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October 17, 2014

Let’s talk about dolls~

Now, if you’ve been reading this for a while, you’ve probably seen two of my hobbies–Baking/Cooking and Playing Video Games. The latter especially as there’s just more to say about it. However, I also really enjoy Collecting. I have many collections such as a Souvenir Penny Collection, Coin Collection, Seashell Collection, Rock Collection, various Plushie Collections (Such as Beanie Babies), Sand in a Bottle Collection, Card Collections, and the subject of this entry, a Doll Collection.

I’ve had all kinds of dolls since I was younger starting with Barbie Dolls and Porcelain Dolls I received as gifts. To this day, all my Porcelain Dolls are still in boxes on display. I haven’t played with any of my Barbie Dolls in years, but I still have several including my favorites which was a Barbie with sparkly gold hair I affectionately named Goldie and one I made through a very old Create Your Own Barbie opportunity they did (They have something similar now, but it’s not as customizeable). It gave me the opportunity to have a dark brown haired/brown eyed doll with light skin–something that was and still can be pretty uncommon. Usually, if you managed to even find a brown hair/brown eyed doll, they would normally have tan or dark skin. Similarly, if you somehow did see light skin, they would have hazel or green eyes and sometimes even blue. So for me, that was really special and I was glad I managed to make two before it was taken offline. I still have both, though, they are currently being kept in storage.

One of my very first “expensive” dolls though was an American Girl Doll. I had Samantha who had a very large effect on me. She was everything I wanted to be from her style to her personality. She’s probably the closest to a role model I had. You can learn more about Samantha here.
Her Christmas Teddy Bear and Music Box are still some of my favorite things.

Eventually, a friend of mine, Kilani, showed me Pullip dolls. I had only previously seen Blythes which I wasn’t a fan of and dolls like Volks which are pretty pricey and also just didn’t have any that caught my attention. I had debated on getting one for a long time and eventually was won over by Sacralita:
I changed her outfit from default, though, since Sacralita was the very first Pullip I adored I did get another to keep in her normal outfit:

We also each got a smaller Azone Doll–a Cute Secret Wonderland Chiika.
I got the pink haired one while she had gotten the other. I still remember us chatting anxiously while waiting for the sale to go up. Sadly, she is currently up in my old room–I’d love to get her with many of my other dolls soon :(

I ended up collecting Pullips for quite a while, but haven’t bought a new one in a long time choosing to only buy dolls if I liked them completely as is–that means no new eyes/hair/wig/outfit. Though, I am really tempted to try and get the Princess Serenity Pullip (I’m also still debating on the Heiwa Dal and Favorite Ribbon Pullip). Moving back to those I have, I ended up getting quite a lot. I don’t fully regret purchasing so many, but I do regret not being more picky with them and have been debating on selling some of the ones I’m not as attached to. Here are just a few of my favorite Pullips (besides Sacralita) I’ve gotten over the years:
(You’ll notice some of these are customs such as the holiday-spirited Noella I bought off Yahoo!Japan Auctions and the fantastic Fanatique by the very talented Requiemart–she also made me this lovely MLP, Cascade):

As I lessened down with Pullips, a few of my friends who had collected Pullips started collecting Ball-jointed Dolls. They were pricey and having already started being much more picky, I didn’t think too much again. That was until I stumbled upon LittleFee Luna. I instantly fell in love with her design and color scheme, but she had already sold out quite a while ago. So, I made buying threads and eventually found a seller who sold her even cheaper than her original price:
She was my very first BJD and has sat on my desk since.

My second was Emilia, an Iplehouse Doll:
I managed to get her with her full set from someone else, also lower than her price which was nice. Sadly, she did not come with her flowers for her hair. I’m still hoping I’ll find them for sale at some point.

And finally, today and the entire reason I started this entry, Mirai, my Smart Doll arrived today. A friend has been encouraging me quite a bit to pick it up and as a bit of an early gift from my family, I managed to get her during the recent order opening. I am very happy she is finally here and all dressed up in her new outfit:
I haven’t decided yet if I will keep her wig as is or not, but she still looks adorable. <3

As for future dolls... besides the Pullips I mentioned earlier in the entry, the two BJDs I have been keeping an eye out on are Irene and Sophia… Regardless, they are a long long long long long way off.

October 16, 2014

Tomodachi Life: SpotPass, StreetPass, and Other Events

So, I know I mentioned another StreetPass entry, but I didn’t really get any StreetPass beyond Tomodachi Life. I did “beat” Mii Force, but the ending wasn’t very special and I still have 6 tickets I need to earn so… But regardless, this is all about Tomodachi Life and to start, it’s the 15th which means we’ve received a new item through SpotPass today!:

Pumpkin Suits! Continuing the Halloween trend for the month. It’s available in Yellow, Red, and Pink (Which just changes the stripe–I was hoping for other Pumpkin colors!) and costs $100.

Besides that, as I mentioned we’ve gotten a few more StreetPass Travelers! And not just that, but this also caused many of Pink Sea Island’s travelers to revisit. But yes, we’ll talk about those revisits later… for now, it’s time to go over the travelers from other Islands. I was beyond excited as each boat showed up:

It would be a while, but I did my best to wait for everyone to get to their tent. I was pretty excited with the second group I managed to get though as each happened to be doing something in their tent for once:

Usually the Miis would just be sitting or lying in their tent so I was really excited to see them doing something else. Trinity was especially adorable with her teddy bear (WHY IS THERE NO TEDDY BEAR I CAN GIVE MY MII. WHY. AND WHY MUST IT BE LIMITED TO JUST 8 T~T). Even more so when she went to sleep and her Teddy Bear received a sleeping bag too:

I hope some of my Travelers do that.

That wasn’t the only thing this set of campers showed me though. Besides getting a few more dishes:

Irene asked if she could tell Reese about her adventures. I said yes and it was a pretty neat conversation:

Irene also left me a letter (with a Copper coin!) before she headed to the pier:

The next set of Campers didn’t do anything new, but still received a letter from one of them with another Copper Coin:

Now I just need the Tissue Package and I will finally have all the Treasures T~T

Collage of Photos the travelers took:

I’m really happy I managed to get several new dishes along with several new outfits (though, most were new colors) such as Nike’s new outfit:

(Her QR code has been updated!)

And Emi’s:

Also, please enjoy my Mii talking about some of the dishes I managed to get:

(Yes, Feta is that good)

Now that we’re done talking about StreetPass, let’s talk about some of the other events that have been happening. First of all, My Look-a-like decided to set up Mimi and Kendall together:

Obviously, it worked!

Similarly, Ciel finally managed to get Cyrus and Reese together:

Of course, not everyone needing Match making. Ran decided to ask Brock out:

He said yes!

Shortly after though, Professor Oak tried to ask Ran out:

He was rejected though.

Reese, feeling bad for Professor Oak, decided to try to set him up with Setsuna:

It worked!

Brock tried to set up Jenny and Neil, but it didn’t work out:

Plus more children were born:

We also sent off more kids to travel:

And even let others move into the apartments:

We also received many letters from those who have been traveling with photos of them on new islands:

And of course, some of them visiting in person!:

Before we get to the final sections of today’s update, you may have noticed the change in color of the grass in some pictures. Tomodachi Life’s season has updated for Fall changing both the grass and trees:

It really is quite pretty.

Random news reports:

And finally, while not completely Tomodachi Life-related, enjoy these lovely pictures of my Mii hanging out on the Tomodachi Life stage in Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

October 14, 2014

And on top of that news, Trainer Customization will not be returning :(

Yep. You heard correctly. You can read more on that here along with reasons as to why. And I’ll be honest, I really disagree with those reasons.

I understand wanting to give each Region its own identity, but I feel regions already do in many other ways such as actual different towns, different gym leaders, different trainer appearances, different versions of similar features (IE: Battle Frontier, Battle Subway, Battle Maison).

Taking away features doesn’t make it so someone looks at a region and considers it more special–it causes people to feel like they’ve lost something.

And it’s not like we’ve never had trainer customization before–it was first in Pokemon Battle Revolution. While yes, this was the first time in the main games, it’s still not an entirely new feature in the Pokemon games.

Secret Bases were also brought up as something “unique”/special to Hoenn, but we received them in a similar way with the Underground in Generation 4 which already defeats that. Gen 4 also had contests like Gen 3. Gen 2’s remakes had Pokemon following you again like in Yellow. It’s not like features have not come back in different generations. And I would love to see Secret Bases in every game just like I was hoping Trainer Customization would’ve been a stable.

May is one of my least favorite trainer appearances personally–same goes for Crystal. I love Dawn’s outfits, I love White’s/Hilda’s outfit, I also find Mei’s/Rosa’s pretty cute and even Serena’s default was nice, but I just didn’t care for the first two female looks we received. I probably liked May’s first outfit the best, but I never cared for Emerald or how it looks in these remakes. And I’m really disappointed with the contest outfit. So I was SO excited for the idea of customization returning with contests as that could mean so many pretty outfits that we could possibly switch with for the contests and even to wear out and about only now, this pretty much confirms that won’t happen.

And to remove this feature in a game where contests are returning and the nice outfits shown in Gen 4 and just looking at the Anime and even bringing outfits into this game? That seems like such a huge huge huge oversight.

And considering the big ways we’ll be able to share a customized room, to remove the other half of it with customized trainers? I mean, battles will go right back to some default trainer versus another and it’s just disappointing.

I don’t really want to go more into it, but I can’t even put into words just how disappointing this is. Trainer customization felt like such a big thing in the main games because it really made you feel like a trainer–getting to put yourself truly in as you play with your Pokemon in PokemonAmie (Which IS returning in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire–same for Super Training and the Passerby System) and that has just been taken away.

A small part of me wants to still hope maybe they’ll change their minds or patch it or something, but I know at this point I’d just be kidding myself. I just can’t say enough how disappointed I am. This is probably the worst removal of a feature since Secret Bases in the first place.

Pokemon ORAS Demo & More Details Revealed

So, as many of you may know, I have been anxiously awaiting for news on the North American demo and today we finally got some. Unfortunately, according to the press release, the codes will not be sent out until the 21st. While this gives time for people to sign up (or enable mail from, I was still hoping they would have started sending them out now with them being given out until the 21st or even the end of the month…

  • Pokémon fans who have a Pokémon Trainer Club account and have opted to receive the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter will receive a serial code for the Special Demo Version when the newsletter is emailed to them on October 21. Get a Pokémon Trainer Club account at no cost at by October 19 to receive the October 21 newsletter and Special Demo Version serial code. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are sold separately beginning November 21.
  • Knowing those in Japan and soon Europe as well will be already playing it while we’re still sitting here waiting is pretty discouraging, especially with screenshots being shown by those currently playing. Not to mention that there was the whole thing about playing every single day and we’ll have less days to play than everyone else. Will we still get the reward? Is it just a certain amount of “Must-play days”? We don’t know. All we can do is wait and while I’m happy we finally got news about our demo… the fact that we’ll be waiting even longer than everyone else is just super discouraging. At the very least, if you do miss the newsletter, there will be another way to get the codes soon.

    I mean, just look at this video that was put up showing so many features too:

    And that flying just looks so much fun.
    I’m just sad you can only really do it on Latias or Latios rather than any Pokemon you can fly with.

    Speaking of features, more details on the returning PokeNav–now the PokeNav Plus–was announced and I am beyond excited for the DexNav. Completing the Pokedex and earning badges have always been some of my favorite things (Plus any kind of customization) so that mode just looks amazing and I expect to use it quite a bit.


    I mean, just look at it in action:

    All the PokeNav Plus features look great and I’m looking forward to what new things get added as well.

    October 11, 2014

    StreetPass and Captain Toad

    Even though Nintendo doesn’t have a booth this year at New York Comic Con, I’ve still managed to get quite a lot of StreetPasses! And getting StreetPasses is always my favorite part of conventions <3

    Thanks to them, I've:
    1. Completed Monster Manor!:

    I absolutely love the music that plays once the curse ends in front of the Manor when it starts giving your stats and at the title screen now. It looks so pretty now too. Sad we never got our “employee’s” outfit though. It’s so cute… Now, the only game I have is Mii Force. Unfortunately, I’m just awful at it :/

    2. Finished my Puzzles!:

    3. Got Campers in Tomodachi Life!:

    Some pictures they took with residents:

    I even managed to get 2 new Special Dishes (Country-Fried Steak and Greek Salad–the 3rd item was another Chili Con Carne). I also did a few more things with them. If you give them a bathset, they actually take it outside!:

    This is also the first time I received a letter from one of the travelers after they left!:

    I did the same thing for each one, so I’m not sure why I just got one from her, but oh well. She gave me a gold coin.

    As for clothes, I technically got a lot of people, but only received a few new StreetPass items–a Phantom Outfit, a Starry Top-hat, and a Straw Cowboy Hat. Everything else ended up just being new colors. Hopefully I’ll get more travelers today.

    Finally, a Captain Toad Trailer was released yesterday and it’s made me even more excited:

    Very happy to see Toadette making an appearance too–I hope maybe there might be some multiplayer modes as well with her.

    October 7, 2014

    Smash Brothers 3DS thoughts continued

    I realized my last post made it seem like I really disliked the game which really isn’t true. I am enjoying it a lot (even if it worries me everytime I close it by needing to restart…) so I wanted to talk about some of the things I’m enjoying:
    -I truly find most of the levels a lot of fun. The only one I do not care for is Reset Bomb Forest. I find the way it changes to be cruel (and depending on where you are standing, you could be stuck with dying) and the Meta Knight color scheme I use blends into the background.
    -And I want to just state that I don’t personally have any issues with details/playing the game on a normal 3DS -except- with that stage with the Meta Knight I prefer using.
    -Jigglypuff looks super cute in her ribbon.
    -Trophy Rush is a lot of fun even if it hurts for me to play after a while.

    In general, I do think it’s a good game. I’ve also been enjoying playing All Star mode with my fiancé–the fact that we get both trophies is really nice and it helps for when I may not be very good with a character while he is and vice versa. I wish we could do Classic Mode together too.

    While I’m still not fond of the Challenge System (SUCH AS THE EVILNESS OF PAGE 3), I do think some of the challenges have been fun. Except page 3’s. Page 3 sucks.

    I think this is also the first Smash where I’ve liked so many new characters. While they do not beat out my main characters (Kirby and Jigglypuff), there’s a lot more characters I enjoy playing this time around. I’m still a bit sad about certain color schemes (White Mage Robin being male only for example), but maybe we can get more in the future.

    I don’t except to finish all the challenges, but I’d like to at least get all the trophies. I did finish unlocking Mii stuff though so:

    I expected more outfits honestly, but I think they still look cute… I don’t really have a favorite type though. I think each one has good moves.

    I also finished Classic mode with everyone:

    Hoping to get All Star done soon.

    Finally, as I’m sure most know by now, the North America release date for Smash Brothers for the Wii U was announced and confirmed to be the rumored November 21st which I’d be more excited for if it wasn’t the same day the Pokemon remakes will be coming out. All on the same day, there will be:
    -Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
    -Smash Brothers Wii U
    -Amiibo Figures
    -Gamecube Adapter

    At the moment, we’re planning to get both Pokemon games, the Gamecube Bundle, and 3 Amiibo figures to start–Link, Peach, and Kirby. Definitely want to get more later though @-@ Just not sure what to do about how crazy that day will be…

    October 6, 2014

    The 3DS Theme update is out!

    So, I wrote not too long ago about my favorite themes from the Japanese website and was super excited to see the update go up today! There’s even a Basic Pink theme which I’m using now:

    The Peach Theme also looks much nicer actually on the 3DS so I picked that one up. Not sure which I will use more… Sadly, none of the others I liked (or new ones) are there so I didn’t get anything else.

    I wish there was a Cart feature though–buying everything one at a time will get tiring once more are up :P

    October 4, 2014

    Smash Brothers 3DS Thoughts

    To be clear, this is not a review. I’m planning to review the games together, though, Zero Reviews will be writing up an individual review. I already spoke about the characters/roster though so I won’t be mentioning those here.

    More or less, I do enjoy the game, but there’s several features I either don’t care for or are missing that make me pretty sad.

    I do not like the Target Blast mode at all. I’ve always had bad aim, sometimes a character’s attack will launch, sometimes not, it just has so many issues. I’d like the mode if it was a bit different, but the timer and etc. just makes me frustrated and not really enjoy it.

    Similarly, the StreetPass mode is okay, but not my favorite. I still haven’t quite figured out the countering and both that and the amount of hits are required for certain Challenges. I know there’s hammers that can break them (and it’s part of what they are for), but there’s only so many. And I’m honestly sad the challenges are back.

    I’m sure I mentioned it before, but I wish Smash Run wasn’t wireless only.

    One of the things I miss the most though is the Item Frequency options. I love making it rain down Pokeballs and that’s not in the game at all. Maybe it’ll be in the WiiU version but…

    But yes, in summary: For a Smash Brothers game, I do like it. It’s fun just like the rest. I enjoy all the stages. Unfortunately, a lot of the new modes and the way certain things work is just really disappointing to me.

    October 1, 2014

    A Super-sized Pumpkaboo

    October is a busy month and Pokemon is actually celebrating it with many different things including a special website! There’s currently three special distribution events going on as well–one starting today!

    Yep! You can get a special Super-sized Pumpkaboo all month long through Wifi.

    You download it through Mystery Gift using the Internet option. :) Than pick it up from the Pokemon Center!:

    (Make sure to have a slot opened though)

    Since the Pumpkaboo is super-sized, if you evolve it into Gourgeist, you’ll be able to use it in newest competition.

    And if you’re not really into competitive play like me, you can still enjoy having a very Halloween themed Pumpkaboo as it comes with the moves Trick-or-Treat and Scary Face (and is holding a Rocky Helmet).

    Its OT is Spooky2014 which is pretty cute, honestly (as is the October ’14 Trainer ID). She’s even Mischievous (Characteristic–she’s Adamant Nature) <3

    2. Gengar! And not just any Gengar, but a Shiny Gengar and it comes with Gengarite! Incase you never got yours in Lavarre City or just really want another one :P Regardless, Shiny Mega Gengar is quite pretty. It’ll be available through a code you can receive at Gamestops from October 13th to October 26th. And if you like the collecting cards or playing the Trading Card Game, you can find some exclusive Gengar-themed booster packs at Gamestop as well!

    3. Diancie! Even though the event goes into November, Diancie will also be available to be gotten through a code you can receive from Gamestop from October 27th to November 16th.

    But yes, look forward to these and a very early Happy Halloween to everyone! Remember to share your Pokemon-themed Halloween photos with the hashtag #PokemonHalloween on Instagram and Twitter for them to show up on the Halloween website :)

    Tomodachi Life: First DLC for October! And Random Events.

    So, it’s October which means new SpotPass DLC!:

    Mummy Costumes. It’s available in Pink, Purple, Yellow, and White at $999 each.

    And a new monthly interior!:

    Unsurprisingly, Halloween :P

    Besides our Halloween related October start, there’s still been a few things happening on Pink Sea Island.

    Elijah was born and traveled away.

    Harper also grew old enough to travel.

    There were also two other Children born:

    Cameron and Hoshi!

    And new love forming:

    And best of all…


    Plus other random happenings:

    And some news announcements:

    Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

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