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July 21, 2014

Tomodachi Life: The Happenings

So, I’m currently in Disney World again (this time for work though) and thus, I was pretty excited to get more StreetPasses! I got 9 total for Tomodachi Life today which let me get some new clothes (and a few new colors of others–I only got one double)… but still no camper! :( I want the least two treasures I need, game!

Despite that, I decided to update with some of the other happenings on Pink Sea Island.

Firstly, love continues to blossom! Dave proposed to Jade and they got married:

Kuki attempted to propose to Wally:

Sadly, I failed :( I hope she wants to try again soon! (Or Wally will want to)

Similarly, Carlos tried to set up K.K. Slider and Isabelle, but they decided to just be friends for now:

The other Zero had a baby with Ciel:

Neil set up Link and Zelda:

Zero and Jennifer had their 3rd child, Jasmine:

While Brock and Setsuna had their first child, Bryson:

And I continue to notice new things with each new child:

Meanwhile, Shinichi and Marinna headed to Japan for another vacation:

On non-love news, William finally made it off Pink Sea Island, now on the SpotPass Relay Island:

I wish I managed to record the video since it was actually a bit different, but no time. Ironically, I got the letter before he actually went away on the boat. I was very confused.

We also get a letter from Piper:

And I even got another Ranking Board unlocked!

Just one left now. I guess it had to do with campers considering I can’t seem to get any T__T

I was reminded just how accurate the game can be sometimes:

And I finally saw someone fishing:

I really wish I could give Miis more than 8 items…

I also got a few items I still needed including the Lady Jetsetter interior–I don’t think I like it more than the Girls’ Room interior overall (Lady Jetsetter feels too fashion-focused to me versus a full Lady traveling theme), but I hope that pink coat in the background is in the game to actually wear:

Plus continued hanging out on the Tower:

We had some interesting news:

And because of today’s Tomodachi Life Daily Challenge with getting these two pictures:

I played around with the camera some more and also took these:

Finally, two new Miis have moved into the apartment!

Due to the fact that they were randomly made like Teddy Bear, I may put their QRs up on the QR page. Haven’t decided yet!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

July 19, 2014

On Club Nintendo 2014 Rewards

I’ve seen the subject get brought up many times since the rewards became available and have heard lots of debates on them. The most common argument being “You should be grateful” versus “This is a rip-off”. I think both are a bit over the top. I think it’s right to be upset/disappointed while still being grateful and while also not necessarily feeling you’ve been “ripped off” (you can’t really be ripped off from a free gift afterall).

Now, I’m going to be honest, I don’t like downloading games. I’ve seen incredibly bad memory problems due to data getting full with no warning and then suddenly the last several things you’ve done reset again. and again. and again.

As someone who isn’t fond of replaying games, this is kind of maddening. While I know it’s not something that happens often, I’ve had it happen to me enough times where I just am not comfortable downloading games. If I have a choice between picking to get a game physically or digitally, I will always pick the former. Because of this, I have never liked Club Nintendo’s digital rewards.

I signed up for “Club Nintendo” back in 2003 when it wasn’t even Club Nintendo. It was just all “hey, register your game!” and I immediately would hop online to do so. I remember getting so excited when I ended up receiving a Wiimote Flashlight keychain for registering Brain Age. When Club Nintendo officially became a thing, I was so excited. I still enjoy registering games–I don’t think I ever won’t (unless Nintendo no longer lets me), but the physical rewards were always a nice bonus and seeing them dwindle as digital rewards started to pop up stinks.

I mean, we’ve had significantly less items than Japan has had and the items across each region’s Club Nintendo program varies. I wish I understood why though. Europe has gotten several things Japan has gotten, but the US has not and it’s something I don’t really understand. I think the physical rewards being equal across the board could help a lot. I remember a golden Mario Statue Japan had and a golden Link on Epona statue Europe had and both were really cool. Not to mention the Mario Kart 7 trophies Europe received as well. And that doesn’t even go into all the soundtracks and other neat things.

I mean, right now Japan can get a cute Yoshi Plushie while the US store has barely anything in it and hasn’t gotten anything new in ages. And I mean, we’ve gotten some neat limited stuff (Like the Luigi Statue and Kirby Coin–both which I sadly missed :/ The latter I was just barely short and the former I didn’t have time to grab it before it was gone) that could’ve worked great as a Platinum or Gold Reward.

The main issue with the Digital Rewards is we get these Coins to spend on rewards (and to hit Gold and Platinum) from buying games. I’ve seen a lot of people mention that they already have all of those games. I still have all my old systems so I can play my old games because I never sold them so I’ve downloaded very few things from the Virtual Console. While there’s two games I want that I haven’t gotten yet (Game & Wario and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D), I’d rather not download them and I have enough I’m playing right now and really looking forward to that I just don’t have the time and I don’t want to pick up games just to have them sit there. I’m a very proactive person with video games and when I get a new game, I will play it straight until it’s done. That’s how I am. Right now, I’m preparing for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney’s release at the end of August and anxiously looking forward to that while worrying like crazy about October’s and November’s calendar of games.

Regardless, it feels kind of silly to get games which will give points due to getting so many points.

I love the Mario Hat we got in 2009. I love the Statue we got in 2010. I thought the Badge set was really cool even if it wasn’t my favorite thing. I wasn’t too big on 2012′s or 2013′s, but I got the Playing Cards and Three-Poster set and was still grateful.

And that’s the thing–it’s not that I’m not grateful. I can feel disappointed and still be grateful. It’s just that I don’t know what to do with it and with a program that seemed to put so much into physical items (or at least it felt like that was kind of the point of it), to see a sudden overhaul into just Digital (on a program where you get points due to getting games) seems really silly. I mean, even just the little card thing whenever I received something from Club Nintendo always made me super excited and I would easily pick a Post Card worth 25 cents over any downloadable game just because it’d have much more meaning to me.

July 18, 2014

Birthday Stream

So, today is my birthday and for fun, I decided to stream games (+ Nintendogs) that have special Birthday wishing moments. I’m not sure if there’s more 3DS games out of what I have that do (and I couldn’t find a good list) so I just did which I knew about:

Some screenshot highlights (Though, you’ll have to go to Pink Sea for the Animal Crossing: New Leaf ones and Jen’s Magic Castle for the Disney Magical World ones)…


There’s a special rendition of the Pokemon Center theme which is really nice. While the opening Happy Birthday only happens the first time you enter (such pretty confetti), the special music and cake above Nurse Joy will play all day. Plus, people can wish you a happy birthday/Congrats instead of a “Nice!” on your birthday:

:D I even got a Happy Birthday medal on the Global link for it.

Tomodachi Life

This was really cute. I got to look around and have everyone sing Happy Birthday to me and pull a noise maker and it was just awesome. I also got a cute Birthday Cake (I seriously need to go to a Cake shop the next time I’m in Japan. Such cute cakes.) which I gave to my Mii. Afterall, it’s her birthday too :P

I think my celebration was cooler though.

Such an awesome Birthday Cake:

I hope it’s not anyone’s favorite/dislike though. You can’t buy it and it’ll be a long time before I’d have enough birthday cakes then…

Style Savvy: Trendsetters

I’ve actually done Style Savvy before, but I had fun taking pictures again this year. More or less, most of the special NPCs show up and say Happy Birthday and then give you a Kimono and some accessories.

I didn’t take any pictures of Fire Emblem: Awakening, but it’s just the various characters telling you Happy Birthday on the bottom screen (and your character getting some boosts) so…

July 16, 2014

Tomodachi Life: New SpotPass Item! And other random happenings.

Today, the Food Mart uniform is available through SpotPass!

It’s available for the rest of July, comes in Orange, Black, Pink, and Blue and costs $40 each.

I also finally got a Top Hat in stock:

About time XP I immediately bought 2. With that, I have officially updated the QR codes–Luigi, Professor Layton, and Mamoru (who will be updated once again when I get new colors) now have hats and Subaru’s outfit has been changed up.

As for other things, I gave Zero the Space Room:

Though, I still want to get it for a few more Miis at some point. It’s so pretty.

We also received letters from Celeste:

(You can also watch the video of Celeste’s first letter and Piper’s trip back home)

Meanwhile, Mikayla asked Logan out again…

This time, he accepted!

And Mako proposed to Luigi:

Other random photos:

Presenting the Eiffel Tower

It’s nice seeing so many people in the amusement park.

The News will never not be weird in some way :P

I’m still not sure what exactly is happening here. I think Haruka is trying to stop Trent from touching the Dragonfly? Maybe?

Finally, I’ve been participating in the Tomodachi Life Photo a Day Challenge that the Nintendo Twitter put up! I’ve been posting each day to Twitter and will have a post featuring all 30 once it’s over. Here is today’s challenge as a sneak peek if you don’t watch my Twitter–whether the widget on the sidebar or otherwise:

Day 6: Weirdest Dialogue

July 13, 2014

Tomodachi Life: Celeste stops back home + Love is in the Air

So, I knew you’d get letters occasionally from travelers which I had been anticipating impatiently, but to my surprise… well…

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I saw my Mii pop up:

We haven’t had any new babies born sadly so I had no idea what it could be about. But yes, Celeste apparently came home to visit!

She then went on to talk about her trip and even give a gift!

It even showed up all fancy on the bottom screen with where it was from:

Celeste then was getting ready to continue traveling and I had the choice to give her a snack or let her take a nap (or just say good bye).

I chose to give her a snack which she enjoyed quite a bit:

She got ready to go again, but I convinced her to take a nap too which she enjoyed:

That is one of my personal dreams too–of course, I lack the magical ability to automatically know a language upon crossing the border and thus, need to work hard so I don’t feel like an idiot (Despite going to various countries in Europe and to Japan twice and having an amazing time in each, I do think it’d be better if I knew much more than just random words and phrases before making a third trip T__T …and also being a bit more confident to actually SAY them)

With that, Celeste headed back off for her dream to explore the world:

As for what happens when eating a special food (or at least this Creme Brulee), my Mii brought her hands together shaking excitedly before extending her arms out and excitedly saying how she really liked it and giving a quote about dessert:

And got quite a bit of Happiness which caused her to “level” again.

Besides Celeste’s sudden appearance, love has been blooming in Pink Sea Island. Jade went and set up Clive and Marie:

Excited by her successful work, Jade decided to confess to Dave:

He accepted:

With a friend confessing her feelings, Emi decided to confess to Z:

It also went well <3

Yay for love :D Let's hope more marriage and children will come soon too!

Edit: And it seems the travels are continuing too!:

July 11, 2014

Tomodachi Life: Finally StreetPass

So, I managed to find some time to go to Nintendo World tonight which meant… StreetPasses! For Tomodachi Life! FINALLY. Unfortunately, I only got 5 and not one had a kid that could camp out in my town. I was hoping there’d be more kids around (or more StreetPasses in general), but since we got there a bit late, I’m guessing most people were either:
A. Already full
or B. Cleaning it out (and thus, not getting more)
Which meant not much of a chance to get some. However, the 5 compared to the amount I did get for the plaza was still a bit disheartening. I also had hoped to get the dress I had been dreaming of for so long along with some other items I really liked, but due to lack of time and general shyness, I didn’t get to ask nor even try getting some things from some of the 3DS’ loaded with the game for people to try.

That said, the event was still nice. They were playing various games from Tomodachi Life and I got to say Hi to several people I haven’t seen in a while (Work scheduling at similar times and week nights are just hard–it was a lot easier when the Nintendo events were on Sunday’s or Saturday morning).

As for the StreetPasses I got… well:

Some notes:
-Celeste and Piper managed to go off to see new islands, but I guess the other three didn’t have the campsite so poor William is still waiting.
-I love how your package just jumps into the box-cube sailor’s arms and how the package they drop off just wheels off. So cute.
-The guestbook has cute pages like this:

But yes, in the end I was still a bit down–I think I got myself over-hyped with expecting just lots of StreetPasses and things and I’ve been to enough to know that nobody checks as obsessively as I tend to. :P Despite that, something did end up cheering me up…:

The outfit I wanted most of all in the game T~T (I don’t expect anything to top it) So happy!

I then immediately put my Mii in it:

Yeeeees. Now to just get a tiara/crown!

Of course, if you want more Tomodachi Life, the Nintendo Minute today spoke about the game!:

Finally, while not related to Tomodachi Life… since I was at the Nintendo Store, I picked up this adorable Swirlix plushie:

I hope Slurpuff comes out soon!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

July 10, 2014

Tomodachi Life: The Newest Married Couple

Normally, I don’t make entries just for one event (okay, wait, that’s a total lie, yes I do), but I also want to use this entry to talk a bit about the game they are from (As you may have noticed from the QR Codes, anyone I don’t actually know is from some kind of game or show) and how I ended up playing it. And a bit of a dedication to the friends I met because of it (you know who you are!).

Thus, moving onto the newest married couple… Subaru and Luna! From Mega Man Star Force/Ryuusei no Rockman:

Subaru had asked to propose (which I found interesting as he also was the one to confess–I’ve found it usually switches), so I picked the Fireworks for where as it was only fitting:

Luna obviously said yes which lead to the wedding ceremony:

The honey moon:

and them enjoying their new house:

They are also my first married couple to both be confident which means they have a new house style.

This is probably the easiest time I had with a pairing I wanted to get together. They became best friends nearly instantly (despite how many people were in the apartment by the time I put them in) and I’m pretty happy they got together considering they are one of my favorite pairings and one that is very special to me!

Mega Man Star Force is actually the only Mega Man series I’ve played. I knew Roll from when she was a secret character is Marvel vs. Capcom and Ciel (and Zero) because the Zero series is my fiancé’s favorite. Obviously, I also knew the main character and Rush, the dog. Besides that, I only knew who created it, who produced it, and some of the music from it!

The day Mega Man Star Force was coming out in the US, Mr. Inafune was doing an autograph signing in NY. My fiancé asked me if I could go and get an autograph for him and so I headed into the city early that morning and got a spot (I was about #4 in line–most people ended up showing up much later). It then hit me that I didn’t have anything to be signed. Used to just getting things like a notebook page signed from Disney, the idea of actually getting a picture of item signed is something I forget. A lot. So I quickly ran into the store to see if I could buy something to get signed. I noticed Mega Man Star Force listed which felt perfect since it was the brand new game and since I was at a Gamestop, I’ll get the exclusive version! Perfect. I even picked up two so I could play it and maybe not feel so out of place.

That said, everyone was really nice. Nobody criticized me–anything I had to answer was for people doing press (and things mostly like “If you could add anything to a game, what would it be?” which was still hard!) and thankfully I wasn’t included with stuff so… I was especially impressed with the person next to me. They made this AMAZING poster of Megaman and every enemy that had been in the games for Mr. Inafune to sign. It was really beautiful and amazing and I still feel bad I don’t remember his name. He was super super super awesome and nice though! (And really talented. Just wow.)

So, I played my Starforce game so I would feel less stupid there and I -really- liked the characters. Luna and Subaru/Geo became a quick favorite after the whole scene when he called her a Satellite. After finishing the game, I watched the Anime. The first time, I stopped rather early. And I’m going to say right now, if you haven’t seen the Anime–play the game first. The anime really kills almost all of Luna’s character development and completely ruins one of the biggest character driven scenes of hers in the game. I eventually did finish the Anime after stopping at that point and I’m glad I did–Episodes #46 and #47 are really great in that aspect, though, the whole Ophiuchus episode still makes me sad.

Mr. Inafune was very nice. He even signed both games and both T-shirts (they gave out T-Shirts so my buying the game twice wasn’t actually needed but I don’t regret doing so!) and I had a very good time. And got a new game I really liked with characters I found really awesome which lead to meeting lots of great people. So yep! Very happy for this.

(Each piece I commissioned ages ago by, in order from left to right, top to bottom…: Pinpin, madmoiselleclau, Miku, Danime-chan, Aresa, and Kawaii-Kitsune)

And for those who this have may been too sappy for, please enjoy this picture of my Mii sleeping on a bench instead:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

July 9, 2014

Tomodachi Life: Recent Happenings

Things have been kind of silly lately (of course, it IS Tomodachi Life, so), but I find it still goes well to give a group overall on what’s been going on. Also, I made a page for QR Codes of most of the Miis in my game. Including a video to announce it (as it’s mostly been people on Youtube who have been asking):

Moving onto other news in the game… There’s been a lot of birthdays lately:

There were some cute decorations for the 4th of July which makes me excited for other holidays:

(Also, I found it great that Professor Layton is working at the hat shop… but ironic that he can’t wear a hat while working in the that shop)

Lots of Miis having fun in the warm weather:

Of course, that doesn’t stop hanging out inside too:

^Just another cute touch in this game T~T

And I found out some most favorite foods!:

Peach loves Fried Eggs, Kirby loves Fish Sticks, and my Mii apparently loves Pears.

The news continues to be both interesting and odd as usual:

Also, William grew up:

As did Kaylee:

Their Growing up Albums:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!

Pokedex complete!

So, thanks to various people and quite a bit of using the Daycare Center, I’ve finished my Pokedex! :D Sealeo was the last Pokemon I needed:

:D :D :D

And the lovely gold symbol now on the Pokedex page:

Now to just wait for Diancie and the others. The wait for Diancie will be hard T~T She’s just so awesome~

Anyway, you can watch the full video here which also features all the text (well, almost all–I had gotten the Central Pokedex completion at an earlier date. Regardless, the text was the same as Mountain and Coastal–just Central was said instead, obviously):

Finally, while slightly off-topic, The Pokemon Center updated with new items for the week :D I picked up the Notebook.

July 8, 2014



So, as announced earlier today… SECRET BASES ARE BACK! And I’m so excited about it T~T Secret Bases were my absolute favorite thing about Gen 3 and something I’d been very sad to see go. While we kind of had them in Gen 4, the weird item limit (especially since it stayed the same even when you removed the all the rocks) and just the lack of differences between rooms and the overall layout of the Underground felt a bit like a downgrade.

I also think the QR feature sounds neat :D I’ll be sure to put up the QR for my Secret Base as soon as it’s presentable!

Hopes and Wonderings:
1. Very excited they will be through StreetPass! QR thing is very exciting too as it means distance isn’t really a thing :D I wonder if they will also do it how those you traded with through Wonder Trade and GTS would show up under Acquaintances so you can have a few surprise ones as well.

2. I’m really curious about what the Special Skills could be. I’m not sure how often I’ll use them, but it sounds neat. Supposedly it includes hatching eggs faster, raising a Pokemon by a level, sharing new decorations (THIS ONE IS THE BEST ONE), and more. I’m guessing it’ll be similar to the O-Powers in X/Y. Possibly even like Join Avenue too.

3. I hope you can expand your secret base–not just for more room, but also to put more items down. Item limits are the bane of my creativity

4. I doubt you’ll be able to, but I think it’d be neat if you could actually trade items. I recall some items being exclusive to the different versions and while I’m not sure if the Frontier will be in this (I believe it was introduced in Emerald if I remember correctly… so much hate for the Battle Frontier T___T), I believe it also had some special stuff? Regardless, since one of the special skills can be sharing new Decorations, I’m going to stay hopeful!

5. Capture the Flag is back from Gen 4. If it does work in a similar reign (Fixing up/giving you more space), hopefully the item limit does reflect that. I also hope this will work beyond just wirelessly. StreetPass + Online functions would be great.

Eeee. I really can’t wait for the game now. This has just completely re-motivated me with Pokemon in all regards T~T <3 I’ve been having a lot of fun with playing Pokemon X again (Only a few more Pokemon to go to finish my Pokedex! I’ll make an entry when I’m done) and the Pokemon TCG Online game and this has definitely gotten me very excited for the remakes. It’s what I’ve wanted to know the most <3 Now for the secondary thing: If trainer customization is back!

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