! And a Teddy Bear! I’m going to have so much trouble choosing things…)

You can even take a picture in them!:
I think my only complaint is they are so tiny. I mean, I get it is a dollhouse, but I’m worried I won’t be able to put even close to as much as I’d like to T~T

And of course, Fashion Shows are back! The big difference seems to be you may actually get to be the model this time (or at least have the option to) versus always having to dress someone else up. There’s even a minigame portion to it where you can hit certain poses as you walk down the runway:

There’s also various other neat things from cool Miiverse options, taking pictures with friends, and even Amiibo functionality! The game will have 4 main ones available at launch–Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Kirby. Mario gives you Mario’s Hat, Peach gives you a pink version of Peach’s Crown, Yoshi gives you a Yoshi Hoodie, and Kirby gives a Kirby bag. If you scan Luigi, Bowser, or Toad, you will get a Starman Hairpin!
It shouldn’t be a surprise that these are my two favorites 😛 Though, I really like the star too:
Unfortunately, the Amiibo Peripheral still isn’t out yet :( So if you do not have a new 3DS (or can’t borrow one from someone briefly), you won’t be able to scan them when the game comes out. I will have to borrow someone’s New 3DS… and also a Mario Amiibo >>

The game even has awesome DLC already planned for it. Sadly, even if the game is announced it is unlikely we will ever seen these items. I’d love if the games weren’t region free and the DLC was for everyone, but it’s just unlikely :(

But yes, going past Style Savvy…. the other thing I am hoping for is due to the recent Menu update to the 3DS! I really hope this means we will be getting the special Crane Game Badge Collecting App! You can find lots of info on the website for it along with various videos being up on Youtube. It has a cute bunny host and you play crane games to get cute collectible badges. I’ve wanted it since it came out in Japan.

And as a bonus… if anymore Amiibo stuff is announced (Still waiting on Preorders to go up for Wave 4 Smash Amiibo…), I really hope Jigglypuff will be:
I’d need to get her a bow though…

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